Helmet and helicopter saves user’s husband’s life. NVN launches new property section-every school catchment mapped. Am I too middle class to shop at Aldi?

Last Updated on : 16th June 2014

NVN launches new property section-every school catchment mappeDear NappyValleyNetter,

Today I’m delighted to announce the launch of NappyValleyNet’s brand new property section (click here).

From today, our users will be able to use their favourite local parenting site to search for flats and houses thanks to a partnership between NappyValleyNet and PrimeLocation.

This wasn’t an easy project.

We’ve struggled with how to “do” property for quite some time.

There is no shortage of demand from our users (one only has to look at the thousands of questions posted on this theme since we launched), however I was determined that we wouldn’t just replicate someone else’s user experience or spoil the feel of NappyValleyNet with a million property adverts.

So we’ve done two things:-

 Firstly, we’ve taken the PrimeLocation data and added some of our own. School catchment areas are now a search term in the same vein as “2 bedrooms” or “SW18”. In fact we’ve actually mapped this data, so even if you’re not looking to move you can now see all the local catchment areas plotted on Google maps. I hope this is a genuinely useful new addition to the site.

Secondly, although we’re carrying local properties from tens and tens of agents, we’re working on a preferred partnership basis with Marsh and Parsons, Hamptons, Savills and Douglas and Gordon. Our good friends at Marsh and Parsons were amongst the very first supporters of this site and its not an exaggeration to say that without them, NVN wouldn’t be where it is today.

 Since those early days I’ve often sat on local fete committees or promoted charity events with the teams at Hamptons International, Savills and Douglas and Gordon. Whether it was donations, marketing support or even buying Christmas trees to decorate our streets, they would always dig deep.

That meant when it came to seeking support for a much bigger undertaking, they were the natural companies to have on board.

This is just the start of our property/schools service. We’ll be adding more detail to the maps over the coming months, so if you have any feedback or suggestions please please please don’t hesitate to call/mail.

Lastly, I just need to say a big thank you to David Jansen, Colin Mills and Jon Kemp. Their design and coding was amazing and, almost as importantly, they were incredibly patient when I kept changing *everything*.

Right, I’m off for a MASSIVE glass of wine!

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

NVN launches new property section-every school catchment mappeThis is a really important post. Last Thursday one NappyValleyNetter almost lost the love of her life and the father of her children. A bike helmet and a helicopter saved his life and now she’s fund-raising for a permanent helipad at Kings Hospital. I really hope we can help!…click here for details

Casper wonders what to do when another child deliberately pushes your child? Is there a playground etiquette? Have you seen the “Hand That Rocks The Cradle?”, that seemed to work!…click here for details

PARTAAAAAYYYYY! We’re releasing (free) tickets for our 3rd Annual Summer Party. It’s with our great friends Eddie Catz and places are limited! Free goody bags from IMBS for grown-ups and free plays and balloons for the little ones! Follow this link to register or you can’t come!…click here for details

Cals_mum_silly is writing to the directors of Bolingbroke Academy about the behaviour of their students. Big deal or storm in a tea cup?…click here for details

This is another REALLY important post. There is a public meeting for the “Save the Romany Scout Site” campaign. Please come and express your views and support this incredibly important local resource…click here for details

A2005 wonders where there might be local farmers markets? She’s inspired to eat more healthily…click here for details

Supermummy is wondering how to tell her in-laws that she doesn’t want them to move in post-birth. Errr…move?…click here for details

Juliantenniscoach is wondering what happening on Battersea Rise? Cattle Grid’s gone and why did Strada close?…click here for details

Coldatchristmas is a Waitrose shopper but thinking of taking the plunge with an Aldi or Lidl? Should she believe the hype and which one is better?…click here for details

Capital_Play are great friends of NVN and they have an extra 10% off their already discounted prices on any Jumpking Trampolines.Boing Boing! (click here).

Love is in the air! SamT is looking for recommendations for a wedding hairdresser?(click here) and Monaco is searching for a seamstress for re-styling a wedding dress…click here for details

A ton of birthing posts! If you’ve had a C-section once, can you be forced to have a VB the second time around? Hol49 is struggling with this very issue with C&W (click here ) CPPP has just been diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 21 weeks. She’d appreciate your advice if you’ve had this condition yourself (click here) 1TM is thinking of changing hospitals to give birth but she’s three and a half weeks away from her EDD! Help! (click here) and Raines is looking for suggestions for a good Hypno Birthing course for couple. Look into my eyes, not around my eyes…click here for details

Popcorn1980 is desperately looking for some help! Her 18m old has sudden separation anxiety/sleep regression…click here for details

Toadstool needs suggestions for a girls night in, pampering needed for four very tired girls! I guess beer and the World Cup won’t cut it, right?…click here for details

Battersea Flower Station are AMAZING and they’re running a floral display workshop on Thursday 19th June. Learn, make and take home!…click here for details

RM needs laser hair removal advice. Does it work? Where to go? Costs?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? A private PA is needed!…click here for details

Mumhug wants to promote her local playschool group as they have places available for September. Consider it done!…click here for details

Cyprus19 lives on the “County pub” side of Wandsworth Common and is looking for a playgroup nearby. Suggestions?…click here for details

Newbie_38 just arrived in the area and would really appreciate some feedback on Kids Unlimited Northcote road…click here for details

SabineMum urgently needs a local solicitor who can authenticate some French paperwork, vitesse, vitesse!…click here for details

Writerlady wonders which are the best restaurants to eat outside on Northcote Road? Errr…ones with tables?…click here for details

Kishi needs recommendations for a personalised watch for a 6 year old…click here for details

Again I REALLY hope we can help with this. Salsamama has just been referred by her GP to St George’s for breast screening. Has anyone been to St Georges for such a procedure, she asks?…click here for details

Mmb wonders if anyone has experience of a Chinese medical centre in Nappy Valley? She’d be especially interested to hear about the Mandarin Medical Centre on Lavender Hill…click here for details

Moop needs a party wall surveyor. Their neighbour is building a kitchen side return extension. Ooh I love a good party!..click here for details

Lookingforadvice asks if you can recommend a local counsellor for some general counselling?…click here for details

Putneysahm hopes you  can suggest a good NHS dentist in Tooting Bec. Do you know a dilligent demon driller?…click here for details

Tinies Nursery will be holding a paediatric first aid course on Saturday 28th June with Jenni from Daisy First Aid…click here for details

A well known (and well loved) Nappy Valley children’s clothing brand is coming up for sale. It’s a profitable business with turnover in excess of £100,000. If anyone is interested please post and the seller will get in touch…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? 

Tilly&Roo wanted to check if anyone has flown with EasyJet recently and taken a buggy in a buggy bag? She’s shocked by their luggage prices (click here). Ladystardust needs recommendations for a holiday let in Knightsbridge…click here for details

Our schools section is busier than a Brazillian bar before a big game!

Wheresmyschool wonders if a new Fulham Council will threaten free schools? (click here) and posts a link to ’10 things teachers want to say to parents, but can’t  (click here). Dangalf would like your opinions on: Falconbrook, Park Walk, Shaftesbury Park and Sacred Heart. (click here) and Mumandmore is surprised at the T&Cs relating to deposit and fees!…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is busier than Wayne Rooney’s Left Foot!

Shannon needs surveyor recommendations for a property they hope to purchase (click here)  Moonlight are about to embark on a kitchen renovation and are considering getting an induction hob, good idea? (click here) Herculesmum needs recommendations for a roofer? (click here) Kiriana is reluctantly selling a 2 bedroom flat with huge garden off St John’s Hill (click here) JandS is looking for  a good firm of gardeners or a single reliable gardener? (click here) and K1180519 has got a juicer and wonders if there is a community compost heap we can put all the pulp?...click here for more details

Looking for things-to-do? Check these out!

Moomin Summer Madness at The Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. (click here). Monkey Music has fantastic fun-filled music classes for babies from 3 months- 4 years in age-specific classes. (click here) Flavour for Baby is a cooking class, every Thursday, for mum’s and dad’s who would like to know more about making food for their weaning baby (click here) and TMDAC Biz Club are organising a FREE Family Event at Hyde Park“Bring the Family for a game of rounders and a picnic and lets meet new families (click here) 

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: An Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 double buggy for £150 (click here)A cafe style high chair for £25 (click here).  and a solid wood dining table for £45 (click here)

Lastly, have you seen our amazing offers and competitions? You can win an £800 trampoline and a dinner for two at Ben’s Canteen!…click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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