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Local cinema re-opening

Last Updated on : 25th June 2020

Local cinema re-opening


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Wow, you’ve pushed the boat out for Midsummer!”

I love Midsummer, and celebrating it with my little group of Swedish friends, but in spite of Mr NVN’s little joke, I hadn’t made an effort I’d simply given myself a spray tan.

Maybe a little light on the spray and a little heavy on the tan, but it was nothing to do with the longest day of the year.

Then my eldest came into the kitchen, he’d overheard our exchange.

“Is that really for Midsummer?” he asked, “is that really a thing?”

“I DID MY OWN SPRAY TAN THIS IS NOT FOR MIDSUMMER,” I replied, just as my youngest walked through the door, she also overheard the commotion.

“Oooh are we celebrating?”


Then Mr NVN almost made it his last day of the year…

“Well if you ever DO want to celebrate Midsummer,” he said looking me up and down, “you’re streaky enough to be a bee“.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

I want to start with an apology. My attempt at Father’s Day humour last week with reference to lockdown, children and a Father’s Day gift was ill judged. Sorry Pencil Portraits, I got that VERY wrong! (read more)

H.’s husband has sadly lost his job but wants to keep it a secret from everyone including close family, friends and even her parents. She doesn’t know how to deal with this. Please remember when replying that this is a real person with a real problem (read more).

L. has enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum during lockdown but feels there may be a stigma attached – is she right to feel like this? Be whoever you want! And if anyone criticises you take a lead from Katie Perry’s self-empowerment anthem and “Roar!” (read more)

Just make sure you don’t choose the wrong Katy Perry song, if you copy TGIF then someone might call social services!

You’ve all been sharing details of the schools you know of and which years of pupils they’re admitting following E.’s post about the latest government guidelines (read more).

And on that subject, The White House re-opened fully last Monday for all pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6 – brilliant! (read more)

Another L. has posted to say she’s expecting a baby and would love recommendations of good antenatal groups as the pandemic has put paid to normal plans – come on Nappy Valley, this we can do!! (read more)

T. would love your recommendations for teen/tween girls’ magazine subscriptions for her 12-13-year-old – something more girlie than just the news ideally (read more).

Teens and tweens (and the rest of us!) might be excited to know that Cineworld Wandsworth Southside plans to re-open in early July (read more). Oooh I can’t wait to go to the cinema again- who’d have thought sticky seats and overpriced popcorn would instil such longing!

If you want to get away from it all – if only in your imagination for the time being! – take a look at Turquoise Holiday’s top five family resorts and get planning 2021 (read more). I. Want. To. Go. On. Holiday.

Or drift away on beautiful voices by tuning into Streatham & Clapham High School’s Schubert to Sondheim concert – magical (read more). This really Is a thing of beauty!

M. posted to really recommend a psychotherapist she saw at Chelsea & Westminster and urges anyone with mental health issues to reach out (read more). Thanks M.!

Brilliant news from J. who posted to say thank you for all the help in reaching the fundraising target for St George’s neonatal unit (read more).

A. would like to find an accountant to help with filing taxes for the US (read more). I once heard of a Madoff chap – he was very good! Ok, serious suggestions only please!

S. is moving back to the Northcote Road/Honeywell area soon and asks for good rental agent recommendations (read more).

N. is looking for a nanny share for their 2-year-old starting September (read more).

And W. has posted about needing a new nanny share in SW4 starting in September….is this too good to be true (see above)?! I love it when this happens – W. meet N.! (read more)

As shops re-opened last week we were all encouraged to #shoplocal(read more).

Shonamac is open again on Bellevue Road seven days a week with their amazing range of second-hand designer goodies. Also taking in casual summer designer pieces for sale, so if you’ve had a clear out you know where to go…(read more).

And talking of clear-outs Wandsworth Oasis is back up and running with its furniture collection service so prepare your saleable and no-longer-needed items! (read more)

And Wandsworth Council has launched a bid to erect a statue of John Archer, London’s first Black Mayor (read more).

Owners are being urged to keep dogs on leads after an attack on a swan in Wimbledon last week (read more).

And meanwhile there are currently 13 dogs at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home looking for new homes (read more). I want them all!

The Queens Arms, just off Queenstown Road, seems to have a new lease of life on the way (read more).

KIBOU at Home Japanese Kitchen has opened again for click and collect on Northcote Road (read more).

The Tapas Room, already in Tooting, plans to open two more sites in Battersea and Brixton (read more).

And a new tapas bar is opening on St Johns Hill – olé! We’re just so international, love it! (read more)

E. has posted about fresh sourdough bread delivered to your door – no more queuing! (read more)

And a public consultation has just opened on how our parks, commons and open spaces in Wandsworth could be improved (read more).

Staff at Balham underground helped save a local man when he collapsed on a tube, and as a result they joined in on Brain Tumour Research’s Wear a Hat Day with Flowers on Friday (read more).

Our post on the petitions to the government to allow schools to re-open for all has been viewed over 1,000 times. Fair to say it’s an issue quite high on many a Nappy Valley agenda (read more).

Kimberley Swim Clinics has posted to say how sad they are that they won’t be able to return until October but have some great advice on swimming and water safety with little ones over the summer months (read more).

Bertie and Boo Balham is open from this week for drop-off playgroups including Magical storytime, games and free play (read more).


We have more House & Garden posts than the government have Appstore rejections!

A. asked for advice on getting a house ready for sale – house staging – and it seems you know some people! (read more)

S. asked for good joiner/carpenter recommendations and you know plenty between you with Cast London on Northcote Road open for business (read more).

Clara Bee has posted some inspo on home offices and living rooms seeing as we’re all at home so much more than, like, EVER! (read more)

J. has posted about her lockdown gardening website to get children into growing veg – it’s a Good Life! (read more)


We have more Schools Posts than Wandsworth Common has squiffy teenagers on a summers evening!

J. has asked for advice on late applications for private prep and secondary starting in September – is there any hope!? (read more)

You’ve all been sharing details of the schools you know of and which years of pupils they’re admitting following E.’s post about the latest government guidelines (read more).

There’s been lots of discussion on the Wandsworth Test being postponed and details of likely scores needed for Graveney (read more).

A number of private schools are willing to offer their buildings and grounds for summer catch-up courses for children who have missed out during the pandemic (read more).

The next free seminar from The Commons London is on Dyslexia and the 11+ later this week – register to view! (read more)

And Mentor Education is offering academic assessments so you’ll know how well your child is doing (read more).

E. asks if anyone else has a son or daughter starting at Northwood Senior School in September as she’d love to meet – even at a 2m distance! (read more)

M. has a child starting in Year 1 at Hornsby House in September and asks if anyone else does too? (read more)

F. would love to buy some second-hand uniform for The Roche – ideally a Y6 size (read more).

S. is looking to move to Balham with their baby and asks about the local primary schools (read more).

E. is thinking of Broomwood Hall for their daughter but is concerned about the religious aspect as they aren’t religious at all (read more).

P. is looking for uniform for Wimbledon High School and Dulwich College (read more).

La Retraite has posted a link to a fundraising page as they try to ensure all their students have access to laptops for digital learning (read more).

Teatime Tutors has posted about online availability for sessions to help build back confidence which may have been lost during lockdown (read more).

Growing Young Minds is running a Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning course this summer (read more).

Somerset Nursery is an ‘Outstanding’ local authority nursery school near Battersea Square with space for September, and has posted a link to a virtual tour (read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant

Maths and Science tutors with Exceptional Academics (read more).

Part-time tele-sales working from home (read more).

Cleaning position in Tooting Bec (read more).


For sale

GLTC Skinny Oxford desk (read more).

Pink play kitchen (read more).

Dolls’ house (read more).

White Banwood balance bike (read more)



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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