How Much Does a London Loft Conversion Cost?

Last Updated on : 28th November 2014

At Simply Loft, each one of their loft conversions in London is bespoke so this means that they can vary in cost depending on the design and specification required. Simply Loft design and build each loft conversion to the customer’s needs and that means prices change from one to the next.

However, one of their most frequently asked questions is how much does a loft conversion cost, so they’ve put together a handy guide showing the different types of loft conversions available depending on low to high range budgets.

Low Cost – Skylight Loft Conversion

This is a basic loft conversion, which can be installed in most properties provided there is enough head height from floor joists to the bottom of the ridge beam (2.2m).

Velux windows are added to maximise natural light. This is particularly important in a smaller space. Costs remain low for this sort of conversion because Simply Loft are not required to change or alter the structure of the roof. As if that wasn’t enough, planning permission is generally not required. If you’re on a tight budget
a skylight loft conversion could be the answer!

Loft Conversion

Midrange Budget – Dormer Loft Conversion

Ideal for families looking to add another bedroom to make room for new additions, dormer loft conversions are amongst the most popular loft conversions in London.

With a dormer loft conversion, you don’t just maximise space by gaining an extra room; you also gain more head height and there’s usually room to add an ensuite bathroom or sometimes a further bedroom! Loft spaces feel more spacious than lower cost equivalents; and planning permission is still not usually required unless the property is a flat or in a conservation area.

Loft Conversion
High Cost – Mansard Loft Conversion

In terms of the exterior of a property, these breathtaking loft conversions are often considered the most aesthetically pleasing and are most typically
found on period properties.

A mansard roof features a slope of at least 72 degrees. It’s practically vertical and this maximises the space available within, making them a more costly conversion to carry out. In most cases planning permission is required so this needs to be factored in if you are working to a tight timescale.

Loft Conversion

Whatever budget you are working to, the experts at Simply Loft have converted hundreds of lofts all over London and South London, making them able to advise you on what options are feasible based on your property type and budget.


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