Is it worth getting fitted for your swimwear? Yes, it is!

Last Updated on : 21st April 2023

It’s been a lot longer than I wish to admit since I last bought swimwear. And, no, it isn’t just because of covid. Most of my holidays consist of visiting my elderly mother who lives abroad, and although I sometimes happen to be there when the weather is nice enough to go to the beach, I don’t really think about it as a beach holiday. So, my swimwear has never been the ‘piece de resistance’ in my packing.

This year, I have booked a short break in a nice hotel with a pool, that happens to be by the sea too. And although I don’t see myself parading poolside in a different fabulous head to toe ensemble every day of my holidays, I want to make more of an effort and have at least 2 complete outfits that can take me from my sun lounger to the restaurant for lunch then maybe even to an early cocktail at the pool bar without having to return to my room.

I think, like most of the women I know, swimwear shopping is not high on the list of things I enjoy doing, so, on a friend’s recommendation, I booked myself in for a deluxe swimwear fitting at Amelie’s Follies (they work by appointment only, yes, even if you just want to look). It was a little daunting to go to a boutique that requires you to book just to enter it, but as Catherine explained (the owner, and my fitter that day), it means that no one is hovering on the shop floor whilst you are being served meaning you get the full attention of your fitter, as well as more privacy during your appointment (which I greatly enjoyed).

After a few key questions (what kind of holiday are you going on? Are you a sunbather? Will you be running after little people? Bikini or swimsuit?) Catherine started bringing in swimsuits (I have never been a bikini wearer) which would not only fit and flatter but also be activity appropriate.   I am a size 16 to 18UK with a 36H bra size so finding suits that fit me all over is no mean feat. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of choice in my size, but also by the diversity in prints and colours available. Whoever decided that big girls should wear black and navy on the beach has obviously never met Catherine! She explained that as I was very fair (I am, I barely change colour even after a 2 week holiday) I should go for punchy, vivid colours. She advised me to avoid black as it can be very draining (especially if your hair has started turning to grey, which it has) and black will not make you ‘blend in’ into your background once you are on a sunny beach (and not on the tube in London). I tried everything she gave me because as she put it: I won’t charge you more because you tried on more, and even if you don’t like it once it is on, it helps me to see what I can do better.

After about 30 minutes of trying, I had a handful of good contenders, but I spotted a gorgeous Pineapple print on the shop floor…Could I not try that one? A rather firm: ‘No, this isn’t for you’ took me aback. But, she went on to explain that although they stock over 55 different sizes of bras, swimwear doesn’t always come cup sized. This luscious pineapple print suit happened to come in a C cup only, so even the size 16 would not fit as the cup size itself would only equate to a 38C (which is still way off my voluptuous 36H!). This is something I had never really considered before, but she was right of course. A lot of swimwear, especially on the high street, will come sized Small, Medium, Large, rather than bra sized. And you and I both know that we all come in different shapes as well as sizes. Swimsuits are needed for ladies who are a size 18 on their bottom, but are a C cup as much as if they are an H cup, hence why going up a size in the body usually doesn’t work if that garment hasn’t been designed for the right volume up top. All this knowledge, she goes on to explain, is what you get when you shop in a small independent boutique. We know our stock, and endeavour to only give you the stuff that we think will fit you and your lifestyle but also make you feel good about yourself. We know how hard swimwear (and bra) shopping can be, so there is no need for you to try on all the stock that won’t fit. We do the running around; you do the trying.


I settled on a couple of suits: a bright cobalt number with a frill around the neckline and a floral print on turquoise background. One with underwires, the other without, but both with great support and space for my ample bosoms.  Catherine proceeded to offer a few cover ups options. As I tend to like a more matching look, I went for a beautiful flowy long kaftan in white and cobalt, and a plain lilac wrap as well as a shorter kaftan to match the floral suit.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my swimwear fitting session. Just think about it as a personal shopping experience with hands on service. Forget about running in and out of a fitting room to get a different size that still doesn’t fit, or even returning a half dozen pieces that looked great on the internet but do absolutely nothing for you in the comfort of your own home. This kind of service is exactly why we should use our local boutiques more. And not just for swimwear.

Amelie’s Follies offer a swimwear and bra fitting service all year round by appointment only.

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