Local cafe owner’s road rage incident. Husband wants me to give up work. NVN summer party – sign up now! Motor racing comes to Battersea Park!

Last Updated on : 8th June 2015


Dear NappyValleyNetter,


We’re hosting a summer party with our great friends Eddie Catz and we’d love to see you there!

It’s on the 24th of June at Eddie Catz in Putney (click here) and they are kindly offering complimentary tea, coffee, cake, juice AND FREE play!

it’s a perfect opportunity to meet other mums and put your feet up whilst your little ones are entertained.

It’s TOTALLY free of charge and places are very limited, so please register behind this link: (click here).

Thank again to the big blue cat and we hope to see you there!

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Local cafe owner's road rage incidentBattersea Park is about to host some serious motor racing: Piquet, Prost and Senna will be battling it out in SW11 (honestly) as they go wheel-to-wheel in our little corner of SW London. But not all of you are happy with this spectacle. Good idea or a waste of our local resources?…click here for details

Did you see NappyValleyNet on Channel Five’s “The Wright Stuff”? We’re all officially media luvvies now! OK, I didn’t actually know we were appearing (thanks for the tip MM!) and I actually didn’t see it until later in the day, but it’s still counts, right?…click here for details

Uh-oh, this does not make nice viewing. A local cafe owner has been captured on film in a road rage incident being very very sweary towards a cyclist. And very very rude. I think there could be trouble brewing…click here for details

Local cafe owner's road rage incidentInspired by the travelling husband, SAHM would like advice. Her husband has just dropped the “I don’t want you to work anymore” bombshell and she wonders if she’ll be giving up more than her career?…click here for details

There is a new area in town. Or should that be a new name for an old area. Have you heard of BeWaCo, asks BD?…click here for details

We’ve had a brilliant response to our questions “Do you have an aupair who’d like to meet other aupairs?” In a day or so I’ll sort out a venue and date! Come on stragglers, sign up!…click here for details

14Now I think we’re too late to help LuLuDaffodil but this is a great question for future jet-setters. Can one do “click and collect” from Boots in Gatwick for a trip abroad, she asks?..click here for details

TeddyBearsSW18 would love advice on setting up a social enterprise. If you can help please do respond to the post. Maybe you’ll be surprised by a not-for-profit socially-inclusive picnic if you go down to the woods today?…click here for details


Do under-8’s have to pay adult swim prices in Wandsworth? Mum2Monkey thinks they might click here for details

LD is looking for a restaurant to host her husbands birthday party for 12 people, around Clapham Junction/Balham ideally?…click here for details

Is Brinkley’s closing? This is one of my favourite restaurants so I really hope it’s not. Although Mr NVN did once demonstrate his Pilates flexibility in there and those poor diners will never be able to unsee that sight…click here for details

Three “health” posts. First off, PN is looking for a paediatric nutritionist (click here). Mums1000 would like a GP practice near the Heaver Estate? (click here). Lastly, Ali would like to hear from parents who have little ones with mouth plates for overbites. Thanks! (click here).

13Home schooling? Good idea or, to quote a Twitter reply to this thread, “for your own sanity do not even consider it?”…click here for details

Now THIS is a dilemma. Should LL let her 2/3 year old go on a coach trip with only a lap-belt? That’s what her nursery have planned and she is minded to say no. What would you do?…click here for details

Do you feel you’re falling for the Supermum myth? Amber has five tips to help you overcome your doubts, thanks Amber!…click here for details

Duck20 is looking for Bank holiday weekend away destination ideas?…click here for details

DancingQueen would like two sets of Eaton House the Manor summer PE Kit, can we help her? (Yes, we can!)…click here for details

Alison owns a law firm in Clapham Junction and would like to know what you wished you’d known about employee maternity rights? She’s finding her clients encountering the same issues again again…click here for details

12A South would like to hear of a taxi company that uses good quality child seats for an airport transfer?…click here for details

AprilMama’s little one has a problem with disintegrating nappies, anyone found a solution to nappy splatter??…click here for details

Tealover’s little one left a much-loved toy at the Princess Yaiza last week. If you’re there right now you could help!…click here for details

Now we’ve had sun, rain, sun and more rain it’s the PERFECT time to plan your garden and outside space. We’ve got together with our friends at The Battersea Flower Station, The Capital Garden Company, The Gorgeous Garden Company, The London Front Garden Company, Muddy Wellies and Lords of Notting Hill to help you get your garden summer ready! Thanks guys!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Barcelona has happy fans!

There are vacancies in the Barnes Boutique, families looking for nannys, yoga teachers and Secret Shoppers for Mary Portas! (click here).

Searching for activity ideas? We have more fetes than Sepp Blatter has FBI Nightmares!

So it’s super special fete shout-out time!

Don’t forget, if you want your fete promoted please post on our calendar and drop me a line! I hope you have the Abbeville and Northcote Fetes firmly in your diary, check out our “Tempting Fete” article for more information!

This Saturday we have the St Pauls Summer Fete on Rectory Grove SW4 (click here), the Allfarthing School over in SW18  (click here) and the Fircroft School Fete in SW17  (click here).

Looking further ahead the Mortlake Summer Fete is on the 27th (click here), which is the same day as the Henry Cavendish summer fete (click here).

Don’t forget fetes are a GREAT way of getting a feel for any schools you may be considering for your little ones.

It’s “Back-to-School” and we have a classroom full of schools and nursery questions!

NM is looking for feedback on the WeeOnes nursery (click here). Mrs S. is looking for feedback on the Eveline Day School pre-nursery (click here)  LittleMummy would love information on a nursery around Abbeville Village (click here) Portna is searching for private schools around Clapham Junction (click here) and Sarag loves the St Faiths Nepal charity event, well done everyone! (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Sepp Blatter has excuses!

SD asks if it is possible to “unappoint” private building controllers? Like all relationships, it’s complicated! (click here).  Jayneys is about to renovate a three bedroom flat and needs good quality contractors, can you recommend anyone? (click here). FP wonders if basements in Lambeth are as common and easy to plan as ones in Wandsworth? (click here). WBWD would like your tiler recommendations (click here). Pilla1978 is looking for a short term rental for afamily of four moving back from Australia (click here). and a Banham key has been found on Clapham Common! (click here)

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: Mamas and Papas carrycot (click here) Nintendo 3DS (click here) and a Toshiba TV! (click here)


Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!

 Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team

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