Mobile stolen mid-manicure. Two million pound Balham centre revamp. Fifty activity ideas for TODAY!

Last Updated on : 19th February 2013

Dear South West London Mum,Mobile stolen mid-manicure

Last week one of our users posted a question asking for last minute Valentine’s gift ideas (click here).

I wasn’t sure if I should include it in this email until Mr NappyValleyNet, reading over my shoulder, asked if it wasn’t a bit too late? After all, he added, no-one could would read it until the following Monday.

“I’m not sure” I replied carefully “how late is too late when you’re giving the mother of your children a Valentine’s gift?”

There was a silence whilst he tried to work out whether we we were having two conversations, or just one, and then he decided he should pop out to the shops.

So thank you to Excitera for asking the right questions.

All I need now is for someone to suggest a basement extension as an anniversary present!

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

There was a rather contentious thread about why people might choose to send their children to private school. There has been an update and it’s still quite contentious (click here).

What’s the BEST restaurant on Northcote Road? The best? Wow, that is some question. But Sabinemum has asked it anyway and she is treating her husband so it BETTER be good!…click here for details

Might planning permission be refused? Maybe there won’t be a new estate agent in NappyValley?…click here for details

LaLa wonders where is the best place to get a cool kid’s haircut?…click here for details

Sticking with cool kids, Ania asks where can she buy her 7 year old son a decent suit for a wedding? Golly, seven is young to be getting married!…click here for details

Catboo1 is worried, her daughter does not appear to be playing well with others at nursery…click here for details

Calaya wonders if anyone has sent children to the Activ summer camp at Emanuel? Should they try it this summer?…click here for details

LittleLegs asks about the Meningitis B jab. When will it be available?…click here for details

Balham Partnership have almost two million pounds to spend on updating the town centre. You have a chance to say how it should be spent…click here for details

MillieMollieMilo used a certain washing powder, has it wrecked her machine?…click here for details

Momtomum has just got a gas bill and its HUGE! What might have caused it?…click here for details

Whats the local equivalent of a Buggy Pitstop? Who can preen a pram?…click here for details

Balham3838 is thinking of using Rompers playgroup. Nice group?…click here for details

NWT wonders where he/she can get the best steak? That’ll be beef not horse!…click here for details

8han says be careful with that mobile, she almost had hers swiped mid-manicure…click here for details

Mumandmore wonders why her little one won’t sit nicely in her cot?…click here for details

Apple is looking for a wine course. Where can she “gen up” on grapes?…click here for details

Our house and garden section is busier than a government meat inspector!

Soph would like tips to remove crayon from a painted wall (click here), Milamia wants to steam clean a sofa, who is a wizard with the water vapour? (click here), kookie is searching for a recommended removals firm (click here) Sezwedz wants to borrow a digger. Oh, a “Cookie Cutter” in the  shape of a digger (click here). The Solid Wood Kitchens Company keep spamming the site with their annoying automated posts. Who would want to buy a kitchen from a firm that employs such tactics? (click here), Ordinarygirl wonders where she can have blackout blinds measured made and fitted? (click here) Fionapm wonders if there any books that can help her with renovating an Edwardian house? (click here)   BTCMum wonders if you have any advice about letting her house “Between the Commons” (click here)

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This isn’t about houses but it is amazing, Francesca Alexander have posted a 50% off half-term offer for this Friday! That’s my wedding anniversary!…click here for details

And onto your school questions…

Wandsworth Prep have posted their most recent parents newsletter, the emergency services role-play looks fab!…click here for details

Tantallon Road might not be in the catchment area for Ravenstone, it is an amazing school…click here for details

Sarah has just been relocated here, is it too late to register her five month old for a private school?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Children’s Therapies are looking for a part-time office and marketing manager. They are a wonderful company so if you’d like to read more then click here.

Emma runs the award winning “First Aid for Life” courses. She’s posted details of a 15% discount just for NappyValleyNet users and she has vacancies for THIS SATURDAY!…click here for details

Southfieldsmummy’s little one has a hernia. Can you recommend a private surgeon, preferably at the Parkside?…click here for details

And onto your travel questions…

Workingmum wonders if anyone has been to the Sani Hotel in Greece? (click here) Mumwithcanvas has added to the incredibly useful tips to help prevent you losing your little one on the slopes (click here) and ChezAnia has reduced the rental prices of their French cottages…click here for details

Hiccups is looking for a CLEAN swimming pool for her one year here for details

This week we’ve had heaps of activity ideas posted, far far too many to list…click here for details

And yet again far far too many nursery posts too mention. Can you help with the latest information on Marmalade Bear, Rydedale, Abacus, Woodentops, Balham Day?…click here for details

Our events calendar had FIFTY listings for today alone! Fifty! (click here). It’s an amazing round-up of activities, events, fetes, open mornings and things-to-do. If you have an event please POST DETAILS FOR FREE! New to the calendar this week: a NEW weekly playgroup in South Wimbledon (click here), NCT Wimbledon’s breastfeeding DROP IN (click here), Roman Family Fun at the Wandsworth Museum (click here) and Musical Express in Southfields (click here). If you want to see all the local FREE events just filter by the category “free” (click here).

But don’t forgot AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site! For sale this week:- a Bugaboo seat liner (click here), a FREE unopened pack of Pampers (click here)& nbsp;and a City Select Baby Jogger (click here).

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That’s it, have a great half-term week!


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