Man threatens to burn down Du Cane Court. Sad farewells for Northcote Road. Au pair wages but nanny expectations? Litterbugs named and shamed.

Last Updated on : 27th October 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve just returned from a weekend in Devon.

I always love visiting that part of the world but it was especially brilliant because the fabby people at Volvo gave me an XC60 for the journey.

Bearing in mind our usual ride is a smelly estate that was built before Facebook even launched and you can imagine the girly squeals of delight that accompanied it’s delivery.

And that was just Mr NappyValleyNet.

He did, however, rather blot his copybook when I overheard him describing his emotions on having to hand the car back.

 “Imagine,” he told his friend over the phone, “dating a gorgeous supermodel and after a mad passionate five day tryst she walks out and you have to go back to…”

He saw me and stopped mid-sentence.

There was a pause during which I guessed the other caller asked a question.

“Yeah,” he grimaced, “I was overheard”.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Du Cane Court was closed on Thursday afternoon. Twenty fire engines, police cars and ambulances attended an awful incident where a resident was threatening to set himself on fire. Thankfully it was peacefully resolved…click here for details

Sticking with unpleasant crime, two teenage boys were stabbed near a Tooting Bec school…click here for details

Litterbugs are being named and shamed by Wandsworth Council…click here for details

Petal can’t believe the mess two mums left behind in a restaurant, fair play or bad manners?…click here for details

Staying with the anti-social theme, N23 asks parents not to let their children wee in the playground…click here for details

It’s all change on Northcote Road! Juliantenniscoach tells us Jamie’s Recipease has gone from St John’s Road (click here) and Instablonde popped in to their favourite PAUL patisserie last Sunday to buy some bread and croissants and found they were closed. Like forever!…click here for details

Jonathan at Hamptons can shed some light – he walked passed and discovered that it’s to become a “Biscuiteers”! That’s like the Three Musketeers but with biccys not swords. And there’s only one shop. And they’re not French. Ok, it’s a BIT like the Musketeers…click here for detail

Sticking with the retail theme. Some sad news AND exciting news from our friends at IMBS; due to the spiraling costs of rent and rates they have made the decision to bring their two spa locations together and move their mummy and baby spa into their Balham High Road site…click here for details

Fiona is hoping to find somewhere nice to eat Christmas dinner with a party of 6-7 people. Any suggestions for where to tuck in to a top turkey treat with all the trimmings?…click here for details

If you’re starting to think about Christmas…The Churchward Gallery have beautiful prints and original works of art. They are currently showcasing Jane Bristowe and her *wonderful* lino cut prints…click here for details

Irishlassie25 wants to know whether you agree that some families are paying Au Pair wages but expecting a nanny service?…click here for details

Widger is 41 weeks pregnant and was late with both her previous children. She wonders when St George’s typically induce?…click here for details

Balhammumoftwoboys wonders if anybody had any success in reducing the gap between abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy?…click here for details

Jon has posted details about a plan to pedestrianise Oxford Street – what do you think?…click here for details

Watermancinders is embarking on a project which involves putting together a coffee table book about divorce. It will feature personal stories and be inspiring to all. Do you want to be part of it?…click here for details

Hattie wants to know if anyone has had first hand experience of the Jane Plan Diet? Both myself and Nr NVN both had big results (hmmm not sure if that’s the best way to describe it but you know what I mean) and we loved it!…click here for details

Sophieb’s 2 year old is an extremely fussy eater. Someone suggested taking him to a restaurant that serves a buffet so that he can try different foods, does anyone have any suggestions?…click here for details

Anna1103 needs to know which are the best treatments for bags and wrinkles?…click here for details

KGlove wants your opinions on when is the best time to start looking for a nanny/housekeeper? Errr just after you’ve lost them? Oh! To recruit one! I get it now!…click here for details

Townieatheart asks ‘which Elsa costume?’ Some of you will know IMMEDIATELY what I’m referring to, the rest of you may feel slightly FROZEN out!!!…click here for details

Gail0810 needs recommendations for somewhere she can trust to repair her much loved bag? I answered this! I know somewhere!…click here for details

Firsttimemum needs recommendations for a small portable CD player suitable for a two and a half year old? How can she wire her toddler for sound?…click here for details

Ik24 has just come across a company called Lulu and Weasel who make children’s tee-pees. I originally read this as “toupees” but now know you mean a tent-thingy…click here for details

Nourasia has a lovely black & white cat to give away going by the name of LadySavageAnkleBiter. She’s one and a half years old. Ok, Ok I made up some of the name! Sadly her son and husband are developing cats allergies so they need to give her away…click here for details

Shopper needs hamster breeder recommendations. I didn’t know they even existed! If you know of one can you recommend someone specialising in rodent reproduction?…click here for details

Check out these activity questions and ideas!

Elle1 is thinking of taking her children to the Moscow State Circus. Does anyone know how long it lasts? Is there an interval? And is it suitable for a 4 and 2 year old? (click here). Swlondonmum12345 Garrat park children’s centre (one o’clock centre) is building a mud kitchen! They need unbreakable kitchen things (click here). Mumandmore asks is anyone interested in doing a First Aid course in Spanish(click here).  Balhamicious have gathered together some wonderful stalls, some straight from the London Design Festival for the Ravenstone School Christmas Shopping Night…click here for details

If you’re planning your own fireworks celebration check out our fireworks first aid article (click here) and to be really sure our friend Emma Hamment is running a First Aid course on the 3rd of November (click here).

Looking for a new role or challenge? Check out these vacancies!

Hamptons International on Northcote Road are looking for a full time Sales Administrator / PA (click here).  A small, friendly print management agency is looking to recruit a print production account manager (click here). Louiseodonnelltd are currently recruiting for a Russian speaking au pair. Da! (click here).  Busymumelk is looking for a LIVE-IN nanny (click here) and Ririd94 is a 20 year old part time student and after school nanny happy to do house sit/pet sit etc…click here for details

We’ve got more travel topics than the Ed Milliband has Scottish voters! (probably)

Travel Designers have an exclusive offer for April/May for the increasingly popular Sani Beach Club (click here). Julian Tennis Coach has fabulous weekend breaks featuring tennis in Monte Carlo and cycling in Tuscany!! (click here)  and  JThomas needs recommendations for the Easter holidays. Errr Easter Eggs? Oh! Recommendations on where to go!…click here for details

It may be half-term but the school questions keep coming!!!

Petal suddenly finds herself in school playdate territory and is totally bewildered, she wonders if she is being a little uptight? (click here). Battersea Mummy asks if Wix’s recent OFSTED report is a true reflection of the school? (click here). Nats673 needs recommendations for a good maths tutor for their 8 year old daughter? (click here). Campfolkstyle is looking for a part time nursery for her son who will be 2 in January (click here).  LP73 wants to know if any parents from Wandsworth Common/Balham favour Newton Prep or Thomas’s? (click here).  Frenchmummynvn asks is anyone is on the waiting list for Dolphin School 2015 reception entrance? (click here). and Southfieldsmummy31 is looking at independent schools for her daughter. Can you share any insight into Wimbledon Hall School or Ibstock Place?click here for details

For a comprehensive list of school and nursery open days follow this link!…click here for details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you……click here for details

Our house and garden section is bigger than Nigel Farage’s grin!

Gemini25 is looking for a mould removal specialist (click here). Ordinarydad needs suggestions for a good and reliable flooring repair specialist (click here). Claphamchick is revamping her garden and want to go for artificial lawn. They have a quote from Easigrass, any good? (click here). Sunny007 is looking to get an extension and would love recommendations for a good architect. (click here). Anwen199 is considering an extension and wondering if anyone has used “The London Kitchen Extensions Company Ltd” (click here). Coffeegirl needs recommendations for a good tiler for a kitchen splash back (click here). and Anett needs removal boxes, any size will do…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: A dark blue Maclaren Twin Techno in very good condition, £100 (click here), Two Terence Conran walnut balance shelving units, £395 each (click here) and a Mountain Buggy Urban Double Comes with both sun and rain covers and foot muffs, £175  (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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