Heaver house collapses during renovation. Can I refuse my ex-husband a 3 week holiday with our children? Fete dates: we’ve got them all!

Last Updated on : 27th May 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter, 

 My daughter has returned from the Scottish school trip I wrote about last week (click here if you missed it).

 “Was you brother’s advice valuable?” I asked, mindful that my eldest had spent most of last weekend doing a poor impression of Yoda and Bear Grylls with his thoughts on team building and bush-craft.

 “Actually it was,” she conceded, “although not the stuff about shelters and food, everything everyone built collapsed so we all slept outside.”

 “Oh,” I replied surprised, “so what did he say that was useful?”

 “That you’d pack five pairs of pants for me but just to wear the same ones all week.”

Heaver house collapses during renovationHere’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

A disturbing picture of a house on the Heaver Estate that collapsed after some renovation work. Thanks for the post Balhammom and I hope no-one was hurt…click here for details

 A car was broken into last Thursday on Muncaster Road. They stole the Satnav however if they’d been smarter they’d know the Fortnum & Mason rug in the boot is worth far more, writes Denshort. Hope they don’t read NVN!…click here for details

 I *really* hope we can help with this question. One of our regular users wants to know if she can refuse her ex-husband’s request to take their children away for three weeks over the summer?  They normally go away for two weeks, and she’s happy with that, but she feels she will miss them too much for three…click here for details

 Legs11 needs a solicitor for a boundary dispute with her neighbour. They won’t negotiate and she needs help…click here for details 

 BBC Horizon is looking for parents with young toddlers, they want to investigate what makes boys and girls different. Errr, isn’t that obvious? Someone send them a book about the Birds and the Bees…click here for details

 I LOVE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS! TheLittleLegsCompany needed an Alderbrook Road visitors parking permit and in her hour of need EVERYONE helped. I am off for a little cry!…click here for details

 Nannajilly wondered if there were any other “nanna’s” out there who have their grandchildren every Thursday and know of any activities?…click here for details

 Outnumbered asks if you’ve ever worried about forgetting someone? One London mum left her little one in a cab, although it all turned out fine in the end!…click here for details

 Is the “Pipster” coming to Nappy Valley? Ms Middleton has been spotted house hunting in Battersea!…click here for details

 Why don’t you have a picnic this summer & help the homeless?  Get Porchlight want you to get together with your favourite people, eat food and ask for a donation, simples!…click here for details

 AgeUKWandsworth need volunteers to help older people in their homes after they return from a stay in hospital. Is that you?…click here for details

 Jean Francois is a 21 year old French boy looking for a room in July and August. Vous aider?…(click here) for details

 TWO mums want to meet: Mumandmore WLTM other mummies who are due around July/Aug for coffee? (click here) and Shannon WLTM second-time and/or working mums for afternoon coffees?…(click here) for details

 Rani asks if hypnobirthing is it really worth it? This thread could get heated! “Look into my eyes, not around my eyes…”…click here for details

 BettyBoo asks for your experiences of Pixies nursery on Clapham Common?…click here for details

 Erwheaton needs some puppy love, is there such a thing as doggy day care in Battersea?…click here for details

 From puppies to goldfish! SkippyGirl has promised her daughter a fishy friend and wonders where she might buy one? Moxons? Oh, it has to be ALIVE does it?…click here for details

 SabineMum is looking for an international transport company from France?…click here for details

 Lizziebling has just discovered she has moths in her upstairs bedroom and they’ve have eaten a hole in her wool carpet. Any tips to banish the light-loving-mites?…click here for details

 OG and her husband are increasing their life insurance policies and she’s just had a letter from the them asking for full access to her medical notes. Does anyone have experience of this and is it normal to give insurance companies full disclosure?...click here for details

 Petal is about to buy a proper single bed for her little one. Should she buy a proper mattress now or upgrade later?…click here for details

 TXmum wonders if anyone’s tap water tastes of soil? She’s in Battersea north of Queenstown Road…click here for details

 Diva636 is looking for a Trikidoo or tricycle – anyone selling?…click here for details

 Maldini is looking for some ’stay at home mum’ style advice…click here for details

 Mummag has an overseas visitor coming to London and wants to take her out for brunch around Marble Arch. Can you suggest somewhere a bit SATC but in Zone 1?…click here for details

 SkippyGirl is chewing over UK dentistry options and has some questions she would like to get her teeth into! See what we did there?…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? Footiemum needs help with Orlando theme parks & Florida beaches. (click here) Anootka is looking for an all inclusive family holiday for less then £4K (click here) and KatherineHepburn is looking for summer staycation ideas? …click here for more details

Our schools section is busier than the pub next door to the UKIP HQ

 Mgoisai has recently moved her kids from a private school to the London Acorn School and she’s delighted (click here). Monkey_mami is Looking for a children’s guitar teacher (click here) Mats03 is thinking of sending her daughter to Hill House in 2015 but she’s worried about the commute (click here),   Calliwally asks if anyone has any experience of living out of catchment for St Mary’s and still got in? (click here)and Sadiq Khan MP says the Rutherford House School is unnecessary…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is much busier than Rory Mcilroys wedding planner

Joeyanna is looking for a general builder and plasterer (click here). Tilly&Roo asks if a trampoline in a garden is a good idea? (click here). 2boysmum needs a builder/architect to cut away bits of her main bedroom to put in a small en-suite loo (click here). Dancingqueen needs suggestions for someone to replace a front path (click here) Caroko37 needs a power wash for some very badly neglected decking and outdoor furniture? (click here). Tilly&Roo is trying to figure outthe best place for the boiler to go when she renovates her house (click here).  Tilly&Roo (again, delighted we can help!) asks if you know which company does contemporary looking loft conversions?…click here for more details

Looking for things-to-do? Check these out!

 There is a Clapham art prize to get those little Picasso’s going! (click here).  it’s the Ritherdon Road street party on 8th June. YAY! (click here)  AND the Abbeville Fete on the 28th June. DOUBLE YAY! (click here)  Lastly the Northcote Road Summer Fete on the 6 July (click here)TRIPLE YAY! Lastly, Race for the Kids, the 5k family fun run in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital in Battersea Park is a WEEK on Sunday!…click here for details

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

 This week: FREE Bugaboo Bee (click here)Dutailier nursing chair £65 ono (click here). and a baby furniture set £350 for all (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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