L’Ecole du Parc bilingual nursery schools celebrate two OFSTED successes!

Last Updated on : 14th March 2018

Staff and families at L’Ecole du Parc, the french nursery school in London for 2 to 5 year old’s, are celebrating after being awarded not just one but two “Outstanding” ratings in as many months.

OFSTED described teaching as “inspirational” and “exceptional” and praised “the quality of leadership, learning, teaching and care” as “outstanding”. As a consequence, OFSTED wrote in their report, “all children make excellent progress” and “quickly become highly confident bilingual communicators”.

OFSTED also commended the children’s behavior as “exemplary” and remarked that “children are extremely happy to come” to l’Ecole du Parc. Elisa and Eva, the school Co-Heads said: “We are lucky to have superb and dedicated staff at l’Ecole du Parc who work tirelessly to provide engaging ways for the children to learn and grow. Their dedication to provide a caring and nurturing environment shines through every day. We are delighted that our team’s efforts and talent have been recognised by OFSTED.”

L’Ecole du Parc Girl

L’Ecole du Parc provides high quality education in a French immersion or bilingual French-English environment. L’Ecole du Parc nursery school offers the best of the British and French educational systems and welcomes children aged between 2 and 5 years old from all around the world regardless of their level of French or English. L’Ecole du Parc offers universal 15-hour funding from the age of 3 and some families can now benefit from the new 30-hour funding.

L’Ecole du Parc Boy

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