Help: husband is moving his mother into our home! “Calling frustrated Earlsfield parents”! Builders fly-tip staircase outside my house!

Last Updated on : 28th April 2014

Dear South West London Mum,

My mother has been staying with us over the Easter holidays.

She and Mr NVN tend to have a good relationship, although she’s often bemused by his childish sense of humour.

On Friday this bemusement reached an all time high.

Myself and my mother were sitting on the sofa when we noticed that Mr NVN had one eye closed and was repeatedly looking from one of us to the other.

“Errrr, what are you doing?” I asked, “you’re making us feel a little uncomfortable?”

“It’s weird,” he replied, “but if I look quickly from you to your mother, you appear to age thirty years, it’s just like that Tesco Christmas advert.”

Before I could even begin to object he stuffed his fat foot even further into his mouth.

“Although at the end of the advert the grandmother disappears because she died, so it’s not entirely faithful.”

And with that he turned back to the television, blissfully unaware that myself and my mother were wondering what it would be like if someone else disappeared.

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Do you remember the competition last week for the most popular post? THIS WEEK’s winner is “Stylishmom’ with a question about waiting lists and private schools (click here). She wins a bottle of the Backsberg Elbar 2007 from North & South Wines (on the corner of Broomwood & Northcote Roads). Next week’s prizeis a bottle of Valdivieso Reserva Chardonnay so get writing!

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Looking for a new challenge? Smart Teachers has a number of day-to-day roles for experienced teaching assistants and learning support assistants to work in a range of schools in South London (click here) and Neptune in Fulham are currently recruiting for part-time retail assistants for their new Design Centre, on Wandsworth Bridge Road.…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? TAN wonders if anyone has skied Tignes in the summer? (click here). Join Travel Designers invite you on to their ‘Jungle Bus’ on the 11th May in Balham (click here)  and Tots Too reckon ‘Cyprus is lovely in May’ (click here)

Our schools section has more views than Nigel Farage’s expenses claims!

MMM isconsidering home schooling for her 4 year old but wants regular meet-ups (click here), Stateorprivate needs help, should she choose STATE OR PRIVATE? (click here). Suzie S would like information on the English stream at Wix.(click here), Happy_mummy is wondering if anyone has a child at Fircroft Primary School?(click here)and Honeybee is high up on the St Anselms waiting list, but wondering whether she is likely to get a place before September?…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is heaving!

Spursmummy is angry about a group of builders who dumped a staircase outside her house!(click here), Vhopeful ishaving to replace the roof on her side return, does she need a party wall agreement?(click here) Zozodarling2011 would like black metal/iron railings for the front of an Edwardian/Victorian house, suggestions? (click here) Can anyone recommend someone to move an old boiler in a flat in SW15 Roehampton? (click here)  Cream is not a good colour for a sofa, who can dye covers?  (click here) . Finally EmmaB needs some grass! the artificial kind…click here for more details 

 Our calendar is now upgraded, and its bigger and better!

 Great Ormond Street Hospitals RBC Race for the Kids 5k family fun run, is on the 8th June. In 2013 4000 people took part and raised an incredible £672,000 – they are hoping to make 2014 even bigger and better!.(click here) Explore Learning, a tuition provider, will open the doors of its Wandsworth centre very soon (click here)  Mummy Mondays at Beaufort House are back! A day of classes and a whole lot of fun (click here)

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

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That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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