May in the Garden with Neal’s Nurseries – Hanging Basket dos and don’ts

Last Updated on : 14th May 2024

Planting a Hanging Basket in May.

Are you looking to add some colour to your outdoor space for the summer? If so planting up a hanging basket in May allows it to establish and fill out providing a great way to add that pop of colour and drama to your porch, patio, or balcony.  Here, are some simple steps to create a beautiful hanging basket, with advice on the right plants to use and how to care for your hanging basket throughout the warm summer months.

Creating a Hanging Basket.

It is always best to use a large basket with a good quality basket liner, such as coir. Larger baskets have more growing space and will retain their moisture for longer too.  As well as preventing the compost from spilling out, the liner again helps to retain moisture in the basket.  Metal framed baskets such as the Tom Chambers Cottage Forged hanging basket with liner, make it easy to cut holes in the liner and will allow you to insert your trailing plants for a fuller display.

Choosing the Right Plants

Picking the right bedding plants will provide you with vibrant colours and long-lasting blooms. To get the best looking baskets choose a colour scheme that works together. For example, purple, pink, and white harmonize well, or maybe red, white, and blue for a more traditional and patriotic display.

Start with a feature plant like a Pelargonium (Geranium), Fuchsia, or Begonia as your dominant centre piece. Then surround it with filler plants such as Calibrachoa, Bacopa, Petunia, or Nemesia.  Next edge the basket and enhance the sides with trailing plants like Lobelia, Campanula, or an Ivy-Leaved Pelargonium. These plants will spill over the top and give it a fuller appearance.

Caring for Your Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets tend to dry out quickly, especially in hot weather, so be sure to water your hanging basket regularly, checking the soil moisture each day.  And, by mixing water retaining granules in with your compost, you will help to stop your basket drying out during warmer weather too.

To keep your plants healthy and blooming throughout the season, we recommend that you feed them with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 1-2 weeks.  Remove any dead or faded flowers regularly to encourage new growth, and this will also prolong the blooming period of your plants.

Display Tips

It is best to hang your basket in a spot that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight per day for good growth and blooming.  Hang your basket securely and at eye level for maximum impact and remember to turn it regularly to ensure even growth on all sides.



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