Mother-in-law wants to be at birth. Nanny fired for abusing family. Employer to deduct maternity pay from final salary cheque

Last Updated on : 18th November 2013

Mother-in-law wants to be at birth

Dear South West London Mum,

 “Three cappuccinos, two lattes and an Americano please.”

My youngest plays hockey most Sunday mornings and I’ve enjoyed these weekend outings so much more since the club arranged for one of those “Tuk Tuk” coffee vans to park alongside the pitch.

Last weekend was especially cold and so before I wandered off to by a round, I persuaded a good friend of Mr NappyValleyNet’s to lend me his ski jacket.

It was only when I went to pay that I realised I’d forgotten my purse but that wasn’t a big problem, after all I could borrow the money from the wallet in the jacket and then replace the funds once I got back to my bag.

Predictably, I forgot to make good the shortfall and so this opening is a little along the lines of a Simon Mayo radio show’s “True Confession”.

Chris, please forgive me for taking the money! I can only imagine your confusion when you opened your wallet later that day to find £30 missing and a receipt for six coffees. In mitigation, you did ask if you could appear in one of my weekly emails, but I suspect you didn’t anticipate it would happen so quickly and cost you cold hard cash!


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Would you allow your mother-in-law to be present when you give birth? C2B’s MIL wants to be there and, for the avoidance of doubt, we are talking about ACTUALLY STANDING BY HER SIDE AS SHE GIVES BIRTH! Some fantastic replies, thanks guys!…click here for details

I know we’ve mentioned this thread previously but its been incredibly busy again this week (read over two thousand times). What’s the difference between private and state education? What difference does it REALLY make?…click here for details

M2M fired her nanny for gross misconduct after she verbally abused the family. M2M has some questions on process and next steps, can you help?…click here for details might not be all they seem. A number of you have had a bad experiences…click here for details

I really hope we can help! Sezwedz left a micro-scooter on the corner of Bennerly Road and Bolingbroke Road and it hasn’t been seen since. Might you know where it is?
…click here for details

It’s almost Christmas! So “Field and Flower” have posted details of a discount code (click here) and Mrs P asks “Where’s the best place to buy a turkey”…click here for details

SM’s little one has her Newton Prep assessment this week. She wondered what that might entail? Thanks for all the answers everyone! here for details

Pod has a techie question. Can anyone translate Quark to an Ebook? If you know she means then…click here for details

“Every pupil who applied for Bolingbroke in the first round received an offer and a third of all their children qualify for free school meals.” writes LauraB.  As that is significantly higher than the percentages at Belleville and Honeywell, what can be read into it she wonders? here for details

Claphammam is going to book a weekend at Calcot Manor! Ooooh lovely! But what room or suite should she book, she asks?…click here for details

Papinan posts a link to Sadiq Khan in Chicken Cottage. Part of a healthy eating campaign, he asks?…click here for details

Mumandmore is due to give birth very soon. Congratulations! But which hospital should she use? St Georges, C&W or St Thomas’?…click here for details

Ferris is searching for an accountant who specialises in US taxes…click here for details

Bodeans is opening in Balham! That’s like a meat feast with a side order of meat and meat for pudding!…click here for details

Our cover picture this month is from local artist Nigel Turner. Don’t just make do with our digital version, you can buy copies for Christmas!…click here for details

BTC wonders what time should bedtime be for a two year old?…click here for details

Eiremama is looking for a breeder of Border Terriers to supply one for her special needs son. Can you recommend someone?…click here for details

Mum2Max has resigned and her employer would like to take her maternity pay from her final salary cheque in one go. Can they do that?…click here for details

Saffamum would like an awning repaired – do you know who might do that?…click here for details

A duo of dynamic Hornsby House teachers have raised a pot of cash for St Georges! Well done!…click here for details

Gambado are re-running their popular “Play for a Pound” promotion. You can play for a pound, ’nuff said!…click here for details

SAHAM wonders where she can donate the Wandsworth Food Bank? Again, thanks for the answers!…click here for details

Our meet-a-mum/dad/nanny section is heaving. Fulham mums, Wimbledon Nannies, Russian mums, Italian mums and more have all posted this week!…click here for details

Planet Organic are a brand new organic food store that have just opened up at the Southside. Welcome to Nappy Valley! They’ve posted a voucher for a free coffee from their instore cafe which has WIFI and a ton of other stuff. I can see Mr NVN will disappear in there from now on!…click here for details
Listen up at the back, a heap of education questions this week…

Jess heard there was an open morning at Bonneville recently, if you went, what did you think?…click here for details

2BB really likes Finton House but she has heard all the boys leave at seven. Why is that, she wonders and can you recommend the school? …click here for details

Petal would like feedback on Holy Ghost. Is it “too” Catholic?…click here for details

TAH wonders at what age tutoring usually starts? here for details

SSC would like help understanding Emanuel! She hears that 70% of the children have a state background but it’s also one of Thomas’ most popular destinations.
So why spend the money on a prep, she asks?…click here for details

We love Ready2Pop, she does ask really useful questions! If you need to target a prep school based on your preferred secondary destination, which preps are for which secondaries? here for details


Our House and Garden Section is busier than a certain Toronto Mayor’s PR lawyers! 

Ms Tina wonders what the moving costs of a typical four bedroom home might be? (click here) Mollys needs a new front door, any recommendations? (click here) Erykah is searching for a carpenter to make a window seat (click here) MCB would like a builder for a refurb building project in Tooting (click here). Ames needs someone to make a walk in wardrobe (click here), SamT wonders where to buy a divan bed (click here) and CMR needs a new firewood supplier…click here for details


The NappyValleyNet calendar is packed, lots and lots and lots to do!

We LOVE the Baby Drop! They have a shopping event THIS WEDNESDAY from 7pm till 10pm. Tons of top local retailers right on your doorstep! (click hereLinear Tiles is also local and they have a GORGEOUS showroom behind Balham High Road. They’re hosting an art exhibition featuring the wonderful Benjamin McKay. Free entry, perfect pictures, flutes of champagne s and trendy tiles. I’m in! (click here). If you’re still looking for things to do, check out the White Christmas Fair on the 8th of December. Santa will be there along with stalls, foodie treats and more (click here) and lastly the Northcote Road Christmas Lights and Street Market in on the 28th of November from 4pm to 7pm, carols, celebrities and over 40 stalls! We’ll be there!…click here for details

One more post we HAVE to mention! Our friends at Forkful Foods have posted details of their Christmas Canape offers, they can drop them off ready made leaving you free to enjoy your guests (and the wine!)…click here for details
Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a Mamas and Papas Activity Centre (click here),

a JoJo Maman gilet (click here) and a Phil and Teds Vibe pushchair (click here). 


That’s it, have a wonderful week.


Annabel and the Team


PS would you like to win a THREE hour clean from our friends at MOPP or a family first-aid kit from our buddies at First Aid for Life.
then click here and start entering!


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