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Missing local teen in Wandsworth, please help.

Last Updated on : 7th October 2019
Missing local teen in Wandsworth, please help.

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Over the weekend, my daughter discovered that storing a partially empty bowl of ice cream in the freezer overnight, along with the spoon, and then trying to take a bite the next day has the same effect as sticking your tongue on a ski lift in the middle of winter.

I just wanted to share that.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

Police have issued a photograph of a Wandsworth teen who went missing last week as they’re concerned for her welfare (read more). Come on NVN – surely we can help?

Very sad news of one casualty and one fatality at local stations last week (read more).

There’s been a planning application submitted to build a 91 room hotel on the site of the PO in Balham (read more). 91? That’s an odd number. Well I know it’s actually odd but I meant in a strange way as opposed to divisible only by itself and 1!

Local property guru Sarah Beeny is selling her luxurious £3.1M London home – it seems she’ll be local no more! (read more) Oooh I bet the local agent who valued THAT house felt under pressure. Talk about dealing with a knowledgeable customer!

There’s been some chat about the new M&S Food store on St John’s Road with some differing opinions (read more). I used to LOVE their TV adverts. “This isn’t just any David Gandy underwear shoot it’s a Mark and Spencer…” Oh did I actually type that or just dream it?”

Great question from T. about a child’s first phone – any top tips, recommended apps and how to monitor use (read more)? In my day it was two tin cans and a piece of string and the inter-web? It’s what flies did when they got caught by spiders!

The Independent Schools Show has posted about ways to cut the cost of private education, and tickets to the November show in Battersea Park are free when booked in advance (read more).

M. would like to find a trustworthy cat sitter and cleaner (read more). No-one ever asks for an untrustworthy sitter!

P. is looking for a Friday morning Pilates or Yoga class. Any top tips? Warm up first, that’s my top tip. Gosh I wish I’d stretched before that downward dog! (read more)

B. needs some help taking their little one to nursery on Battersea Rise from Thomas’s Battersea. Any au pairs going the same way perhaps?! (read more) Now if we were the Daily Mail that request would read “Royal school in Lift Share Shortfall Shocker” but we’re not – thank goodness. I hope we can help!

MM. has found a necklace on Wandsworth Common – if you’ve lost one check this our. Thanks MM! (read more)

Kimberley Swim Clinics is running some stroke masterclasses over the half term. How to master butterfly and beyond! (read more) I have never, ever, mastered butterfly. Except the cakes. I’ve got those nailed!

E. asks whether it’s too soon to ask about being a stallholder at school Christmas fairs? (read more) Well, you know what they say about School Christmas Fairs? The first rule is you NEVER talk about School Christmas Fairs? Hmmmm not sure I got that quite right!

Amélie’s Follies is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with raffle tickets and gorgeous prizes up for grabs as well as brilliant leaflets on how to check your breasts. Pop in – only £10 for six and you could win something glorious! (read more) We love Amélie’s Follies!

M. asks if anyone knows a will writer(read more) Shakespeare was a writer whose first name was “Will”(iam). Oh, ok, that’s not helpful of me – you mean for death duties and stuff right?

And F. is trying to find a local cake maker for a grown-up birthday cake to feed 50. 50? 50? That’s not a cake it’s a sponge house! (read more)

J. would like to find playgroups down SW18 way (read more).

K. would love to know the best contact at Lambeth council to help with her son’s ECHP form which she sent 5 weeks ago and they seem to have lost (read more).

Thinking half term? We have three places for one family up for grabs on Open Air Fit’s Multi-Sports Camp on Wandsworth Common worth £277! Enter right now – it couldn’t be easier. Half term: sorted (read more).

L. is looking for some hall space to hire in SW12 (read more).

B. has posted about a private cinema event at The Exhibit for a social group for girls with a range of neurodiverse diagnoses (read more).

The Floreat book bag found in Earlsfield last week has a name. It has a name! We can surely reunite bag with owner!? (read more)

Wondering how to exercise now you have a baby in tow? Busylizzy wants you to bring your little one to their classes, with mats for the kickers and crawlers so they can stretch while you do too! (read more)

Love singing? G. has posted to say that St Paul’s Knightsbridge Festival Choir is looking for new voices to boost numbers and sound (read more). Will that Gareth chap from the TV be there? The second anyone mentions choirs he seems to pop up!

D. has posted about the Labour policies mooted at their recent conference, and asks are they designed to bash the well-off(read more). Errr kinda! Isn’t that what they do?

Plenty of plans afoot for au pair drinks out – great chance to meet others (read more).

Jefferson’s in Balham now does breakfast (with lots of healthy options) so we felt it only right to have a meeting there and it went down a treat with the team! (read more)

Brindisa’s take-out paella is ideal for watching the rugby (eat through the nerves), and another of their popular Ten Minute Tapas Classes is coming up soon (read more).

Or you might like an Indian Supper Club, also in Balham (read more).

We’re so international! The delicioso Franco Manca runs a loyalty card so you get a free sourdough pizza for every six you order, and you could even end up in Naples! (read more)


We have a thunderstorm full of House & Garden posts

Roundhouse has written a piece on the power of glazing in and around your kitchen. Brace yourself for #kitchenenvy (read more).

S. has a 500-year-old Norfolk property for sale if anyone is looking to relocate or for a holiday home. Brace yourself for #countryhouseenvy (read more).

And if you’re sticking with London, full-fibre broadband has been promised in Balham – ‘Gateway to the South’, according to Peter Sellars back in the day! (read more)

M. is looking for a six-month 2/3 bed rental – urgently! (read more)

R. is looking for an experienced kitchen fitter (read more).

And F. would like your recommendations for damp proofers and also someone to help redesign the utility room (read more).


We have a rain gauge full of Schools posts

Thank goodness for free choice writes M. as Wandsworth council comes under fire for ‘encouraging’ parents to consider independent schools as well as the borough’s state secondaries (read more).

N. asks which schools are nut-free in Balham as their son has a severe allergy (read more).

P. would like to find a Wandsworth Test tutor (read more).

T. asks for any experiences of Eaton House The Manor boys’ school, especially the fact it’s all boys (read more).

E. is hoping for a place at St John’s Leatherhead – does anyone else do the commute from Clapham Junction? (read more)

F. posts that our primaries have been ranked slightly above average for Key Stage 2 results (read more).

A Balham Ofsted ‘outstanding’ school is to be among the first to offer the new T Levels (read more).

L. would love to hear from any Belleville Wix parents with their insight on the school (read more).

F. has posted about this year’s SATs which show an increase in the number of children leaving primary school unable to read (read more).

Teatime Tutors has some spaces left on their mock exams in SW18 (read more).

As do Mentor Education based at St Luke’s (read more).

Exceptional Academics is running Mock 11+/13+ exams at Belleville Primary soon (read more).

L. would love to hear from any Belleville Wix parents with their insight on the school (read more).


We have a “surely it must stop raining soon?” full of Travel posts

We could publish a book on the New York hotel recommendations following S.’s request for ideas. You love The Big Apple! (read more)

M. is taking the children to Paris soon – any hotel recs? We could always do a book on Paris too…(read more).

Camp Suisse has just opened bookings for its oh so popular February half-term trips to the Swiss Alps – this year they can also accompany the children from London (read more).

Local travel company Travel Matters celebrated 20 years of business last week with drinks at The Althorp – congratulations! (read more)

And the Balham Travel Show is this coming Saturday, with holiday companies galore – take a look at this list – under The Bedford’s roof to inspire and entice…I can just feel the sand beneath my toes (read more).

Last-minute availability at family-friendly Gitcombe in Devon. Be there as the leaves turn! (read more)

Mark Warner has ski deals to tempt you to bend zee knees on zee slopes – half price lift pass and healthy bar tab, anyone!? (read more)


Here come those Situations Vacant!

Tutors with Exceptional Academics (read more).

Waiter or Waitress at Italian on Northcote Road (read more).

Lettings Administrator based in SW London (read more).

PA/Office Manager for interior design practice, SW London (read more).


For sale

Glass-topped round 8-seater table with sculptural base (read more).

Brand new Silentnight double mattress (read more).

Johnnie B coat and zipped fleece, age 11/12 (read more).



Frog 55 bike (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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