Hall School Wimbledon, Co Ed, Non Selective senior school with Yr 5 and 6 entry

Last Updated on : 23rd May 2024

Hall School Wimbledon (HSW) is an inclusive, independent co-educational school for pupils aged 9 to 18 (a double hill-form  through to a newly opened sixth form) occupying a magical campus in the heart of Wimbledon.

At HSW, we are very proud to be a non-selective school, precisely because we know that innate ability comes in many forms, extending far beyond the narrow metric of academic assessment. We don’t just ask ‘How smart are you?’, rather we pose the question, ‘How are you smart?’ Our cherished pupils make up a lively community of budding scientists, artists, dancers, authors, carers, musicians and athletes, all sharing a spirit of adventure and a thirst for knowledge. We work hard to enable every one of us to find our ‘element’ and to feel valued for who we are and the unique contribution we bring to the school. Many pupils will discover talents at HSW which they never knew they had, such is the privilege and pleasure of working here.

There is a buzz about the place, and so there should be; we believe that school should be a place where joyful memories are made and lifelong friendships are forged. We are united in our resolve to champion the deep-down-things that make learning and living together worthwhile. Our pupils’ jerseys bear the letters HSW, a daily reminder that for any of us to flourish and become the best version of ourselves, first we must look after our Health and Self-Worth. We constantly view the ‘whole child’ in front of us because we know that from self-worth comes self-discipline, which ultimately enables us all to reach our full potential.

Being an inclusive school, ours is not a culture of competition, it is a culture of kindness and collaboration. The lessons we teach in class are complemented by the lessons we model – as cultural champions – in every daily interaction that takes place across our vibrant campus and through our extensive co-curricular offer. Our pastoral care is exceptional, rooted in the warm and caring relationships between our teachers and pupils, made possible by being a small school with small classes and plenty of time and space to get to know each other.

We uniquely do not have an entrance examination but rather invite children in for a Taster Day to experience what life would be like at HSW and enabling us to determine whether we think they will thrive at our school. More and more of our prospective families are also joining one of our “Hill Years” in either Year 5 or Year 6 to avoid the impending preparation for the 11 plus examinations which can consume much of the teaching time in other primary schools.

We recommend a visit to the school to meet our Headmaster, Andrew Hammond, who will be delighted to show you our unique culture and curriculum in action. You will receive a warm welcome. You can either book a private tour or come to one of our Open Days.


The next open day is Tuesday 11th June from 9am. 

Follow the link below to book:

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