Sharing childcare, 4×4’s in Wandsworth and nose picking!

Last Updated on : 30th September 2013

Dear South West London Mum, 

“Why is the iPad in foreign?”

The question was from my youngest who was poking ineffectually at the screen, unable to get into whichever App was looking to charge her a fortune for Smurf coins or suchlike.

“Ahh, I can explain,” said Mr NappyValleyNet, beaming away at some soon to be revealed cleverness.

“You know my Swedish friend said the only reason his children spoke great English was because they watched TV programmes in English?”.

“Yeeees,” I replied, not liking where this was going.

“Well I’ve changed all the screens in the house to Spanish, so now the children will have to learn the language to watch or play anything.”

There was a pause.

I stared.

His beam started to crack a little at the edges.

“But what about me?”

“I have a business to run,” I continued, “don’t speak Spanish and NappyValleyNet is in England not Spain, please change it back”

Mr NappyValleyNet picked up the iPad and then went suspiciously quiet as he flicked through the menus.

“I can’t. The menu’s are all in Spanish.”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

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LittleBitLoopy’s best friend has just been diagnosed with cancer. She’s devastated and angry and would like some advice to help her cope…click here for details

Petal has a husband with zero safety awareness. She is seriously worried that he might cause harm to come to her children. Any ideas other than “punching him in the face” (her words!)?…click here for details

Our friends at the Lemon Tree have just announced a fabby offer! Buy three 1 hour facials and receive a Clarins detox absolutely free! I’m feeling more relaxed already! here for details

Mrs G is trying to hunt down an elusive Clapham Common artist. He/she paints caricatures involving local landmarks and MIGHT have the initials “EB”! Do you know of the phantom painter?…click here for details

Sticking with a painting theme, Natalia wonders if you’ve had experience of the picture framers in Clapham Common Old Town? Are they worth a visit or do they cut corners? (Geddit?!!)…click here for details

From painting to cleaning, MMB is hunting for a dry cleaner around the Lavender Hill area…click here for details

This is one of those AMAZING posts that makes you feel all warm and cuddly! Ali’s six year old couldn’t sleep, so NannyKitty suggested something and it worked. Seriously, read this post, it’s amazing! I’m off to get a Mr NappyValleyNet spray to ward him off at night!…click here here for details

Woowah wonders when the fire-stations are open for tours?…click here for details

TXMum really needs our help. Her little one is a BIG nose picker, we’re talking blood and everything! How can she change his behaviour? NannyKitty, can you help again???…click here for details

Our “Meet-a-Mum” section is busier than Ed Milliband’s PR people! We have requests for meet ups from Swedish mums, Italian mums, Russian mums, new mums and mothers of premature babies…click here for details

Amanda wonders if anyone has a timetable for the opening times for the One O Clock Clubs?…click here for details

ClaireM wonders which provider gives the best mobile signal around Abbeville Road? Is the future bright with Orange or should she be trying Yoda’s Vodafone crew?…click here for details 

I posted a picture of the empty Village Books site. So so sad. Looks like the rent alone is £37k per year!…click here for details

Rachel needs her wool fedora hats reshaping, who is Nappy Valley’s mad hatter? here for details

Netstar’s Netball needs more year 6 girls for a full team. Do you know a decent goal shooter???…click here for details

The “What Do You Want on Abbeville Road” thread is generating some more suggestions. The unusual baby store gets a VERY good press!…click here for details

Two milk questions! Jetsettingbaby wonders whats the best milk for a baby with a sensitive tummy? (click here) and Trisht would like advice on transitioning from formula milk to cows milk?…click here for details 

Two restaurant raves! Cheese Sandwich recommends you visit Tierra Verdi on Webbs Road? (click here) and Sherry wonders if you have been to the Italian restaurant opposite the County Arms? She LOVED it!…click here for details

Should one buy a second hand pushchair? StreathamOne is expecting her first child in January (yay!) and wonders if she should buy pre-loved?…click here for details

Biscuitbrown’s little one is rejecting her Daddy. She’s just had number two so maybe it’s jealousy, is that normal? here for details

Three “lost and found”. Zulumum’s little one found a beautiful women’s watch on Wandsworth Common, they called it “real treasure” (click here) HelenOz found a silver pendant in Battersea Park with a “J” on it (click here) and Popcorn found a giraffe bib and personalised bag in a Zip Car…click h ere for details

ClaireM wonders where she might locally buy Wii games?…click here for details

Sarah asks where she should go for non-religious wedding preparation? here for details

Widger wonders if broodiness for another child will go away? This is an extremely thoughtful post, please do help if you can…click here for details

Mothercake wonders if CCTV in a nursery is an infringement of data protection/privacy rights?click here for details

Snoopydog asks how your school organises after school clubs? First come first served or something else?.click here for details

Full time Dad is concerned, his ten year old daughter is heavy for her age and is beginning to develop negative body image issues…click here for details

Our house and garden section is busier than Sir Ben Ainslies’ Fan Club!

EmmaB wonders if anyone has used Namgrass for artificial grass (click here)ElizaD would like someone to recommend an architect (click here), Notsure need someone toclear gutters and service a boiler (click here) Clare1 is hunting for a builder to create a downstairs loo (click here) Papillionmama has issues with an extractor fan, she needs advice on new models and someone to fit it (click here). Ali has a query about sofa cleaning companies (click here) and Sabinemum needs someone to supply and fit Coria/Quartz kitchen counter tops…click here for details

Houses need flowers and there is a local business that can help! These guys deliver flowers through a letter box! An Earlsfield based business with a seriously smart idea!…click here for details

NappyValleyNet now carries more events listings than any other website!

DON’T MISS the “Asthma Gift Fair” at the Hurlingham on the 9th of October (click here). Haunted Wandsworth on the 31st of October (click here) and a Babies and Toddler Service at St Marks Church in Battersea …click here for details. 

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- an ABC playmat (click here), a mountain bike for a 6-9 year old (click here) and an Aspace Sleigh bed (click here). 

That’s it, have a wonderful week.





Annabel and the Team


PS would you like to win a bespoke DIY design guide from Interior Elegance or a gift voucher from the beautiful Harry and Molly then just click here!

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