Made redundant on maternity leave – what are my rights? “Frozen” party entertainer needed, local mum unable to Let it Go! Best SW11 brunch? Tons of top vacancies!

Last Updated on : 23rd February 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And this is Malcolm and Ethel.”

We recently celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary with a large party at their local golf club. To keep Mr NVN out of trouble we’d given him the role of official photographer.

He’d gone a little overboard with his task and had hawked their wedding album around the fellow guests, taking pictures and asking for memories of the big day.

We were now sitting through his debrief and plans to turn the results into a celebratory picture book.

“I don’t think I remember them,” said my father, “who were they sat with?”

Mr NVN consulted his notes, “Donald and Betty and Trevor and Kathleen, by the door.”

“We didn’t have tables by the door,” said my mother, “are you sure they just weren’t other diners?”

Mr NVN went pink, “Actually I took your album around all the tables and if some weren’t party guests that explains why their memories were a bit vague.”

I could almost see the cogs whirring in my father’s brain. He was just reaching the fantastic conclusion that his son-in-law had been showing random golf club members his wedding photos and fishing for compliments, for a reserved octogenarian this was not music to his ears.

I thought I’d better step in.

“Well they did say some lovely things,” I said, “why don’t we just put them towards the back of the book?”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Made redundant on maternity leaveI REALLY hope we can help with this post! SWM asks if you’re entitled to full pay or statutory maternity pay if you’re given notice of redundancy whilst on maternity leave?…click here for details

IndyB is having a second child and wonders if it is double the fun or ten times the exhaustion? Are you *sure* you want to know!!!…click here for details

Henriettab’s 20 month old daughter has just managed to jump out of her cot! Any advice for the preventing the petite parkour practitioner?…click here for details

Danwatkins100 has been working with the local charity “Business Launchpad” to offer grants for young entrepreneurs. Well done! Funding is now available …click here for details

ExitPursuedByABear needs recommendations for a local barber for her husband. I once sent Mr NVN to the hairdressers with a note outlining what needed cutting. He still didn’t come back looking like Brad Pitt!…click here for details

Flowermummy needs a healthy brunch place in SW11(ish) with enough room for two families? Have you tried Harrisons in Balham, the Barmouth Kitchen (they have a fabby private room at the back), the Cornish Tiger or Konnigans?…click here for details

Caferacer’s daughter has just sat on her flute! Eeek! I bet that never happened to James Galway! Would the school normally be insured for a loss like this, he wonders? Are there any music minded people out there who can advise on a practical solution?…click here for details

Made redundant on maternity leaveSticking with the music theme, Treep needs a cello teacher in SW11? When you find someone, don’t sit on the cello!…click here for details

BalletTeacherNatasha has created some adorable little ballet skirts and is looking for a mini-model! Do you have a Didi Darcey Bussell upon whom she can drape her dresses?…click here for details

BacktoWorkMum just can’t “Let It Go”! She wants recommendations for a Frozen party entertainer!…click here for details

Stylishmom is looking for someone to build an App for their business. Do you know anyone who can ‘Appily help? I bet they are some clever people at Silicon Junction (that’s Nappy Valley’s answer to the Silicon Valley) who could build it for you!…click here for details

Hecticmummy is in the process of organising a 4th birthday party for her son. They were thinking of having a face painter and balloon maker and would love recommendations. Paint the face and don’t let it dribble into ears is my recommendation from personal experience!…click here for details

TheParent&BabyCoach asks if you can propose a perfect puppy training class(click here). and still on the canine theme, Asknicky’s pooch needs a great grooming salon!…click here for details

Shaneleone would love recommendations for an Au Pair agency? Don’t forget you can post your adverts on NVN!…click here for details

4Erinisle22 wonders if anyone would like her surplus breast milk?…click here for details

Sticking with feeding, ElFen’s little one will not take liquids from a bottle or cup and is due to start nursery very soon. Help! She’s starting to get very nervous …click here for details

Pud1 wants to join a relaxing health club for a few months and she’d definitely like a pool. Any local options she should look at?…click here for details

Supergirl bought seven deep tissue massages but due to health issues wasn’t able to take them all. She really needs to contact the owner of the The Grove Spa to reschedule but no-one is calling her back, does anyone know how to contact him/her? …click here for details

Cookie Monster asks if you have you seen Cookie Monster?! Her little one dropped a Cookie Monster puppet-toy and is very very sad!…click here for details

5This sounds like a great session. The author of “Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting” is teaming up with the Myhealthcare Clinic in Wandsworth to offer a free talk on raising boys aged 3-13! It takes place at The Alma on Tuesday 10th March (click here). On a similar theme, Mr NVN once met Stephen Biddulph, author of “Raising Boys” and in the cover of his book he wrote, “Be Careful What You Wish For”. I still haven’t found out what he said!

Looking for a new role? Check out these brilliant vacancies!

AllStarTennis are courting (geddit!) two tennis centre receptionists – immediate start! Must be able to answer the phones without double-faulting (OK, I made that up!). I LOVE AllStarTennis, their Wimbledon ballot is too good to be true! (click here).  Niknaks needs a part-time sales person for an exciting local publication (click here).  Angelique is searching for a star to lead their toddler story/sing-along sessions (click here)  and James Pendleton estate agents are looking for a part-time team administrator (click here)

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have TONS!

Cleod is setting up an Arabic speaking playgroup at the BAC (click here). SwimWay is delighted to announce the opening of two luxury private pools in Wandsworth & Streatham!! (click here).  Girlguiding London South West have put in a bid for funding from the Galaxy Hot Chocolate fund and they need your votes! It’s like X Factor but with camp fires, marshmallows and good deeds! (click here).  Lalectrice has a lovely new au pair who is looking to meet friends in the Clapham area (click here).  ‘Beyond The Book’ is a story skills session for parents at the Balham Community Centre (click here).  ClaphamNCT have some spaces left on an NCT postnatal course starting on Thursday 3 March (click here).  

Like Greek deficit talks, your travel questions keep on going!

Movingabroad are moving to Hong Kong and they would welcome any advice about relocation (click here).  Bambino is looking for a last minute holiday in the Caribbeanwith a one year old but she doesn’t know where to start (click here).  Singingkettle wants recommendations for a hotel (within 2 hours of London) that’s toddler friendly, has a swimming pool, babysitting service and a spa. Take me! (click here).

Form an orderly queue with your school questions please!

AnnieH asks does anyone have any thoughts on Wee Ones? (click here).  Commissionerfordo is considering moving to the Streatham Hill area and would be very interested to hear opinions of the Henry Cavendish Streatham site? (click here).  MTC despairs, she is completely freaked out about the school situation for her 7 month old! Pre-prep/prep… can anyone point them to a guide to what it all means? (click here). Suzieking wonders if anyone has experience of Second Steps Nursery? (click here).

Our House and Garden section is busier than the Oscar’s red carpet!

Celine22 wonders where to buy a secure front door in a Victorian style? (click here).  Sticking with doors, KEMS needs a french door and side glazed panels replaced with replica wooden doors but double glazed. Can you recommend a joiner or excellent door company to quote for this job? (click here).  Calliwally is about to do the side return in their mid-terrace house. The current ‘dining room’ quite often seems a wasted space without a real purpose in many houses. What have you used this space for? (click here).  Sticking with sidereturns, Lifer1985 needs suggestions for side return companies (click here).  Ginandtonics is considering converting their ground floor 1 bed flat to a 3 bed 2 bath flat through a basement conversion and side return, good idea? (click here).  Nightingale asks what is a reasonable day rate for an electrician? (click here).  Swenys needs recommendations for a removal company! (click here).  Benabeth29 has a 4 bed family house to rent (click here).  Lou1s74 has recently refurbished a 5 bed house to rent in the Wimbledon park grid area (click here).  Coco_tallulah needs a green fingered gardener (click here).  and Naturopath is looking to rent a room once a week on Thursday nights and some Fridays too (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Bugaboo Donkey Duo, for sale, £850 (click here).  Mamas & Papas Classic Travel Cot, for sale, £25 (click here).  single solid pine “Sleigh Bed”, £100 ono (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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