Local school issues anti-mugger guide for pupils.

Last Updated on : 31st October 2022

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My son was away for most of half term.

The house was pretty calm as a result, but I’d spent a lot of quality time with my daughter and was looking forward to his return.

“Will you be pleased to see him again?” I asked over Friday night dinner.

“Huh?” she replied.

“Your brother,” I said, “aren’t you looking forward to having him back from camp?”

She looked blank.

“Hasn’t he been in his room?”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

B. is wondering if they’re being unreasonable to expect an after-school nanny to provide their own food? Their previous nanny did but their new one has been eating with the children, which is apparently leaving the cupboard rather bare – over-eating or over-reacting? (read more)

R. asks if independent schools are better than state for primary education? We’ve had some very thoughtful and informative responses and the answer seems to be ‘it depends…’ Thank you everyone (read more).

C. shares the news that Graveney have now issued an ‘Anti Mugging’ manual to students after a spate of attacks. As the OP says, it’s awful that a school must resort to this action (read more).

There’s been a rapid response to Wandsworth’s decision to become the first borough to fine drivers for exceeding the limit in 20mph zones and not everyone agrees that twenty is plenty (read more).

Sadly, it appears that B.’s bad experience with Heaver Garage is not a one off as A. and C. have shared their deeply unsatisfactory experiences as well (read more).

M.’s daughter needs braces but so far has been refused treatment on the NHS as she is considered a borderline case – M. disagrees and would like to find an orthodontist willing to offer a consultation without a referral from a dentist (read more)?

O. has added a Dad’s perspective to A.’s post about the split of household responsibilities between couples (read more).

If things are getting a little sour at home then we have some juicy news to sweeten your day – Balham will soon have a Joe & The Juice(read more) Yay – love Joseph and presse concoctions!

C. would like to know if she should invest in a watch upgrade and go for an Apple Watch over a Fitbit? Does twice the price mean twice the performance or is she being taken in by the branding (read more)?

November sweeps The Independent Schools Show into Battersea Park with a major new feature, London Choices, making it easy for London parents to get a head start in meeting a wide range of schools from their neighbourhoods all in one place! (read more) Book your free tickets in advance now! (read more).

Are you trick’n’ treater ready? Lots of you are, judging from the expert responses to W.’s post about how many little monsters to expect on Halloween. Although E. wants to know whether to double up the candy stores for the 29 and 31 October – nightmare!! (read more)

Looking ahead, J. has posted a reminder that the November 4th is the last call for applications from stallholders for the Northcote Road Christmas Market (read more).

And talking of the festive season, A. has posted about the very popular Wandsworth Friends of Trinity Hospice Christmas Fair which is back for another year at St. Luke’s, Ramsden Road on Tuesday 15 November and Wednesday 16 November. It promises to be two lovely days of indoor Christmas shopping with over 40 stalls to buy from. Get decking those halls! (read more)

L. is changing career and is looking for an unpaid work placement in an accounting firm from February – can anybody help L. level up? (read more)

Feeling frazzled post Half Term? C. is a recently qualified CBT therapist with some availability for sessions in the next month for those in need of a mental reset (read more).

Despite the gloomy economy, holiday sales from the UK are up and Amelie’s Follies have posted a colourful winter sun special for those of you dreaming of escaping the chaos at home (read more).

Talking of getaways, if you’d like to get your kids skiing at half term but don’t know where to start why not check out Camp Suisse Ski Camps, back for February 2023? The camp offers a jam-packed 5 days of skiing with sports, swimming, ice skating, climbing and even night skiing for afters in a wholesome, friendly and fun camp environment. Schussboom to that booking page we say! (read more)

We have more House & Garden posts than pumpkins on pavements:

If you’re looking to add space to your house then Simply Loft have posted some excellent advice on how to choose the best loft conversion for your property (read more). R. is thinking of moving to Reigate and would like to hear from anyone else who has done the same thing (read more). B. is being driven bats by moths – anyone got a solution to this holey problem(read more) I think B. might make an exception for a stunning hummingbird hawk moth which D. spotted in their garden – a rarity in SW18!! Sign of the warming times? (read more) U. needs to change their locks and wants to know if SDS are as good as Banham(read more) Thank you for all the very helpful suggestions for F. who is looking for a new Broadband provider (read more). There have been some enthusiastic recommendations for A. who is looking for a company to help redesign their ground floor space – thank you! (read more) C. has joined P.’s thread about foxes and bin stores to share the damage done to their car by the furry delinquents – it really is a rubbish situation! (read more)

Looking for a new place to call home?

For sale with John Thorogood is a completely unmodernised Victorian house in a close to Northcote Road (read more). For sale with Marsh & Parsons is a 4-bedroom Victorian terrace close to both Wandsworth Common and Tooting Bec (read more). For sale with Rampton Baseley is a 3-bedroom house between the commons (read more). For sale with Portico is a 4-bedroom mid-terrace Victorian house between Clapham Common Northside and Lavender Hill (read more).

We have more Schools posts than last minute Halloween sweet restocking:

E. is trying to decide whether to put Bolingbroke or Chestnut Grove as first choice on their son’s secondary school application (read more)? P. is curious about what Garden House School offers that local preps do not? (read more). M. has added to an older thread asking for information about Brandlehow School (read more). U.’s post asking how schools can get away with not accepting current pupils into their sixth form, has received some insightful replies (read more)Mathnasium Clapham will be hosting a fun-filled fright-night spook-tacular on 31 October! Drop in for some eerie entertainment for all the family between 16:30 and 18:30 (read more). Through its new Eaton House Foundation, Eaton House Schools is proud to announce that it is offering three 100% fully funded bursaries for entry into Year 3 (age 7). These bursaries are for children that have the potential to benefit from an Eaton House education (read more)Belleville Wix Academy will be holding two Open Days on Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th November. Find the Sign up Form here (read more)Belleville Primary School will be holding two Open Days on Wednesday 2nd November and Thursday 3rd November (read more)Confident Revision have announced the dates for their 11 + Summer camp 2023 and they’ve got a rave review from L. who can’t praise them highly enough for their great Wandsworth Test prep (read more).

Situations Vacant

Part Time, Saturday Administrator at Rampton Baseley, Earlsfield (read more). Multiple positions at All Star Tennis (read more)Gap Year Assistant at South Kensington Prep School (read more).



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