Local school’s SATs declared invalid. Unhygienic doctor’s surgery closed. Burglars targeting upmarket homes and cars. Do nannies get an annual pay-rise?

Last Updated on : 2nd February 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

One of my New Year resolutions is to spend more time with Mr NVN.

In light of this initiative we’ve been attending Pilates lessons together.

It’s a slightly weird activity to take your husband to, especially as he was the only bloke in a room full of bending and stretching women, but he seems to enjoy it and swears it’s improving his tennis game no-end.

I’m afraid, however, that last night’s session may have been our last.

One exercise involved imagining a marble was placed on your pelvis and then rolling it around in a circular fashion by gyrating your hips.

It’s the sort of exercise that is meant to be relaxing and soothing, however my Zen-like trance was shattered by the sight of my husband thrusting his hips around the mat like a middle-aged Miley Cyrus in a horizontal Twerking competition.

That in itself was pretty embarrassing but nothing compared to what happened next.

I laughed so hard I wished I’d skipped Pilates and attended a class on Kegel exercises…

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Local school's SATs declared invalidHigh View primary school’s exam results are under investigation by the Department for Education. Last year’s SATs results have been declared invalid…click here for details

We’ve been sent a warning from an NVN’er that burglars are targeting houses with upmarket cars parked outside…click here for details

Sticking with crime this is a very strange story. A man in a DPD hat delivered a package that hadn’t been ordered. That’s not too odd but it contained only cheap headphones, came with no paperwork but was correctly named and addressed, then the mystery deepens. The police are now involved and hopefully there is a rational explanation…click here for details

“StressedOutWife” and her husband are having marriage issues and although she believes they need counselling she’s worried. Will it drive them further apart and might they struggle discussing marriage details with a stranger?…click here for details

Local school's SATs declared invalidTooposhtopush wants everyone to see this really funny parenting video. Thanks TPTP. I’ve seen it and it IS brilliant! The “Working Mums” on the smart-phones is my favourite!…click here for details

Gail0810 asks do nannies get an annual pay rise?…click here for details

We LOVE this idea! In the run up to Mother’s Day “From One Mother to Another” is asking mothers to gift good-quality, unwanted baby and children’s clothing to other mothers in the UK.  Please read this post, it’s such a clever and generous initiative and everyone can get involved!…click here for details

Lsfz88 lives in Balham, is pregnant and booked into C+W but under the purple team at the South Westminster Centre in Pimlico. She asks if anyone has been under this team and why might she be? …click here for details

Pie81 has been told she will have to be induced because of gestational diabetes. Can anyone can suggest a reflexologist or an acupuncturist who will help “kick off” a labour session?…click here for details

Upandattam is searching for a doula…click here for details

Lula needs recommendations for a good orthodontist for braces…click here for details

JulieA is looking for for a beauty salon/beautician for a painless bikini wax? They can be painless???…click here for details

Twice_as_nice needs to lose weight but doesn’t have the motivation. She wonders if she needs a nutritionist or a personal trainer. Any ideas?…click here for details

Sticking with healthy eating, January might be over but Jane Plan is delighted to offer NappyValleyNet users an exclusive 10% off the cost of your first month’s order. I can personally recommend Jane Plan, it really worked for myself and Mr NVN!…click here for details

Tamara has seen a ton of announcements about ParkRun coming to Wandsworth. What is it, she wonders? Errr…its a run. In a park…click here for details

LostInSW12 is considering a balance bike for her daughter’s second birthday but is overwhelmed by the choice. Do you know the best balance bikes for a bi-birthday bambino?…click here for details

From pedals to puddings! Aprilmama needs a private dining room for a birthday party for between 20 -30 people? Doesn’t have to be in Nappy Valley! Invite me, invite me!…click here for details

1Sticking with birthday celebrations, Tickledpink is looking for a venue for her 3 year old that has fun stuff for kids, a decent place for adults and close to Northcote Road!…click here for details

Mrs Contractor Mum trying to find a self contained flat or house or serviced apartment in the Tooting, Balham, Wandsworth Common area. AirBnB doesn’t have any available options and the Travel Lodges won’t be appropriate. Suggestions?…click here for details

Glamgrangrin has a 9-year-old grandaughter who is going to be a bridesmaid. Do you know of a local dressmaker?…click here for details

We LOVE these! Our friends at the Chuchward Gallery are selling fabby lino cut prints by Jane Bristowe. They look brilliant!…click here for details

Dib Dib Dib! Rebs30000 asks if anyone has experience with Battersea Westside Scouts and Beavers?…click here for details

Minnie is looking to rent a small office. I hear Canary Wharf has just been sold. Too big?…click here for details

1Londonlady14 has a small dog and was wonders if anyone knows of a good boarding kennel …click here for details

Sticking with the canine theme, there’s a new start-up in town. Would you and your pooch like to be guinea pigs and if so they’ll reward you with a box of natural & organic doggy treats and an awesome toy…click here for details

Pinkfishblues is being so ditsy lately… she lost her daughter’s earmuffs on Wroughton Road. Have you found the missing muffs?…click here for details

Health inspectors have closed the Granville Road doctor’s surgery in Southfields…click here for details

Clare Lupton likes cake but she REALLY likes the ones from Faiza at The Cake Bar…click here for more details

Looking for a new role? Check out these vacancies!

Skylark looking for 1-2 people to work front of house. We LOVE the Skylark and Mr NVN works in the same office as the owner’s brother’s girlfriend so it has to be an ace place to work! (click here).  The Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity are looking for a London based fundraiser (click here).  A really lovely investment firm in Mayfair are looking for a PA to support two of their account directors (click here).  Louisaa78 is looking for English conversation tuition for Cambridge English exams (click here).  FS19 searching for a mothers help (click here). Halasz1 needs someone who could do the school drop offclick here for details.

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have TONS!

It’s the first NVN Meet-up of 2015! Come and chase away the winter blues and join us for a pre half term winter warmer with our lovely friends at The Althorp on Bellevue Road, the meet up is on Wednesday 11th February from 9.30am to 11.30am, there will be complimentary tea, coffee and pastries for big people and juice and biscuits for the little ones…click here for details

CN is looking to practice her English in exchange for Spanish classes (click here).  Papagato1 has started doing boxing at a new local school called called Combat X and she wants to spread the word (click here).  AnuSatpute is looking forrecommendations for French classes for her 4 year old daughter …click here for details

When it’s this cold you HAVE to dream of holidays!

Nvmof3 asks if anyone knows of an inexpensive b&b en route to the Alps? (click here).  Mummamiya is looking for ski weekend without kids – suggestions for super-Schussing? (click here).  IndyB is planning a short family trip (with toddler) at the start of March – any thoughts on Marrakech? (click here).  Kaybe2014 has a 1 bed apartment sleeps up to 4 and it’s 5 mins drive from beautiful sandy beaches in Sardinia (click here).  Claire M needs recommendations for things to do with children on a short break to Paris? Sadly the days of spending hours reading newspapers in cafés are long gone! …click here for details

Pay attention at the back, it’s your education questions!

Saab asked when you find out if you have a place at a Wandsworth State School? (click here).  Angus was wondering if anyone commutes from Nappy Valley to Harrodian/Ibstock schools and if so how they find it? (click here).  Corgi Registered has recently moved to Tooting and now needs to choose a school for her son. Penwortham seems to be a very popular school; why do parents prefer this to Furzedown? (click here).  Mum2babyboy is looking to enrol her 19 month old son into a nursery in East Sheen and is looking at Working Mums, Kids Inc Nursery and Top of the Class. Any recommendations for these or other nurseries in East Sheen welcome please! (click here).  Beau Peeps Nursery is a brand new boutique nursery in Fulham for 2-5 year olds (click here).  Littlewombles are looking to fill their final places in the pre-school group and are currently offering a discount to over 3 year olds …click here for details

Our house and garden section is busier than a Balham bar after a dry January!

Tamara is considering solar power and asks if anyone has installed panels on a typical terrace house in SW London? (click here).  MrsMak asks if you have “done” the side return extension AND knocked through from the kitchen to the middle room? (click here).  Falconmum is urgently looking for recommendations on design and build builders for a ground floor refurb (click here).  JBG are due to start digging a basement and would like a construction lawyer to take a look at the paperwork? (click here).  Atbattersea says ‘It’s time for a new hob’, and asks if halogen and induction hobs are as controllable as gas(click here).  Petal is curious to know if anyone has anyone put blinds in sliding door windows? (click here).  Soph has a 2 bed, 2 bathroom spacious flat for sale on Belleville Road (click here).  Northside23’s  wonderful father is over for a few weeks in March (painter by trade in Ireland) and he is free the week of the 11th of March if you need any painting work…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Svan high chair (unused) for £120 (retails at £250) (click here), a bath seat for £5 (click here) an unopened box of BebeConfort 32 breast pads for £8 (click here)  and a Crate and Barrel dark brown wood coffee table for £25 …click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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