Is 16 stone too heavy to have a baby? Dog holiday swap shock! School catchment area shake-up

Last Updated on : 2nd April 2013

Dear South West London Mum,Is 16 stone too heavy to have a baby

Mr NappyValleyNet has joined a gym.

As opposed to taking it slowly, he did the typical bloke thing of rushing in and signing himself up for every session he could.

The first class was spin.

Whilst not exactly new to this sort of thing, I did think wise to remind him that the last time he was in a fitness studio the “Back Street

Boys” were “Hanging Tough”.

Three hours later he staggered back through the front door making signs that I could easily interpret for water.

“How was it?” I asked the panting beetroot faced gym bunny.

“She moved me to the front” he huffed “my Blackberry went off and once I switched it off I couldn’t work out what I was meant to be doing,

she said she needed to keep an eye on me”

“But did you enjoy it?”

“It’s a bit like living with you…” he gasped.

“Yessss…” I replied, not sure where this was going to go.

“I kept getting told off, half the time I’m not sure what I should be doing but I think it is doing me some good.”

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Our house and garden section is busier than the Easter Bunny!

Balhammum would like some packing boxes for a house move (click here), JTThomas wonders if you like your kitchen worktop and if you do, what is it made from? (click here) Lots more suggestions for loft conversion companies (click here). Mice are driving UpseyDaisy mad, how can she get rid of them? (click here). Onthewall are a professional mirror and picture hanging company. SUCH A COMPANY EXISTS? Wow! They’re Wandsworth based and want to tell you what they do (click hereTils STILL needs a surveyor (click here).

A TON of nursery posts again this week!…a timely reminder of what to look out for at an open day (click here) The Duchess is looking for a nursery near Swaffield Road (click here) and some interesting comments about the Northcote Gardens nursery (click here)

NappyValleyNet now has the most comprehensive listings for things-to-do in Wandsworth. We have SEVENTY THREE listings for today alone! SEVENTY THREE! (click here). If you have an event please POST DETAILS FOR FREE! New to the calendar this week: All4Kids Theatre Workshops (click here), Active Art on Wandsworth Common (click here) and Baby Mandarin in Wimbeldon (click here).

Don’t forgot AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- Ewan the Dream Sheep! (click here), a sofa bed (click here) and a Philips Breast Pump (click here).

That’s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team


PS Would you like to win a wonderful blow dry and a protein hair mask from All About The Girl? Or 3 months of “any time” gym, swim and class membership from Fybre Fitness Hub? Then enter our FREE competitions competitions here!


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