Local schoolboys mugged. New state secondary to open in Clapham. Xmas gift ideas from our users.

Last Updated on : 25th November 2013
New state secondary to open in Clapham
Dear South West London Mum,

 “What no wine AND no DVD?”

Mr NappyValleyNet didn’t reply, he slumped onto the sofa with an air which can only be described as defeated.

One of our neighbours is a famous actor and we’d been watching him solve a murder on TV when our Sky+ box had failed.

“I know,” piped up Mr NVN, “I’ll go and ask him for the episode on DVD.”

“Do you think he’ll have it?” I asked doubtfully.

“Of course he will,” he countered, “we’ve got all the kids nativity plays on DVD and they’re rubbish.”

So with flawed logic Mr NVN trotted off with a bottle of wine as a thank you gift and I waited expectantly to find out who was the killer.

Ten minutes later he returned with neither alcohol or movie.

“Well THAT went well,” he said sarcastically, “I hid the wine behind their doorstep planter so I could theatrically produce it in exchange for the DVD, but he told me he doesn’t have any copies as he never watches himself on screen.

“But I couldn’t retrieve the wine as they stood waiting for me to leave so I had to walk away and then sneak back to pick it up.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad?” I replied.

“Oh that was fine,” he continued, “but when I went back their security lights came on, they opened the door and I had to pretend I was coming back to give them the wine as a present for *not* having the episode

“Then I babbled about nativity plays and DVDs and rushed off.”

“Great,” I replied, “so it’s Friday night, we have no wine and no DVD, what are we going to do?”

“Dunno about you,” he grumbled, “but I’m deleting all his other stuff off Sky+, I’m too embarrassed to watch him ever again.”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

This post is from last week but it’s still going strong! Are local “selective” schools increasingly hard to get into?…click here for details

Our great friends at Scoffers are running a “We Love SW11” night. “50% off” if you can prove you live in SW11 and “50% on” if you live in North London!…click here for details

A couple of crime posts. According to police, burglars are “marking” Wandsworth houses they want to target? (click here) and a warning as some local schools boys were mugged late one afternoon last week…click here for details

From horrible criminals to a story that’ll warm your heart! ANT posted a while back about a local school team who were searching for sponsors for their football kit. An anonymous NappyValleyNetter has stepped forward and bought the WHOLE team their strip! Yay!…click here for details

There was a fire at Southside last Friday, no-one was hurt and it opened again within hours, a huge relief!…click here for details

Now this is an INCREDIBLY useful post. Supergirl wants to buy a heap of presents that are NOT digital! What should she buy? Where should she buy them from? Some great suggestions, thanks everyone!…click here for details

Sticking with the above theme, can you recommend makes/models for the following Christmas gift ideas: Lisaski is looking for a brilliant balance bike? (click here), BamBam is searching for a delightful dolls house? (click here) CG99 needs the  perfect play kitchen? (click here) TJ is tasked with finding a top trampoline (click here) and TXmum needs rollicking reads for a nine year old!…click here for details

Its really really cold and doesn’t B13 know it! Someone accidentally took her coat from Numero Uno on Friday night and she’d love it back!…click here for details

We’ve had quite a few properties to rent listed in the last few days. Let me know if you want to see more! Greentea is renting out a flat by Wandsworth Common (click here) and Saclir is renting out a flat on Trinity Road..click here for details

Do you like to skate? Are you and your partner a budding “Torvill and Dean”? There’s an ice rink coming to Earlsfield! I’m off to download the Bolero onto my iPod!…click here for details

Pinkpeony is looking for a builder to replace a cloakroom. Ooooh for a second I thought you were looking for a brickie to hold your coats, but now I get it! Genuine recommendations only please!..click here for details

Mummy2-3 is off to New York “sans kids” but with girlfriends. Where should she visit, she wonders? Based in Tribeca and looking to paaaaarrrtttaaaayyyy! I am so jealous I can barely speak!…click here for details

HM2 is ALSO off to New York but she’ll have children with her and wants New Jersey tips and advice. I am STILL jealous! It would be nice if someone wanted travel tips to Middlesbrough once in a while so I could write these up without feeling so envious!…click here for details

Twinkletoes is looking for a hotel in Morocco for a ten year old and her mother. Full disclosure: it turns out this was MY own daughter posting holiday ideas without telling me so she can ambush with me with a pre-planned trip!…click here for details

Cols is off skiing without kids and would like resort recommendations…click here for details

Cosomum is off to Phuket and needs the same. Saying nothing!…click here for details

Our cover picture this month is from wonderful local artist Nigel Turner. Don’t just make do with our digital version, you can buy copies for Christmas!…click here for details

JoEmpLaywer is a lovely local mum AND an employment lawyer AND she runs her own local mums website. Phew, what a list of achievements! She’s posted details of her employment tribunal work so if you need someone to kick b*tt in the court room then get in touch!…click here for details

Shopper is looking for cooking courses for a nine year old?…click here for details

We love Amanda’s Action Club and they’ve posted details of their latest classes at the Common Ground! A wonderful way to warm up!…click here for details

Balham31 is wondering if she should send her three year old to Alderbrook nursery part-time? Does anyone else do three full days with breakfast club and afterschool club, she wonders? Does it work?…click here for details

Pie had her hair cut last week and it was butchered. She needs some remedial help and advice!…click here for details

A medical question now: Lia is looking for a doctor who specializes in paediatrics…click here for details

Molly booked a delivery from Tesco for half price champagne. When it arrived the offer period was over and they charged her full price. Is that a con, she asks?…click here for details

Looking for a new career? There are quite a few new vacancies on our noticeboard…click here for details

The Flavour Kitchen are a team of fabby caterers based in Dulwich. They’ve just launched their new website and they can offer a whole range of services from BBQ to canapes to weddings to full on Cordon Bleu! To celebrate they’re offering NVN’ers 10% off!…click here for details 

Our meet-a-mum/dad/nanny section is heaving. Play-dates in Fulham anyone?…click here for details

Listen up at the back, our bookbags are HEAVING with schools questions!

Why does The Roche have spaces, wonders Azalea?…click here for details

There is a new free state secondary opening in Clapham. Have you heard about the Trinity Academy?…click here for details

The Falcon School for Girls is moving to Putney. They’ll soon be based at Woodborough Road and take girls from three to eleven. If you’d like to find out more details and book an appointment to view the school they’ve posted their details here. Thanks guys!…click here for details

Some extensive opinions and feedback on Oliver House. Thank you to everyone who has posted and if you can, please contribute more..click here for details

Similarly, MM would like any information from parents about Eaton House…click here for details

Our House and Garden Section is busier than a lawyer working for the ex-Chairman of the Co-op bank!

Bustercat is looking for a furniture craftsman (click here) SUP needs an interior designer (click here) Pop wonders if she should restore or replace sash windows? (click here) Help! PWM has mice and REALLY wants to get rid of them. How? (click here). Coffeegirl needs someone to supply a granite or marble work surface (click here), Elizabeth needs someone to make some cushions and take up a pair of curtains (click here) and Miss Tina wonders about the moving costs for a 4 bed house in London?…click here for details
The NappyValleyNet calendar is packed, lots and lots and lots to do!

We LOVE the Battersea Flower Station! They are having an open day on the 1st of December! (click hereLinear Tiles is also local and they have a GORGEOUS showroom behind Balham High Road. They’re hosting an art exhibition featuring the wonderful Benjamin McKay. Free entry, perfect pictures, flutes of champagnes and trendy tiles. I’m in! (click here). The Playhouse Playgroup Christmas Fair is on the 30th of November (click here). The Myotubular Trust have announced the date for their fund-raising concert. Its the 13th of December at St Lukes Church and its the most gorgeous, worthwhile and beautiful candlelit carol concert (click here). Lastly the Northcote Road Christmas Lights and Street Market in on the 28th and 30th of November respectively from 4pm to 7pm, carols, celebrities and over 40 stalls! We’ll be there!…click here for details

Juliet would like your help. She’s thinking of launching a new business that will connect mothers and part-time consultancy vacancies. Can you fill in her survey?…click here for details

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a children’s wardrobe (click here), a Phil and Teds Explorer (click here) and a Kiddicare High Chair (click here). 


That’s it, have a wonderful week.


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team



PS would you like to win a cross- stitch course from “Sew Over It” and a personalised Christmas sack from the lovely Harry and Molly then click here and start entering!


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