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LockDown finances. Will I get a summer holiday?

Last Updated on : 19th May 2020


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“I love you!”

This #LockDown is forcing my children to find more and more creative ways to entertain themselves.

So the message from my son was sweet, although entirely unexpected.

Firstly, because he is not prone to such announcements.

Secondly, because he was sat right next to me watching television and I know he hadn’t sent anything in the last few minutes.

“I think someone is using your laptop,” I said, showing him my message, “look what I’ve just got.”

He was up and out of his seat in seconds and I followed him into his room where his little sister was clicking the mouse like a James Bond baddy working a Doomsday machine.

“I’ve sent emails, Instas and everything,” she cackled, “telling everyone you love them AND I’ve been doing it for ten minutes.”

I was torn between telling her off and not laughing as my son scanned his outbox and groaned, everyone from his rugby coach to his old maths teacher had been on the receiving end of a declaration.

“Actually,” said my daughter, realising that she had seriously annoyed her brother and might need protection “I am happy to go to my room right away as long as you can keep him out.”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

P.’s husband has been furloughed but she feels he is not telling her the truth about their financial situation or how he is feeling. What should she do? Please remember when replying to this post that this is real person with a very real problem (read more).

D.’s question of supermarket etiquette brought in other examples of tricky social distancing situations (read more). Ooooh I suspect staying apart together is going to be part of our “new normal”.

S. has posted to say her 2 and 4-year-old children are bored. They’ve done every activity in the book but need more. Please share any bright ideas(read more) Standing outside supermarkets spotting people who are too close together? That could be a new game right?

Some really interesting advice and similar stories following S.’s post about wanting to move slightly out of town but will her ex, and the law, allow it? (read more).

SF. has posted to ask how likely everyone thinks a summer holiday overseas in July/August really is and is it sensible to book? (read more) Crystal balls at the ready!

Another S. has replied to a post asking about IVF at the Lister for older mums. Thanks for sharing, S. (read more).

Fed up with working from home and could do with a change of scene? T. shares that there’s a studio space available for hire on Webb’s Road – short commute! (read more) AND A SAFE COMMUTE TOO!

Alarming news that Wandsworth is among the London boroughs worst affected by coronavirus (read more). This is worrying – stay safe everyone!

Use of Wandsworth food bank has sky-rocketed one-and-a-half times above the national average (read more).

And police warn of a bereavement scam going on amid the pandemic (read more)

Local homeless charity Ace of Clubs is appealing for more donations of old clothes, blankets, socks, sleeping bags and toiletries (read more). .

Teddy’s Tune Time has gone online and the next 5-week block starts now! Grab your teddy and your little one and tune in for music and fun. S. from above – have you seen this!? (read more)

Upbeat Poppets runs online music sessions for little ones aged 4 to 6 each week, an interactive class filled with music and laughter (and fun ever after?). S. here’s another one! (read more)

Playball@Home has come up with a brilliant idea for very little ones aged just 3 to 24 months. Their PlayThisWay Program is available weekly online and free(read more)

Don’t miss this fun competition from Run Projects for our future builders, designers and architects! It’s a Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower Building Competition. Not sure how long the marshmallows will stay in place…yum (read more).

Here’s one to uplift the celeb/Harry Potter lovers among us! Celebs from entertainment, music and sport are recording themselves reading chapters of the much-loved Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, available to listen to online (read more). Ooon my favourite is when the Beastie Boys took part. Or am I confusing my artistes?

Splat Art is running an art competition for tweens and teens to be judged by a Marvel and DC, Disney and Dreamworks artist with cash prizes to draw them off their screens! (read more)

Our Community Ed enjoyed a home delivered Sunday roast with her family which tasted all the more delicious after six solid weeks of cooking for four! The CookOut is a start-up run by experienced top chefs with Michelin stars in their long careers, delivering restaurant-quality food to your door without the swanky restaurant prices (read more).

C. announces that The Cyclist in Balham is opening its doors this week, not as a bar but as a deli and bottle shopThey also have flour. Beware the stampede (read more).

And Little Brother Marcus opened last week, with the basics as well as coffee to go and fresh pasta and pizza. They’re raising money for St George’s too. Form an orderly (2m apart) queue (read more).

It’s all going on in Balham with Brindisa offering home delivery on some of their Spanish deli delicacies (try saying that fast – lockdown activity!) as well as essentials. Gracias! (read more)

Here’s a lovely local initiative revolving around gin in the form of Our Heroes Pink Gin, being sold to raise money for Critical NHS and St George’s ICU. I make that a win, win, win: gin, lovely colour, charitable. (read more)

If you’re missing garden centres, pop along to Webb’s Gallery which is selling lovely plants and vegetable plants out front (read more).

J. shares that Body Logic is opening its doors from today offering physiotherapy for any lockdown aches and pains, from running injuries to sitting-too-long-at-your-desk-in-a-bad-chair discomfort (read more).

News that will be music to the ears of many a lockdown spring cleaner. The Smuggler’s Way dump opens again today (with strict social distancing measures!) (read more).


We have more House & Garden posts than Boris has baby-grows!

C. is doing a refurbishment and asks if carpets are a no go with children around(read more)

B. asks about portable air conditioning units for children’s rooms (read more)? What about OUR bedrooms?

E. is in need of a new side by side under counter fridge but would like some recommendations? (read more)

A. would like some gardening advice on their patch behind a typical Victorian house (read more).

B. would like your recommendations for a local upholsterer (read more).

K. asks if shutters work well to combat noise or if curtains would be better? (read more)

A. needs to find a builder currently working to repair damage caused by a leak (read more).

S. is looking at having windows replaced and would love your recommendations on both wooden and PVC frames (read more).

And another S. asks if you can recycle old scratched pots and pans. Any old iron? (read more)

Finally, it seems that kitchen makeovers are big business in lockdown. Drum roll Paint the Town Green and their latest tutorial – How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets! Mr NVN where are you (read more).


We have more Schools posts than Boris has children’s birthdays to remember!

B. asks how your state primary is doing home learning? She’d love some comparisons (read more).

Despite shutting their nurseries and furloughing staff, Abacus Ark Clapham set up a nursery for children of key workers and offers daily zoom lessons as well as delivery of frozen ready meals for children (read more).

Mentor Education is running a Half Term 11+ Skills Workshop for anyone preparing for grammar schools or independents (read more).

C. is a primary school teacher holding a weekly online live lesson in writing poetry – George’s Marvellous Medicine is mentioned! (read more)

Exceptional Academics 11+ Saturday School is now online for the foreseeable (read more).


Looking for a new role? Check out our Situations Vacant!

Social media expert and copywriter needed for a SW London-based drinks company (read more).

Part-time teacher with Growing Young Minds (read more).

Part-time flexible office manager position with First Aid for Life (read more).


For sale

Bugaboo Gecko with running board (read more).

Child’s village shop with accessories (read more).



Cnoc 14 Islabike or equivalent (read more).

Child’s play kitchen for a painting project – can be well-used! (read more)



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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