Indecent assault in Earlsfield, witnesses wanted. Building basement under entire garden? Local builder disappears with cash and house unsafe.

Last Updated on : 30th June 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

As the lucky raffle ticket was pulled out of a hat an expectant hush fell over the crowd.

“And the winner of the case of wine is…”

Time seemed to stand still as Mr NappyValleyNet’s name was read out and he bounded Tigger-like onto the stage to collect his prize.

I love this time of the year. I seem to spend most weekends at school fetes or street fairs and the attraction of these events is not lost on my family who fill up on hog roasts and try their luck on the raffles and tombola.

Last weekend was Mr NVN’s first big win and it was all the more ironic as he’s on a bit of a health kick at the moment, recently volunteering to abstain from alcohol, wheat and his buckets of latte in advance of our summer holiday.

That message was not lost on my youngest.

As my husband weaved back to where we were standing, with his prize clutched firmly to his chest, a shouty little voice could be heard across the crowd.

“He shouldn’t have that. My Daddy’s not allowed to drink any more.”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

WM wonders what is the difference between an au-pair and a nanny?…click here for details 

Warming to this theme, Joolia had a bad au-pair experience and is about to hire another. Can you help drafting their initial “contract/rules” Try watching the “Hand That Rocks The Cradle”, most of it is covered in there!…click here for details

Mum2Monkey is probably being discriminated against. From partner “fast track” to starting all over again, all because of her children?…click here for details

“Lets celebrate local post #1”: JandS asks if you can recommend great restaurants in SW11?…click here for details

“Lets celebrate local post #2”:Kat wants to know your favourite independent shops? This is SO going to be the basis of some awards!…click here for details

“Lets celebrate local post #3”: MoF asks if anyone has a recommendation for the best Indian takeaway for home delivery in Wimbledon…click here for details

And sticking with the wonderful local people theme, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Eddie Catz and IMBS who made our summer party last week such fun (as Miranda would say!)…click here for details

Perhaps not something to celebrate, EG is looking for a builder who disappeared during their project with a substantial amount of their money AND leaving the house in a very dangerous position (click here)

IndyB needs to work remotely, coffee shops aside can you recommend a venue? Check out thread above!…click here for details

On a serious note: a warning about an indecent assault in Earlsfield. Police are appealing for information…click here for details

Another warning, boys are going door to door asking for sponsorship for Battersea Lions. Might not be genuine…click here for details

The Northcote Fete is almost here! More details lower down about all the amazing attractions but first a request! The official charity for the 2014 Northcote Road fete is Ickle Pickles and our lovely fete organisers need more prizes for the raffle. Can you help this amazing cause?…click here for details

An update from the “Save the Romany” campaign. There is a REALLY important meeting on the 3rd July at Beatrix Potter School, please attend and preserve this community asset…click here for details

From the “Romany Scout Site” to the Streatham Megabowl. The deal has has been confirmed (sounds cryptic!)…click here for details

Pod is looking for children for a Saturday morning TV cookery show. Now the nation can judge your children!…click here for details

Deester is setting up a support group for single parents…click here for details

GOT! NEED! Anyone up for swapping “World Cup Panini Stickers” asks NVNMo3? Am I showing my age by asking if Gazza is still playing?…click here for details

ClaphamVal received a package through her door, a children’s gift box. Good idea or waste of money?…click here for details

Nvmof3 found a pink Maxi Scooter on Hillier Road, initials are MM. Yours?…click here for details

From one scooter to post to another. LG09’s DD is about to turn 5 and would like a scooter for her birthday. Should she buy the 2 or 3 wheel micro scooter? Neither! Change her name by deed-poll to something with the initials MM and get a free one from the post above!…click here for details

Impy_2014 is a first time mum in Wimbledon and starting to think about nurseries, any recommendations would be appreciated…click here for details

 Jg75 asks does anyone know of any licensed contractors who are able to collect waste? Her bins weren’t collected and she doesn’t fancy letting her refuse lay uncollected for a week or so…click here for details

 The “rubbish” theme continue. TB lives on Bennerley Road and a HUGE dumpster is using it between 2am and 3am. Has anyone else been woken by this truck? We could ask it to swing by Jg75’s house and pick up hers!…click here for details

 ElizaD would be so grateful if someone could explain the ‘Rainbow Loom’ and what age is it appropriate for?…click here for details

 A fascinating question and one we’ve NEVER been asked before! Mimi54 lives in Earlsfield and wonders which bird makes a funny sound similar to a sonar! Any “Twitchers” out there?…click here for details

 Williamsmum is looking for some clarification on the MMR jab…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? 

Tots Too have made a handy film showing what to pack in your cabin bag (click here) RunnerBean is looking for a large house or set of cottages/barns to sleep 3 young families plus grandparents for a weekend in Sept (click here), FF is off to the Big Apple, any family friendly hotels? (click hereMillymoo needs recommendations for places to stay in Brittany or Normandy for a family of four (click here) and MeMoo is Looking for a holiday cottage for a week on the 21st July…click here for details

Our schools section is busier than Suarez’s dentist!

AGSB is moving to Clapham and looking for a place to rent. Is 301m from Belleville close enough? (click here). Erykah’s son is starting at Macaulay this September, anyone else and do you want to meet up? (click here)   and B91 has posted details of after school clubs for the following schools: Alderbrook, Holy Ghost, Balham Nursery, Belleville, Fircroft, Franciscan, St Anselm’s RC and Honeywell…click here for more details

Our House and Garden section is busier a Glastonbury Portaloo!

RM needs a structural engineer needed for a small flat conversion (click here). FM is looking for a builders estimate (click here). BM is hunting for house extension suggestions? (click here) and your feedback Hughes Developments in Balham (click here). Rzlaprime wants a good reliable painter and decorator (click here) and Laura35 is interested in doing a first floor extension over a garage attached to the house, can anyone recommend an architect or surveyor who is familiar with current planning regulations in Lambeth? (click here) and BNM wants your thoughts on living in Streatham and Streatham Hill? (click here). Lastly, Pie81  is thinking about digging out a basement under their entire garden, good idea?…click here for more details

The Northcote Fete is almost here!

 This year they’re welcoming back the entertainment stage with top dance and music acts. Stage MC Tina Edward is also a repeat booking and they’ll be morning yoga with Sweaty Betty, grooving to zumba AND getting your dance on with Latin big band Orquesta Estelar (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

 This week: A Nearly New City Mini Double Buggy – reduced to only £200! (click here) a Maclaren double buggy in really good condition, Raincover included for £50! (click here) and a BabaBing RockOut Baby Rocker for £20 (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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