Mother assaulted with her little one on St John’s Hill: witness appeal. NVN meet up THIS Wednesday at Ben’s Canteen. Local houses being ‘overbuilt’?

Last Updated on : 18th May 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

What are you doing this Wednesday morning?

Ok, assuming George Clooney *doesn’t* call you for that hot date or Taylor Swift *forgets* to ask you out for lunch (we do have Dad’s reading this email after all!) apart from those two things which are CERTAINLY going to happen, what are you doing this Wednesday morning?

Because we have a fabulous NappyValleyNet meet-up at Ben’s Canteen in Earlsfield THIS WEDNESDAY morning and we want you to come!

It’s “totes free” (as the cool kids would say).

They’ll be tea, coffee, juice and even some of Ben’s fabby nibbles PLUS it’s a perfect opportunity to meet up with other SW London mums/dads.

We have limited places (did I mention it’s free?) so to book follow this link (click here) and I hope to see you there!

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

I really hope we can help this NappyValleyNetter. TC was assaulted on St Johns Hill on Tuesday whilst on her way to work *with* her little one. Police are appealing for witnesses. Sounds dreadful and I hope you recover quickly TC…click here for details

Mother assaulted with her little one on St John's HillWe’ve had TWO dog attacks in the last seven days. One on Northcote Road on Saturday (click here) and another on Wandsworth Common. JoJo and T&M ask all owners to keep their pets under control and for those of us around potentially dangerous dogs to be careful. I’m delighted everyone involved seems to have recovered…click here for details

Another animal story but thankfully this one is more light hearted. There is an “All Points Bulletin” out for Ewan the lost sheep. It went missing outside Bertie and Boo and we’ve put up a reward of a milkshake with sprinkles. Neither Bertie nor Boo are implicated in the sheep rustling!…click here for details

Mother assaulted with her little one on St John's HillCalling all NV dog owners! Petal was wondering if any of you have time to pop over this morning and clean dog poo off her pram wheels?…click here for details

The fact that Wandsworth Council approve 92% of planning applications has caused some issues for a few of you. Are some houses being”overbuilt”? (click here).

R88 warns us that someone has scattered rat poison in the bushes of the playground on Wandsworth Common…click here for details

Seargent Nathan Shickle’s Balham police updates are always a sound reminder to take care and always extremely interesting! Who is the “Hipster Policeman”?…click here for details

JB has a ‘complaining neighbour‘ and when her eight year old grandson came to stay he was very unhappy about the noise. What can she do? I suspect his hobby of juggling chainsaws didn’t help but even so! Ok, I made that up, a netball hoop was the guilty party!…click here for details

Mother assaulted with her little one on St John's HillTwo posts on a similar(ish) theme here. Petrolhead2015 is unhappy despite a lovely husband, two children and a lovely home she’s recently given up work and now finds herself relentlessly washing, ironing, cleaning and tidying. Please help! (click here)  GC is married to her best friend but he works incredibly long hours and she feels incredibly lonely and fed up with being responsible for almost all of their home life…click here for details

NorthcoteLuvvie started to feel sorry for a husband being taken to court for a five million pound divorce settlement but when she realised he was a litigation funder she thought it rather ironic!…click here for details

1234 asks about workplace discrimination. Underwhelmed by the treatment received by her manager whilst pregnant, she has just been downgraded in her annual performance review and is receiving no feedback as to why. Any advice?…click here for details

I LOVE it when this happens! SWM is looking for a nanny agency and companies we know and love get recommended! Yay!…click here for details

Imacowboy is looking for ‘spray tan’ recommendations” but doesn’t want to be tangoed! I used to LOVE the Tango adverts!…click here for details

WM12 has posted an article explaining that children shouldn’t be given Paracetamol and Ibuprofen unless they appear “distressed or unwell. Uh-oh, I am guilty as charged…click here for details

Mummybear is looking for good advice for car sickness. Anything that works for a four year old? My youngest used to get so ill that any car he travelled in was soon nicknamed the “Vomit Comit”. Which was nice…click here for details

Oooh this got controversial! XXX asked if “nannys feed children rubbish?” but many of you leapt to the defence of Mary Poppins!…click here for details

Can an EU nanny be put on your car insurance, asks D1234? I hope you can help but even if you can’t check out the video I posted after D1234’s question, I bet you can’t watch it and not cry!…click here for details

1dFrustrated can’t get her toddler to eat, and the doctor won’t help, can a NappyValleyNetter?! …click here for details

Imacowboy is thinking of going to the ‘Almond restaurant’ on Trinity Road. Have you been? Worth the nut?…click here for details

TWO baby shower questions! KM is looking catering options for an afternoon tea in her house for 20-30 people (click here). and

Busyworkingmum is organising a baby shower and wondered if there were any nice venues around the Kings Road, Chelsea or Battersea that you could recommend?…click here for details

Muddlemoo’s son is autistic and absolutely loves music. They currently take him to Tin Pan Annie which he loves but he’s just too old. Any other music groups that maybe more suitable? …click here for details

AA has a little girl and is looking for ideas for classes she could go to with her dad on Saturday/Sunday? …click here for details

HappyNappy’s wonders where she can sell old baby items?…click here for details

Sunnybirch is wonders where she might find a kitten?…click here for details

Two technical questions. Can data be transferred from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6? (click here) and LucyRosa wonders if anyone knows of a company that can convert home video tapes into DVDs? …click here for details

The Belleville fun run was fantastic but some people were running so fast they forgot to pick up their scooters! If one of them is yours, check out this post!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Farage has leadership issues!

reCentre Health in Balham are looking for a new physio to join their team (click here).  A specialist tour operator based in Clapham is searching for a bookkeeper/administrator (click here).  Annaliesebattersea need a part-time digital marketeer (click here).  R.A Virtual Assistant Services are recruiting another virtual assistant (click here).  BYCJ Community hope to find energetic people to help them out during street fairs and events with flyering  (click here).  GroundworkLondon are searching for a volunteer multimedia researcher(click here). Lastly, Gillak would like to employ a holiday aupair to come on holiday with them to their house in Cornwall (click here).

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Miliband has nightmares about a stone tablet!

We LOVE the Skylark and they’re hosting another Spring Pop-Up Dinners! (click here).  The Fruity Tree Nursery, is opening in September 2015 on Malwood Road with a special offer for the first terms fees (click here).  Jesschester is looking for groups for grandmothers looking after grand children? (click here).  TheParent&BabyCoach have a ‘Potty Training Workshop for Parents’ for, wait for it, parents with children of potty training age! (click here).

And here are you travel questions!

PilatesQueen is trying to find a holiday house with 3+ bedrooms in northern France, ideally near the beach but I guess she bendy and balanced so the rooms can have low ceilings! (click here).  Mummag is looking for a B&B recommendation around Diss, Aldeburgh or Southwold (click here).

Have you done enough revision to help with our school questions?

KasiaT’s little one is starting nursery in September and wants to know if she’ll be able to take her out in term time for a holiday? (click here).  CMR asks what thecatchment area is for Holy Ghost primary school? (click here). Mrshansolo asks if anyone has any experience of Furzedown Primary school? (click here).  Boonkoh needs some advice. Can a schools reputation change very quickly, she asks? They’re looking to move but worry that if they choose a house based on a school might it suddenly go downhill? (click here).   Hazel15malwood is looking for an Eaton House Girls’ Summer Uniform(click here).  There is a new Saturday French school in Fulham(click here).  Did you know, children at Wandsworth Prep aged between 6 and 11, whose mother tongue is French, can follow both the French and the English curriculum alongside one another? Non, je did not! (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions! We have more than Boris has bicycles!

RDF Television are making a documentary about ‘Million Pound Properties‘: if you are an estate agent with some million pound properties, if you are selling your home or buying one – get in touch with them to see how you can get involved. After all what could go wrong? (click here).  Luckymummy is looking for a reliable plumber who can help fix radiators (click here).  AlexaH11 needs a high quality cabinet maker that doesn’t charge the earth? (click here).  Adubs hopes to find a fitter for reclaimed floorboards in a loft extension bedroom and a staircase restorer? (click here).  Alex12 interested in getting a loft conversion, does anyone have recommendations or companies to avoid? (click here).  Pepper is looking to get a new kitchen. Do you have a pronorm kitchen (German kitchen)? (click here).  TonsleyDad is looking for recommendations for a local company that will come and measure/fit a recessed front door mat? (click here).  Red1981 wonders if you can recommend a local estate agent you’ve used in the past(click here).  Melicone are a couple hoping to find a 2 bedroom flat around £1500 with an outside area and less noise (click here).

Annabels Arcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

A John Lewis pirate ship comes with 2 pirates, monkey and a parrot for £10. Ooh Arrr! (click here).  Mothercare Oakhampton Cot for £75 (click here). and a Baby Bjorn Original in navy for £20 (click here).

And in our items wanted section!

A Fisherprice Rainforest Jumperoo (click here).  summer cardigans (click here). and a Snooze shade for travel cot (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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