Long-haul airline to sit two year old alone? Do I pay my cleaner a bonus? How much? Awkward family Christmas photos.

Last Updated on : 16th December 2013

Long-haul airline to sit two year old alone Dear South West London Mum, “Where are my Christmas cards?” A visibly stressed Mr NVN was desperately rummaging through a kitchen drawer. As my husband is not known as a prolific card giver, his behavior was a little out of character. “I don’t know,” I replied, “but I’ve been writing cards all day, so either wherever you left them or I’ve used them.” He went a little pale. “I hope you haven’t. They’re my, errr, mate’s cards.” It turns out that in a rare moment of proactivity Mr NVN had ordered some “humorous” cards for his university friends. It also turns out that the cards are “especially brilliant” (his words) because they look like normal Christmas cards but on closer inspection contain prose that would make Jimmy Carr blush. As of now he thinks there is a 50% chance one of his relatives will be on the receiving end of this schoolboy humour. I’m torn between telling him where I’ve hidden them precisely so this mix-up didn’t happen, or sending a few to his family knowing I can blame it on him.   Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth): Now this could be awkward! FM is off to Australia with her young family and according to their flight tickets their two year old is sitting on his/her own! Would Qantas really seat a two year old on their own for a flight to Sydney, she wonders? That could be a very long flight for a lot of passengers!…click here for details Fire up those seventies disco albums, Jabba is looking for the “Car Wash”. Oh. I read that wrong, she actually means somewhere to wash her car…click here for details MungoMuffit’s little one is changing school and is moving from a state primary to a selective prep. A fascinating discussion has resulted in what does that tell us about the entrance requirements for the prep. Thanks for sharing everyone!…click here for details Our thread about a husband who “doesn’t do Christmas” has a new addition. MA9’s husband has, I think, “out-Grinched” everyone else!…click here for details Did you know Wandsworth is, officially, the brainiest place in the UK? It’s true! And Mr NappyValleyNet lives here which has to lower the average IQ!…click here for details PPa27 is looking for foolproof dinner party recipes. Dominos? The Colonel? There are some very good suggestions, thank you everyone!…click here for details Speaking of dinner parties, our great friends at Fit for a Princess have posted their “Top Ten Tips for Staying in Shape at Christmas”, thanks guys!…click here for details  Rubymum has two children born in the same month (not of the same year!) and is looking for an entertainer who might work with a one year old and a three year old?…click here for details Petal wonders if you give your cleaner a Xmas bonus?  How much do you do if you do? Measured in weeks or hours?…click here for details  Klippy is thinking of private fertility treatment and would like some advice. Who have you used? Would you recommend them?…click here for details Now I have no idea how to answer this question. BV1977 wonders if anyone has filled out a tax return which covered the period they were on maternity leave?…click here for details “Don’tforget” is a memorable user-name and she wants to know if you ‘d be interested in a new Spanish/English “free school” in Lambeth?…click here for details Tooposhtopush has shared a link called “Awkward Family Photos.” It does what it says on the tin!…click here for details JoJo is off on a few long car journeys, can you suggest a few movies for a two year old?…click here for details A number of childcare posts I want to mention… EvienadRose wonders if you’ve had any experience of the Honeywell “Schools Out” and “Breakfast Club”?…click here for details Lucy and Michael need after school care for two girls in year 2, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in the Clapham, Balham area…click here for details Looking for a new challenge? Vern Hill personal training need a business development manager…click here for details INY wonders how much you spend on a teacher’s present?….click here for details Our “rent a house or flat” section is growing in popularity! We have a 2 bed flat to rent off St Johns Hill, a short term let wanted AND someone looking to buy a house “BTC”…click here for details Our meet a mum section just keeps going! Anyone want play-dates with a new nanny?…click here for details A lost and found post now! Mrs October’s little one lost his “ridiculously sentimental” doggy hat last week, probably on Clapham Common around Alfriston Road. There is a bottle of wine for anyone who finds it!…click here for details Our lovely friends at “All About the Girl” are running a twelve days of Christmas promotion. Complimentary Leighton Denny nail polish anyone?…click here for details Our House and Garden Section is busier than my Xmas to-do list! Elle1 is looking for recommendations for a plumber (click here) she also needs a carpet cleaner as her husband spilt Calpol everywhere! (click here) FTSW11 wonders if you are having problems with Sky phone and broadband? (click here) Putney SAHM is searching for a plasterer and someone to lay tiles and install underfloor heating (click here). Mumtomonkey wonders how much it would be to transform her cellar into a utility room?…click here for details Looking for Xmas events and “things-to-do”? We published a fantastic round-up of all the best Yuletide activities! Just click here for a “sleigh full” of wonderful ideas!…click here for details Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site! For sale this week:- a Puky bike (click here), a Tripp Trapp (click here) and a free Futon bed (click here).  That’s it, have a wonderful week. Love Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team X   PS Katy from Salcott Road won our “Win a Nappy Valley Christmas”. Congratulations!

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