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My son is struggling with school rejections.

Last Updated on : 20th May 2019

My son is struggling with school rejections.Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Every so often we have a problem on NVN which I REALLY hope we can help with.

And this week is no exception.

M.’s son is really stressed over the senior school entrance process after multiple school rejections from private schools.

They’re asking for professional recommendations who can help boost their son’s confidence and give him the mechanisms to cope. But if you can offer any other help or suggestions please please do get involved (read more).


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

Another sensitive matter here; R. is worried her friend is losing too much weight. What approach should she take with? Intervention? (read more)

Drum roll please….. we can now reveal the most EXPENSIVE houses sold in Nappy Valley during 2018 (read more). Oooh I’ll have two of them with basement extensions and plastic grass, please. WAIT HOW MUCH???

If you’re starting to panic about how to keep your little ones entertained over the LONG summer holiday, don’t! NVN have pulled together a Summer Camp Guide covering a whole range of different activities to suit all tastes and interests (read more).

Brindisa’s Hildreth Street Deli has launched their new Spanish plowman’s this week and to celebrate they’re giving away a La Cultivada Olive Oil to the first 50 customers who order one! (read more)

Parents and students of Chestnut Grove Academy are pleading for something to be done to make a dangerous junction outside their Balham school safer (read more). I pass this most days and it is very very dangerous.

The police have released an image showing the markings burglars are known to use for identifying homes worth breaking into (read more).

Your opinions on whether equity release is a good idea or not keep on coming (read more).

Another user has posted needing help and guidance with their parents’ financial affairs. After the sudden death of J.’s mother’s husband their mother had her home repossessed and sold by the bank. However, the sale proceeds do not cover the substantial debts of the deceased (read more).

M. would like recommendations for a good clairvoyant. Anyone have Mystic Meg’s number? (read more) The first person to crack that old joke “surely they’ll know you’re looking for them” will be banned.

F. is in need of cot recommendations for a short mum-to-be (read more).

U. asks where can she get her much loved bed linen mended rather than replacing? Loving this ‘green’ post (read more).

RB. needs last minute dog boarding suggestions for May half term week (read more). Oooh that could an idea for a new website – Sorry – that wasn’t very helpful of me was it?

L. needs suggestions for a holiday day camp for her eleven-year-old in early July. They should check out the NVN Summer Camp Guide! (read more)

The Barmouth Kitchen has posted to say that their café is available for private hire. Plus, they have an alcohol license to ensure your book club goes with a swing! (read more) For the avoidance of doubt we’re not saying that they have Swingers Parties – just that they, oh never mind!

Talking of cafés, one of the NVN team recently paid the new Healey’s Organic a visit for brunch with a friend. Take a look at their review of this new healthy addition to the Wandsworth café scene (read more). Heeley’s are also the name of those incredible dangerous shoes with wheels on them but that is not relevant for this conversation…

Local pottery café Sammy Duder have posted a clarification note on their bespoke commissions following lots of questions! (read more) Ooooh has a certain Duchess been in recently to cast those little royal feet we saw in a recent photograph?

The word on the street (or Northcote Road) is that the vacant Everyman Bikes unit will become a vets (read more).

Four Sides London are holding a Pilates-A-Thon on Wednesday 22 May at their Northcote Road venue to raise money for a client’s two-year-old daughter who is battling Leukaemia. The very best of luck with the event (read more).

C. is seeking a Pilates class that is happy for a male attendee to join (read more) Mr NVN goes very infrequently. It’s like watching a drunk sloth play Twister. In the dark.

S. is after a pushy piano teacher! Scary! (read more) Oooh I LOVE Richard Clayderman he could push my keys ANYTIME!

Open Air Fit are offering 10% discount for NVN readers booking a place at their Multi-Sport Camps on Wandsworth Common (read more).

The arrival of warmer weather also summons the arrival of wasps! WASuP is the new organic wasp sting relief, and we have some to giveaway! (read more)

S. asks if anyone can recommend a private GP or clinic for mole and skin tag removal? (read more)

H. would love to hear your recommendations for a career coach with experience in the legal sector (read more).


We have a wheelbarrow full of House & Garden posts!

SO. asks if those NEST cameras are any good? They were almost burgled a few weeks ago (read more).

C. is moving into the Clapham area and needs to replace the existing Victorian front door. Any front door recommendations? (read more)

G.’s friend needs to rip out and replace their small bathroom – who can help without breaking the bank? (read more)

S. needs to rent a 3+ bedroom place from June for 7-8 months which is close to Balham for schools (read more).

J. needs recommendations for a small garden redesign (read more).

Fiona has posted some great tips on cloakroom design (read more).

Thank you! Those questions to ask a potential builder keep coming (read more).

LF is looking for a room to rent in Wandsworth (read more).

And HF wants the same – she’s a local nanny (read more).

C. is looking for a cleaner (read more).


We have a exam hall full of School posts

C. would appreciate your thoughts on Dolphin School versus Beatrix Potter Primary School for a bright but shy boy (read more).

Hall School Wimbledon have posted about their transformation to an OFSTED rated good school in two years (read more).

Kingston Grammar School are holding a sixth form open evening straight after the May half term, for those looking for a sixth form place in September 2020 (read more).

N. is after second hand Parkgate House School Nursery clothes for her three-year-old. Anyone have any to sell? (read more) 

Yellowbird Education are offering several workshops over May half term week (read more).

Congratulations to Trinity School’s Under 16 hockey team who have become the National Plate champions (read more).


We have an interview panel full of Situations Vacant

Southfields Academy have two term time only office support roles available (read more).

Sparks are looking for a freelance marketing representative (read more).

If you are returning-to-work lawyer check out this course! (read more).

TS wonders if you need help from a grown-up professional two days a week?(read more).


For sale / Wanted

BMX bike wanted (read more).

Joolz hub Nero pushchair (read more).

Exodus 470L Black Roof Box plus Thule roof bars (read more).

Willis & Gambier Louis Philippe bedroom furniture range (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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