Is it too early for her first bra?

Last Updated on : 7th September 2023

If you have a tween or teenage daughter, you may be wondering if it is too early for her to have her first bra. What are the rules? Is she too young? Does she want one? What size should she be wearing? Is it ok for her to wear underwired bras?

First of all, there are no rules about age. Girls are not too young or too old for their first bras, it really depends on the development of their breasts. We are all different and can start puberty at any age. Having said that, it is not unusual for teenagers to want to start wearing bras because their friends are. So, when should you start thinking about it?

If your daughter has started developing budding nipples, she may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about the changes in her body. Have a chat with her and ask if she would like to start wearing bralettes or bras to protect but also support her growing breasts.

If she is ready, book a fitting with a bra fitting specialist. They will take the time to explain how to wear a bra, put it on and wash it but also bra sizing (which most people don’t understand), what makes a good-fitting bra and the different types that are available. As no one teaches us at school – or anywhere else – about bras, it’s important to make this first experience a positive and educational one.

The types of bras suitable for any woman of any age will depend on size, shape and daily activities. This is no different for teenagers, especially if they are quite developed already. We stock both wired and non-wired bras suitable for a wide size range and taste.

If your daughter is not ready for everyday bra wearing but she is quite sporty, specifically high impact sports, it is never too early for her to start wearing a good sports bra. Remember that breast tissue is mostly milk glands and ducts, fat tissue, lymph nodes and Cooper ligaments. There are no muscles in breasts that you can exercise back to a pert bosom. Once those Cooper ligaments have stretched, there is no going back. Prevention is the only way to keep your breasts perky. You could introduce this sport bra as part of her new sports kit for the new school year if she is not quite ready for a ‘real’ bra.

Ultimately, it is up to her if she is ready or not for any bras of any kind. We aim to make bra fittings comfortable and educational, so all women have a good relationship with their breasts.



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