How to clear your home of clutter

Last Updated on : 28th February 2019

With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to clear your home of any unnecessary clutter. We’re all guilty of hoarding, but research has shown that clutter can negatively affect all aspects of our life. So, with that in mind, get started on your spring clean and let the decluttering begin with these handy tips from Marsh &Parsons.

clear your home of clutter

Ideas to keep your home free of clutter

  1. Create some space
    Before frantically hurling all your belongings onto your bed or in the middle of the living room, make sure that you have enough space to sort through everything. Remember that when decluttering, it gets worse before it gets better – don’t lose heart! As you sort through a cupboard, it’s easier to remove all the contents, so that you can return them to the cupboard. Keep your surrounding area as clear as possible and maybe a route to the kitchen for an emergency tea break.
  1. Make separate sorting piles
    You will inevitably throw some items away, but also think about whether your items could be of use to someone else. We would recommend creating several piles; one for your rubbish, another for recycling, and another for items that can be donated to charity.
  1. Focus on one area at a time
    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of miscellaneous items that you have managed to gather over the years. To avoid abandoning the task altogether, divide up your home into manageable areas of focus. This could, quite simply, mean focusing on one room at a time, or a specific area within that room, like the coffee table, or the kitchen cupboards.

How to declutter every room of your house

The kitchen – inspect those cupboards

We know too well that keeping your kitchen free of clutter is no easy feat. It’s often the centre of your home where all the cooking, eating and socialising happens. Over time, your kitchen cupboards can gather all manner of items, and it’s here that you can really create some space by sorting and rearranging all their contents.

Begin by emptying all your kitchen cupboards, starting with those that contain food. Check the labels and make sure that you throw away anything that is no longer in date. You should also consider if there is anything that you haven’t opened, and no longer eat, which could be donated to a local food bank. Put everything that remains back into the cupboards where they belong. Repeat this process for all cupboards, paying particular attention to your kitchen drawers, before undertakingthe (dreaded) cupboard under the sink.

Once you feel that you’ve cleared as much as you can, turn to the countertops. Remove everything from the side that you don’t use every day, and that should be stored away. The space you’ve cleared in your cupboards will be a great new home for these items.

The bedroom – tackle your wardrobe 

This room is meant to be your tranquil haven – somewhere you want to retreat to at the end of the day. If your bedroom is cluttered and disordered, you will probably want to escape from it. Tackling this space is often more of a challenge, but a clear is space is a clear mind, so give it a go! You can simply start by making your bed, before putting away (and folding) any stray clothes, or shoes in the wardrobes and drawers that they belong in. Everything that you no longer want should go straight in a donation box or bag. Your bedside tables will probably have built up unused and unwanted items, such as pens, receipts, glasses, and books that you have finished reading. Sort through these items and store in their rightful spots.

The living room – focus on the coffee table

Your living room is usually very well lived in, and regardless of how hard you try, it ends up being quite jumbled. Your coffee table is often where all the clutter ends up. Whether it’s magazines, books, candles, flowers, TV remotes, or that box of chocolate leftover from Christmas, clutter magnetises to this central table. A quick fix to giving the illusion that a room is clutter-free is to make sure your coffee table is at least 75% clear.

The bathroom – storage is key

Not having enough storage tends to be the main issue that leads to your bathroom being cluttered with all your toiletries. An excellent place to start is with emptying and throwing away any shampoo bottles, medication, creams or other products that have expired.Now that you have more room, you can utilise the space under the sink to install some storage. Whether that’s a cabinet, or fabric storage boxes, or baskets, your items don’t need to be strewn all over your bathroom.

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