How to choose the best loft conversion type for your property

Last Updated on : 27th October 2022

Buying and selling properties can be timely and stressful which nobody enjoys going through. But if you need more space, it can seem like the only option. However, this is not the case, as you have many other options to consider before going through the motions of selling your home for a larger property, including considering an extension or loft conversion. A loft conversion is an excellent way of using the dead space in your property, which can be around 20% of your total floor space, transforming it into a functional area of the home completely tailored to your needs and budget.

There are a variety of loft conversions you can choose from when renovating your property. Each conversion type has slightly different completion times, prices, variations, and property requirements, which a Simply Loft site surveyor will talk you through when you book in for a survey. If you want to get an idea for what the options are, Simply Loft has created an easy step-by-step guide to what each loft conversion entails.

A rear dormer loft conversion is favoured by many as it can add up to 50 cubic metres of additional space to your property, depending on the specifics of your property and local restrictions. It is built from the existing sloped roof of your property, adding lots of headroom, which can be transformed into a naturally bright space with the addition of Velux skylights. Most of the work involved with rear dormer loft conversions can be completed from scaffolding on the outside of your property, so it minimises the disruption you would typically experience from domestic construction.

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion is where two rear dormers, one built on the main roof and the other on the rear roof, are built connected together making an L-shape. This type of attic conversion is normally only suitable for Victorian and Edwardian properties, particularly if your property is a mid-terraced house. It creates a large volume of new space in the loft, which can be used to create multiple rooms, for instance two bedrooms and a bathroom or a large bedroom with an ensuite.

A mansard loft conversion is a very popular choice, with many London families opting for this type of attic conversion due to the large amount of space it creates. Not only does it create more headspace, but it also allows more usable cubic metres of space. It is the loft conversion which requires the most amount of construction work and is therefore the most disruptive, however they are considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of loft conversion. They are suitable for most property types, including mid-terraces.

A mansard loft conversion is built on the rear of the property, altering the slope of the original roof completely by making it almost straight at a gradient of 72 degrees. There are lots of options for mansards, with Juliet balconies and space for multiple rooms to be created.

Finally, a hip-to-gable loft conversion is well-suited for semi-detached or detached properties which have a hipped roof, where the ends of the roof are sloped inward like the rear and front roof sides. The sloping sides on either end of the property are adjusted to be straight, so that more headspace or height is available in the loft space. This new vertical wall is called a gable, hence the name hip-to-gable. There are lots of ways a hip-to-gable attic conversion can be tailored to your needs, as it can be paired with a rear dormer loft conversion. This enables optimal loft space to be created, making it a very attractive option for London property owners.

With a variety of loft conversion types to choose from, the decision can feel daunting. At Simply Loft, their team of experienced surveyors offer a free site survey in which they will discuss your options that are bespoke to your existing property and will determine the best option for you to consider as well as a detailed quote for your loft conversion.

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