Mum suggests autistic children don’t use local playpark. Help: “I can’t get my child into ANY school”. Eight local “meet-a-mum” groups. Nursery open days happening THIS week.

Last Updated on : 20th September 2013


Dear South West London Mum, 
“I’ve just had a text asking why I wear women’s clothes,” said Mr NappyValleyNet.
“And it’s from my mum.”
It’s not often my weekends start with comments like these but last Saturday, as we settled down for breakfast, it was how a perplexed Mr NappyValleyNet described the latest message from his mother.
“She says it’s on Twitter.”
I went from being equally confused to realising that I may be in a little bit of trouble.
“I think I can explain,” I replied.
“You know this morning when Jane from JanePlan dropped off the food I’d ordered.”
“Yes,” he replied slowly.
“And you know you were wearing my dressing gown when you answered the door.”
“Yes, it was all I could grab” he replied, even more slowly.
“Well I may have Tweeted about that.”
“Brilliant,” he replied a little testily, “is there ANYTHING about me that doesn’t end up on Twitter or NappyValleyNet?”
I didn’t reply but as of this morning I think he may have his answer.
Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):
Yesterday a local mother posted a complaint about the behaviour of an autistic child in a play park. This elicited an incredible and incredulous response from the NappyValleyNet community. All I can say in please please do read the following exchange…click here for details
Every postbox in Tooting has had to be sealed because a postman lost the keys. In other news the post office is about to float on the stock exchange. If you see SID tell him to find the keys!…click here for details
The discussion about a local nursery receiving a damming Ofsted report continues…click here for details
Continuing the theme, LJ is unhappy with her son’s nursery and wonders if she should change to a childminder?…click here for details
But on a slightly happier note, two more nursery questions, both from Sabine mum. Firstly, she’d like to know what you make of the Pom’D’Api and Tricolore playgroups? (click here) and which you’d choose from Kids Unlimited, Bridge Lane or Northcote Gardens?…click here for details
If your looking for a nursery why don’t you check out the Kids Unlimited and Bright Horizons open days THIS FRIDAY?…click here for details
A Nappy Valley PTA need prizes for their fund-raising auction. If you’re a local business owner would you like some free publicity?…click here for details

Tilly and Moo has some advice if you’re thinking of exhibiting at Christmas fetes (click hereAND changing subjects she wonders if anyone could make use of some old Tommee Tippee bottles…click here for details

Kittens has posted details of another local scam. Be careful to whom you open the door! here for details
TWO requests for GP recommendations! Pixi would like suggestions for a doctor near Northcote Road (click here)  and Jen would like one near Tooting Bec…click here for details
Do you have know the secret of perfect jeans? Freshairmum would love your advice now the summer is over!…click here for details
A school satchel full of education posts!
MizCloud has just moved here and can’t get her children into ANY schools! Can you offer any advice, she’s very very worried…click here for details
MMB wonders if anyone has a child in year 2 at Wix? Her little one is on the waiting list and she wants to chat! here for details
When do Henry Cavendish and Telferscot have open days, asks Balhamnewmum?…click here for details
Azalea wonders where is a good area to live around the Roche School?…click here for details
Onto “shop news” from SW4. The Ginger Pig is coming to Abbeville Road! But what else do you want to see on that lovely road, you’re asked?…click here for details
Gail needs sleep training! Well not actually her, obvs, but her eight month old son. Who can nudge him towards the land of nod?…click here for details
THREE requests for birthday party help! Gemma C is hosting a party for a three year old in Fulham. Ideas? (click here) and Fabrooney needs ideas for a 7th birthday party for 30 children? (click here). Lastly, MummyP needs a Peppa Pig birthday “topper” AND ITS AN EMERGENCY! l think we might be a bit late for MummyP but perhaps we can help for the future? here for details
Anet asks if you know of a car boot sale? Not sure you can buy car boots but hopefully someone on NVN can help! Oh, THAT sort of car boot sale…click here for details
There are SIX active threads in our meet-a-mum/nanny/anyone else thread! From Russian playgroups to French AND Californian Au Pairs to Australian mums, all looking to meet! Phew! here for details
I LOVE Little Legs! Their clothes are gorgeous and their market stall on Northcote Road is better than The Westfield, if a little smaller! They were closed due to electricity but now they’re open, but they’re ALWAYS brilliant!…click here for details
Dancing Queen is looking for some fitness buddies to train and get fit with!…click here for details
Two road safety posts. DM is concerned that a proposed new bus route for the 255 will mean a bus every 12 minutes running by Telferscot school and Asquiths (click here). Nuttymummy is worried that a proposal to remove the pedestrian guard rail by Clapham Common West Side will make the crossing very dangerous. We’ve *just* set up a petition against the guard rail removal so please please please…click here for details
A question that many of us will have struggled with. VTG is thinking of going back to work but where should she look? Where might she find part-time work? (click herePerhaps the event that Quibly are hosting at Love, Play, Eat might help answer some of your questions? It’s all about working part-time around your children (click here).
NYE wonders which resorts would be best for her 2.5 year old to learn to ski?click here for details
Lamj wonders if Tenerife or Lanazrote would be better for next Easter?click here for details
BB07 wonders if there are any part-time nurseries in the Southfield Grid? here for details
Expecting in Dec 13 or Jan 14? NCT have some spaces on their amazing antenatal courses…click here for details
Our house and garden section is busier than Ed Milliband’s spin doctors
TWO party wall questions. MooMoo is having a mare with her neighbours. Work has had to stop as they’re refusing to agree to the plans (click here). Sounds similar to poor Mrs Mak who has served her neighbours with a party-wall notice but they want their own surveyor. Is that normal, she wonders? (click here), Mrs Mills needs an appliance repair company/person in SW18 (click here) LBB would like a wood burning stove. Who might supply and install one for her? (click here) Nazlid is doing a side return. Paving or artificial grass? (click here). Mummyoftwo would recommendations for a good value gardener (click here) and Jasmine would like suggestions for someone to build “built-in” storage…click here for details
NappyValleyNet now carries more events listings than any other website and this week we’re highlighting more school open days!
DON’T MISS he Bonneville open day on the 25th of September (click here). Northcote Lodge on the 12th October (click here), Broomwood Hall on the 8th of October (click here) and September the 19th is International “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. Really! Not sure it’s for kids but it is WEIRD!…click here for details. If you have a school open day planned please do post it here and we’ll mention it in next week’s email!
Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!
For sale this week:- Falcommum has a TON OF BABY STUFF! Truly incredible list! (click here), an Uppababy Footmuff (click here) and stair gates (click here). 
That’s it, have a wonderful week.
Annabel and the Team
PS would you win a fabby fitness class from Movers and Shapers OR a place on a food management made easy course from Making Things Easy then just click here!










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