Help! Nanny’s Facebook page says she wasn’t sick. Street closed: bomb found in Clapham garden. Lottery win? Top Nappy Valley homes! Goodbye renters? Council close admissions loop hole. Top private dentist?

Last Updated on : 29th September 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Nanny's Facebook page says she wasn't sickI don’t cycle.

However Mr NappyValleyNet is a fully paid up member of the MAMIL tribe (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) and every morning he huffs and puffs his way up Balham High Road on his way to Old Street.

And every morning I worry a little about his safety, especially as one can’t seem to pick up the Evening Standard without reading of another serious accident amongst London’s 160,000 cycling commuters.

But that may be about to change.

TFL have published plans for North-South and East-West cycling super highways which, my pedalling spouse and friends tell me, will totally transform road safety and encourage even more people to saddle up.

I know a lot of NVN users either work in town or have partners who work in town, so although this isn’t strictly a local issue, I know it could impact on many of you who live in SW London.

The consultation on these plans is currently under way and they are encountering significant headwinds, so if you’d like to see our roads in and out of central London significantly safer for all cyclists then please do have your say (click here for consultation).

And if you still need persuading, can I try a threat? If Mr NappyValleyNet stops using his bike, I won’t be able to share any more “underpants in the internal” mail stories!(click here for *that* story).

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

If we won the lottery we’d buy these Nappy Valley homes! I’m delighted to welcome Zoe Dare-Hall to the NVN team. She’s a fantastically talented writer and her first article is a look at the pads she’d purchase if she picked six winning numbers!…click here for details 

Aliyeo tells us there’s been a change to the admissions policy for local reception places. Goodbye renters?…click here for details

Schoolgatesmum husband was using the new outdoor gym on Clapham common when a local school invaded it for a P.E. lesson. Fair or foul?…click here for details

Nanny's Facebook page says she wasn't sickAn unexploded bomb was found in a Narbonne Avenue Garden. I wasn’t sure how serious this was until I read they had to close the street….click here for details

Mum74 asks if she should dismiss her nanny? Last week she pulled a sickie but according to her FB page Mary Poppins had popped over to Portobello Market. Should she pop off?…click here for details

Walesdavies runs her own business and is about to employ someone on an ad hoc basis. Is there anything she needs to be aware of? (contracts, payments etc). Yes! Keep staff away from Portobello Market!…click here for details

Hjm needs a contract lawyer quite urgently. Could you recommend a legal eagle? (click here) When I was little I used to watch L.A. Law. My father told me it was called LA Law (as in French for “the”) because it was a French law firm. I repeated that at school. I still haven’t forgiven him!

Meldoublew would like advice on a very sad subject. She’s had recurrent miscarriages and her private health is now refusing cover specialist appointments. If you’ve been down this route, and know what the costs and processes are, she’d really really love your help…click here for details

MantillaJen needs recommendations for a private dentist in Balham, Tooting or Wandsworth. Do you know who is the demon driller of choice in SW London?…click here for details

Laurah is due to take her little ones to have the new meningitis B vaccine at a private GP clinic. Any side effects that you know of?…click here for details

Maryam is a mother of a 3 year old girl with ASD and they need to start up ABA therapy. Can you recommend any ABA therapists and the procedures to start the programmes…click here for details

MummyandMax’s son won’t sleep through the night and they’ve tried almost everything, except putting him in bed with them. Advice? (click here) and GLTC needs recommendations for a maternity nurse with good knowledge of reflux/sleep problems?…click here for details

Jonathan at Hamptons would love any high res photos of last year’s Northcote Christmas Market for a magazine article. Got any snaps for the man who makes these lovely events happen?…click here for details

Northside_mum needs a pair of knee-high boots re-heeled, who is our top cobbler?…click here for details

Azilal10’s husband has a ton of shirts that no longer fit him and she wonders if you know of a charity that might want them for homeless people for job interviews? Hope we can help with this!…click here for details

BV1977 asks if you have experience of the ‘Baby Jogger City Select Double’, she loves the idea that both children have space but some say it’s difficult to manoeuvre and hard to get over kerbs…click here for details

BFW asks if you have recommendations for a 7 year old birthday? Fun and not stuffy and near Piccadilly?(click here) . Bluebird27 is trying to plan her little girl’s first birthday party and was hoping for a little help, where she can find a baby friendly cake?…click here for details

Sticking with parties, Peggy20 needs recommendations for a face painter and/or balloon maker for a children’s birthday party? (click here) and MUMSWORLD asks if anyone knows of any halls, not too big, that would be suitable for hire in Balham/Tooting Bec area for a 6 year old birthday party…click here for details

Offthelead is a dog trainer and looking for a new venue in Wandsworth/Tooting. Do you know of anywhere sensible? Why don’t you combine it with the 7 year old party above? That would be FUN!…click here for details

Vendredimanche is looking for good history books (“War of the Roses” and Henri VIII?) as a gift for a 70 year old lady. You mean “War of the Roses” isn’t just a Michael Douglas movie???…click here for details

Laurie lost her necklace on the 23rd September, probably around Cobham Close and Wakehurst Road. It’s a Zoe Morgan silver necklace with two feathers and a skull. Tons of sentimental value…click here for details

Sezwedz’s Ford Focus desperately needs looking at, can anyone recommend an honest, reliable garage?…click here for details

We’ve a ton of activities for you this week!

Gateway House Nursery School invite you to come for tea/coffee and cake on Saturday 11th October from 10am – 12pm for their open morning (click here)Musical mum highlights an opportunity for your child to perform locally whilst helping to raise money for ‘Beat Bullying’ (click here). ClaudiaMod is looking for a violin tutor in Clapham/Battersea area (click here).  Lucy1983 has a new au pair and suggests an aupairs meet up? (click here). JohannaAnisha  is a 19-year-old au pair from Sweden who wouldreally like to make some friends (click here). and OksanaB has a 4 month old boy and is keen to meet up with Russian speaking moms in Wandsworth…click here for details

For more things to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week check out our “What’s On” calendar. Like a hungry hamster it never sleeps!…click here for more details

Looking for a new role or challenge? Then check out these vacancies!

NappyValleyNet is recruiting! Yay! We’re looking for our first advertising sales person! (click here).  Two exciting part-time posts available at The Awareness Centre: a clinical practice manager and a counselling administrator (click here), Purdy is looking for a part time PA to come to her house six hours per week (click here)Neighbourhood network SW17 are a community group who want to start a Rhyme Time session. They are looking for someone who could run their regular drop in sessions (click here).

Can you help with these travel questions?

Susies has not had a holiday for over 2 years and needs your recommendations and suggestions (click here).  Ppasha27 is headed to St Barts next year with a 1 year old. They have only ever stayed in hotels, but prefer the self-catering route this time around. Can you recommend a villa or apartment that would be suitable with a child! Take me!…click here for details

We’ve a Ryder Cup full of “back-to-school” and nursery questions!

Mumtoafew son has just been offered a place in Year 1 at Wix English stream. Ideally they had been looking for bilingual stream but wondering if the English stream is worthwhile? (click here). Frenchmummynvn is new to the area and considering options for her sons primary school education. They’d love to hear from other families who are in a similar distance to Honeywell and Belleville and who’ve put down a deposit with a “back up” school in the area? (click here).  Lily36 is completely confused about the school system in England. She’d like to know what age children start school AND the difference between public/private/state schools, prep-school, nursery school etc. Wow! How long do you have??? (click here). KateHelloMums asks which nurseries would you recommend in and around Balham (from Tooting Bec to Clapham South)? (click here).  and Putneystahm is fairly new to the area and doesn’t know where to start looking for a lovely stimulating nursery for her son when he turns 2 next year?…click here for details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our new property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you (click here)

Our house and garden section is bigger than the paparazzi crowd outside George Clooney’s wedding!

MarianneH needs recommendations for a tiler who has experience with wet rooms (click here). Two kitchen questions! Claphamchick wants to change her kitchen (click here). and Balham55 wants to buy a new one. Suggestions? (click here). Denshort wants to have wooden sash windows replaced/refurbished and also some of the original Victorian stained glass repaired/reset. Who can do this? (click here). Hyde Ranger is searching for strong curtain tracks for bay windows (click here)  and Ballymanu wants to say thanks to whoever recommended Tristram Design for building works. They were brilliant (click here).  Jodesy’s flat has had an extension, she now needs a good quality tradesperson or company to finish the snagging (click here)AW was wondering if anyone could recommend a good builder or company to carry out a loft conversion on their house in SW17…click here for details.

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: three tickets for Lord of the Dance (London Palladium) for Monday the 6th October (click here),  Biorb 60 litre and 15 litre aquariums plus all accessories, (everything but the fish…) for sale £100 (click here) Baby Activity Station for sale £15 (click here)  some lovely friends of ours have a fabby Mongoose bike for sale! (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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