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Man suspected of trying to kidnap in Clapham

Last Updated on : 10th June 2019
man suspected of trying to kidnap in Clapham

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Now that my adorable little angels (and yes that is sarcasm) are not quite so little I decided it was time they helped around the house.

And, seeing as last Friday was our rubbish collection day, I thought that would be a great place to start. Ten minutes later my little beasts were armed with bin bags and instructions to visit every room and collect the trash.

I pretended to leave them to it but actually skulked around, just out-of-sight, to ensure that they got off to a good start.

“Ok,” said my son, “if we’re quick we can nail this in five minutes,” he said.

“Whoa, slow down keen-bean,” said my daughter, “think long term, if we really mess this up we’ll never be asked again.”


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

T.’s in-laws have a compulsive buying disorder and it’s affecting the whole family. This is MUCH more severe than a case of spoiling the grand-kids and the problem is getting out of hand (read more).

From one elderly parent issue to another, TB’s widowed father-in-law might have to move into their family home. She’s not keen and asks if anyone else have resolved this issue? (read more).

J14 wonders if you know of a marriage coach? Her husband is private and highly argumentative and, although he won’t visit a counsellor, she hopes that if she does she can make up for his behaviour (read more).

There was more disturbing news this week of a man suspected of trying to kidnap a ten-year-old girl at a bus stop in Clapham (read more).

Have you got Father’s Day covered? P. can draw pencil portraits of kids, pets, houses and buildings from photos as Father’s Day gifts. P. can you draw hubby’s favourite food – a kebab and a glass of red wine? (read more)

S. is looking for a stretching class near Northcote Road that doesn’t quite stretch to yoga (read more).

Is Spain too much of a stretch? Jane Wake’s Retreats is offering a Pilates retreat in Andalusia from 6th-9th July? (read more)

F. asks if there is a mobile hairdresser working in the Balham area to coif a group of friends’ hair (read more). Oooh I wonder if an upwardly mobile hairdresser would only coiffure posh people?

L. is giving birth in Kingston hospital and is looking to hear about positive experiences. No horror stories please (read more). There is a rather nice pizzeria just around the corner!

Party like it’s 1999! Let’s help J. find venues near Wimbledon for a 5th birthday party! Oh, so not that kind of party! (read more)

Oh my giddy aunt, 1999 was 20 years ago! Lucky for kids these days, there is Smartick, an online math learning programme that helps them to improve their maths. Now where has my abacus gone? (read more)

L. is looking for good au pair agencies. Well, you have come to the right place. Hit us with your responses, people! (read more)

Compromise or just say no? More helpful responses are coming in for R. who really doesn’t want her friend inviting another friend on their holiday (read more).

Talking about holidays, have you considered swim wear yet? Did you know that horizontal stripes don’t make you look bigger, bigger pants are not for everyone and the one shoulder look is still all the rage? Amelies Follies can help you find the best swimwear to suit your body (read more).

Summer at home isn’t so bad when you can visit the giant new children’s adventure garden amongst the trees at Kew. A whole new concept of play including tree hugging, touching and smelling (read more).

Or get yourself an invitation to the Friends of Royal Trinity Hospice Summer Garden Party. Our Managing Editor interviewed local mum and Medical Director, Sam Lund on the wonderful work the hospice does and how you can support it (read more).

Can you help fundraising efforts to buy a specialised wheelchair for a six year old boy with cerebral palsy in Tooting? Let’s see what our community can do when it comes together! (read more)

I. will be working in Singapore for a period of time and is looking for a place to stay. To B. who posted about a house swap in Singapore back in 2015, are you still out there? (read more)

And on to another part of the world, A. is looking for Swedes on NappyValleyNet with kids (read more). Hej!

S. is writing a Masters dissertation and wants to brush up on writing skills. Can anyone recommend a writing coach? A for effort S. (read more)

N. wants to know why there are annoying pop-ups on the computer and how to block them. What you mean, you don’t just call IT? (read more)

Can anyone help A. find pub or bar venues for a Caribbean style kitchen pop up(read more)

A. is a photographer doing headshots in return for a donation to a children’s charity in Tooting on the 19th of June. What a lovely way to raise funds for children in need (read more).

Are you a woman thinking of going back to work after a career break?Claim your early bird’s discount at Link UP London’s ReLaunch Programme (read more).

S. is offering courses on teen safety and anti-bullying (read more).

And if you can get those teens off the sofa, Open Air fit are offering the whole family a free outdoor fitness trial (read more).

For something a bit more mindful, YogaWorks London is offering free taster yoga sessions for children on 18 July (read more).

And last week’s post about the degradation of the area around Clapham Common station has gained momentum with a discussion around the poverty gap and you guessed it, Brexit! (read more)

Wandsworth’s wards boundaries are being redrawn. Have your say or forever hold your peace! (read more)

And superheroes really do wear pants. Massive praise to the newly qualified police officer who thwarted a burglary in his underwear (read more).

Finally, save the date for the Northcote Road Festival on Sunday 14 July, 12-6pm. There’ll be 100 stalls, street food and bars, live music, fun activities for children and the men’s Wimbledon final on the big screen. Fantastic fun! (read more)


We have a thunderstorm of House & Garden questions

SG wonders who might clean her sofa? (read more).

To buy a house or an apartment, that is the question. Can anyone help S. with this conundrum?(read more)

M. is selling a five-bedroom house in the desirable Graveney and Penwortham catchment areas (read more).

Can anyone help P. find a 3-4 bedroom house in SW11/SW12 to rent in June during house renovations? (read more)

S. is looking for recommendations or help with tidying up a small garden (read more).

S. is also looking for realistic fake grass and for someone to install it. Well, as they say, you don’t ask, you don’t get! (read more)

Those architect recommendations just keep coming! (read more)

And it transpires Japanese knotweed isn’t the knotty problem the media make it out to be! (read more)

More suggestions for builders to turn a beauty parlour into an office (read more).


We have an intermittent shower of Schools posts

Honeywell School announces the retirement of the junior school head, Duncan Roberts after 18 years and is seeking a successor to lead this Ofsted Outstanding school (read more).

F. warns against building of seven three story houses near to Ravenstone School. Are they a bit too close for comfort? (read more)

F. is asking for views on The White House School (read more).

Southfields Academy has a raft of open days for parents of Year 4 and 5 students (read more).

Parents petition against astro-turf field at Hillbrook Primary (read more).


We have a sunny spell of Travel posts

J. posts about an online auction for a farmhouse in France this summer in aid of Paul’s Cancer Support Centre. Going, going, gone! (read more)

M. is looking for campsite recommendations for motorhomes in the Italian Alps this summer (read more).

E. knows where to go but needs thermoelectric advice for keeping food cool when camping (read more).

If you fancy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, Clickstay are offering 10% off bookings for apartments in Edinburgh (read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant

Waves car wash and valeting specialists are looking for a part-time HR manager in their Fulham headquarters. “Working at the car wash. Working at the car wash, yeh. Come on and sing it with me… do do dah” (read more).

Housekeeper wanted for serviced apartments in Balham and Clapham (read more).

Rampton Basely are looking for smart, reliable and trustworthy Saturday staff for their Bellevue Road office (read more).

YogaWorks are looking for some help at their studio in exchange for free yoga and Pilates classes (read more).

Volunteers needed at British Heart Foundation shop in Clapham Junction (read more).


For sale

Online auction in support of Paul’s Cancer selling 2x Wimbledon Centre Court Debenture tickets (read more).

Ticket for Queen’s tournament (read more).

Baby Bjorn travel cot (read more).

Chicco Next to Me crib (read more).

2x Tripp Trapp Stokke chairs (read more).



Balance bike for two-year-old, preferably in pink or purple (read more).

Micro scooter for five-year-old (read more).

French books for 2-5 year old (read more).




Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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