Mouse spotted at *top* local restaurant. Ironing priest’s cassock to win school place. Lumps of masonry thrown at Battersea homes.

Last Updated on : 17th March 2014

Lumps of masonry thrown at Battersea homesDear South West London Mum,

“What’s a townhouse?”

My eldest was sat on the sofa, reading a book and as I prepared to answer his question I allowed myself a little bout of smugness.

If he was reading books on buildings at his age, perhaps he’ll become a famous architect and when he collects awards on TV for his latest bridge or orphanage, the camera can cut away to me clapping proudly at the ceremony.

“Well its a house in town”, I replied “they’re usually tall and deep with basements or walled gardens as opposed to country houses with grounds and drives.”

Perhaps he might buy me some diamonds I wondered, I should probably have some for the ceremony if it’s televised.

“And do girls like them?”, he asked.

That question was a little left field, but I persevered, “yes I suppose they might, it depends on how they’re designed.”

“So is that a love lair?”


My initial shock was replaced by a dawning realisation on where this conversation was probably going.

“What are you reading?”

He turned the book over to look at the cover.

The “Carpetbaggers,” its one of Daddies old ones.

I remembered the book from our honeymoon, the cover has a picture of a screaming girl in a bikini holding a knife.

Germaine Greer it was not.

At that point Mr NVN waddled into the room and spied my son.

He beamed.

“I think you’re a bit young for Harold Robbins” he said tousling his hair “we should probably start you on some Desmond Bagley first.”

“Can I finish this chapter” my son replied “its just getting good”.

“Sure”, he countered, “fill your boots, if you can follow the story”.

“Follow the story?” I huffed,”fill your boots? Its hardly Michael Flipping Morpurgo,” I turned to my son, “you’re to stop reading that rubbish right now”.

They exchanged a look and with that I gave up, realising I was probably creating negative gender stereotypes far better than Mr Robbins ever could.


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Our Travel section is bursting with ideas for the the Easter holidays!

Save £1000 on 5-Star family holiday in Cyprus with Tots Too (click here)  and Alpine Answers have great advice for “Spring Skiing with Kids”…click here for details


Listen up at the back, schools questions are now on the playing fields in the lovely weather!

Wandsworth Preparatory School is delighted to announce they will be launching a Year 3 class this September (click here) last few spaces available for any budding Balham-based Beethoven’s looking for piano teachers! (click here) and there is a  ballet school open day on the 5th May (click here)


Our House and Garden section is busier than Nigel Farage’s PR people after *this* weeks revelationa

Don’t miss the Decorfest a creative home & garden festival”. Its in Wimbledon and might inspire you to create a more personal home and garden or might depress you with how much work you have to do and make you give up on all home improvements forever! (click here) Bel35 asks if anyone is able to recommend their party wall surveyor for a basement conversion? (click here) Chris03 needs a reasonable mechanic or garage for work on his car (click here) MGMidget would love recommendations for a gardener/builder to put up fences (click here)  Bamse has a question about double height extension/living areas. (click here).  finally local artist John Bate has an art exhibition in Clapham on Sunday 23rd March…click here for details


Our calendar is being upgraded, back later this week bigger and better!

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- Guess Who? Kerplunk, Badge It, Nintendo etc … (click here), a light brown armchair which sits on a swivel base (click here) and a Moses basket with stand for £10! (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!


Annabel and the Team


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