Luxury kitchen brand Roundhouse have shared their thoughts on a kitchen for entertaining

Last Updated on : 26th November 2021

With the festive season fast approaching luxury kitchen brand Roundhouse has shared their thoughts on a kitchen for entertaining.

Firstly, think about the kitchen layout, an island or peninsula layout works best. A modern kitchen island is great for zoning the space as it allows the cook the space to work. Yet a kitchen island is a sociable area where guests can sit. To make a cohesive kitchen space that works for entertaining as well as cooking, aim to make visual links between each ‘zone’. Choose similar kitchen cabinetry in each space, or the same open shelving in both the kitchen and the living area.

One of our latest bespoke kitchen projects in South London celebrates a little festivity with an internally beautifully lit worktop. The Urbo and Metro Farrow cabinetry in Farrow and Ball Pitch Black acts as the perfect backdrop to the beautifully textured Patagonia Natural Quartzite worktop. A first for Roundhouse we specifically designed an internal lighting system for the worktop to create a striking glow within the natural stone. A key part of the design brief was for the architecture of the house to be reflected within the kitchen design. The triangular skylights have been incorporated into the kitchen design with a bespoke brass triangle sink, brass detailing on the under-counter cabinetry, and the angular crystals set within the worktop.

We create luxury kitchens that are innovative and functional and furniture that has a timeless elegance, for more inspiration visit please visit our projects section on our website.

Local showrooms include Nightingale Lane, Fulham and Richmond. Book your design consultation, either in person or through Zoom here.

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