Help! Husband doesn’t “do” Xmas. “Grim” local Ofsted reports. Win a Xmas worth £1000 ! Earlsfield restaurant closure.

Last Updated on : 3rd December 2013

Dear South West London Mum,

It’s that time of year again!

We’re delighted to announce that our famous “Win a Nappy Valley Christmas” competition is now open.

For those of you that don’t know, one lucky local winner will receive EVERYTHING they need for the perfect Christmas celebration.

Turkey? Check! Christmas tree? Check! Cake? Check! Wine? Check! Pamper? Check! Babysitting? Check! Dinner for two to celebrate that you’ve won? Check!

In fact the list is so long that I can’t possibly list everything but even that doesn’t matter because our amazing designer has done that for you here!

And the best bit? Every single prize is from a Nappy Valley company so not only are we giving away a sleigh-full of prizes but they represent the very best from our fabulous local friends!

So click here to enter, good luck and don’t forget, life is better if you share so feel free to persuade your friends to enter, I’m sure they’ll throw you a turkey leg if they win!

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

The “Grinch” has a husband who doesn’t really do Christmas. Is he unique or is it a “bloke thing”?…click here for details

ZaZa is looking to celebrate Christmas through the medium of running! Is there a for a charity Santa run, she asks? What a coincidence, there is!…click here for details

Pop would like to leave London? What forever? No, just for Christmas! She asks which is the best day to do so to beat the traffic?…click here for details

Coffelovingmum asks about Christmas present budgets. How much do you spend on relatives and friends?…click here for details

Bonniijump has a question all about parcels! She’s been quoted over £100 to send some clothes to South Africa, surely some mistake?…click here for details

SF has posted with a top idea! She’s making “lap blankets” to help keep the elderly warm over the winter, can you crochet? Would you like to help?…click here for details

BAMSE has been to a few busy Christmas markets recently. Its got her thinking, what does she do if she loses her children in a crowded shop or public place?…click here for details

Minnie would like someone to come around and cook her family Christmas dinner. I’m not sure if she actually means on Christmas Day but if this is the sort of thing you do, perhaps you can help?…click here for details

SCC wonders if you can recommend Little Kickers or Ruggerbeez? Well you know what they say, football is a gentleman’s game played by thugs and rugby is for posh public school boys. Oh, have I got that wrong?…click here for details

“Parent and child” bays in supermarket car parks. They’re only for parents with children aren’t they, asks Mummymax? She’s a little grumpy that some occupants seem to be “sans children”…click here for details

Emma runs the amazing, award winning, First Aid For Life courses. She’s offering 50% off for NappyValleyNet users!…click here for details

Another shop closure on Northcote Road (click here) and a restaurant in Earlsfield is also closing….click here for details

Newbiemom would like some help, her three year olds speech is slurred and unclear. Can you recommend a therapist and some tools to help with phonics and the alphabet?…click here for details

By coincidence Abi has posted details of her speech and language assessments. She has limited slots for the rest of 2013 but will be taking on more new patients in 2014 however she does suggest a phone call in the meantime if you have urgent concerns…click here for details

Our “rent a house or flat” section is becoming incredibly popular! Sclayts is looking for a short term let (click here) and “Back to Work” has a flat to let…click here for details

CGlass wonders if Southfields is a nice place to live?…click here for details

Mumtomonkey wonders which local cinemas have a “Big Scream”, would you recommend it? She’s desperate to get close to a Hobbit!…click here for details

Emilymum wonders if someone could run-up some nativity costumes for her?…click here for details

Kaori has had post-pregnancy back ache for a few years now. Can you recommend an expert who might be able to soothe away her aches and pains?…click here for details

NVMof3 knows nothing about football (snap!) but she’d like to buy Chelsea tickets for Christmas for her son. Where can she get them?…click here for details

From football to yoga, Supermoomoo wonders if you know of a decent private yoga instructor who can do home visits? All together now, OHHMMMM!…click here for details

FAFB thinks her low water pressure might be caused by a leak. Do you know of a leak detection firm? Sounds like something for the CIA but I think she means water!…click here for details

Nutshell wonders if you have an wonderful nanny present suggestions? The present would be from her little one but at seven months she’s a little short of ideas herself!…click here for details

Mellymell is looking for an ex-Vauxhall garage that can service her car?…click here for details

A truckload of travel posts…

The Martinhal have posted details of their special Steiff holidays. Going on a bear hunt?…click here for details

Lisaski has a question about purees and baby food whilst in France. As in, can you get it?…click here for details

Knackeredmum is emigrating to New Zealand and needs one way travel insurance when she is 28.5 weeks pregnant!…click here for details

Hels is looking to recreate the French holidays of her youth with her own young family. Where should they stay? Can you recommend a gite?…click here for details

Twice as nice is also looking for recommendations but this is for a hen night for the Isle of Wight! Best not get them confused!…click here for details

Our meet-a-mum/dad/nanny section is heaving. French mums and Wandsworth Common play dates anyone?…click here for details

The Christmas party season is just about to start! Looking for a little help with that Little Black Dress? Our friends at Jane Plan have some suggestions that just might help!…click here for details 

From Little Black Dresses to babysitting when you out wearing one! Likeminders, London’s favourite babysitting agency, have a special offer just for NappyValleyNetters which is one months free membership with the seasonal promotional code snowman!…click here for details

Listen up at the back, our whiteboards are HEAVING with schools questions!

The new Mosaic Jewish Primary free school has an open day on December the 5th…click here for details

Petal thinks that the new Ofsted reports for local schools make grim reading…click here for details

FionaPM has posted a link to the Telegraph showing those schools that command the highest “postcode” premium…click here for details

Beatryshe wonders if there is an appetite for a new bi-lingual free school? 225 people so far think so! here for details

Irap’s DS has a place at Eaton House Belgravia but she doesn’t feel she knows enough about the school. Can you help?…click here for details

Our friends at Quibly have written an incredibly useful guide called Top Tips for a Tech Safe Christmas. It’ll help you get the most out of any Christmas tech presents whilst ensuring your little ones remain safe…click here for details

Our House and Garden Section is busier than one of Santa’s Elfs!

KGBF wonders if she should choose electric or water underfloor heating? Is it suitable as a “sole source” of heat? (click here) Amyfordo is searching for recommendations for someone to supply and fit new steel railings? (click here) Padders42 needs someone to build a custom playhouse in the garden (click here) Some interesting comments about basement conversions! (click here). Sezwedz needs a handyman who can repair sash windows (click here), Fab wonders if you might suggest a broadband provider? (click here) and Mummybear is looking for a roofer in SW12…click here for details

The NappyValleyNet calendar is packed, lots and lots and lots to do!

Santa is coming to Kew Gardens! (click here) There is a festive film shoot at Broomwood Hall (click here) and St Mary Magdalene are hosting a Christmas Tree Festival on the 14th of December…click here for details

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a wooden Tripp Trapp tray (click here), a John Lewis cot mattress (click here) and a Habitat bunk bed (click here). 


That’s it, have a wonderful week.


Annabel and the Team


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