Mysterious lights and chanting on Clapham Common. Stamp duty shake-up: local reaction. Are my leather trousers too tight? Where to buy the best Christmas Trees?

Last Updated on : 8th December 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,


My daughter and her friend were eating dinner in the kitchen when my son walked in.

“Hello brother,” said my daughter, “this is my friend.”

My son grunted a hello.

“Don’t talk to her,” she ordered, “don’t look at her and now you may leave us.”

“Hang on a moment,” I interrupted, “where are your manners?”

“I’m sorry I was rude,” she replied before continuing,

“Please don’t look at her, please don’t talk to her and now you may leave us. Please.”

I think those Christmas holidays could feel very very long…


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Mysterious lights and chanting on Clapham CommonA dreadful story on so many levels. A woman has admitted to
burying her baby alive on Tooting Common…click here for details 

Last Monday, a young girl was assaulted outside her local secondary school. We’ve spoken to the school involved and posted their subsequent advice to pupils…click here for details

All I want for Christmas is…a stamp duty shake up? The Autumn Statement will have brought some NVN’ers an unwelcome gift…click here for details

ABC would like to know “how tight it too tight” for leather trousers? The stakes are high! Many years ago one of my best friends introduced her new boyfriend (now husband) to a gang of us girlfriends and he was wearing REALLY tight leather trousers. Fifteen years later, he still goes by the nickname of “Leather Trousers”…click here for details

Mysterious lights and chanting on Clapham CommonAnd in other news: a posh West End hotel gets into hot water with nursing mothers…click here for details.

Mysterious lights hovering over Clapham Common? Strange chanting? Quick call Mulder and Scully! Wait, it turns out there is a very normal here for details

Mungomuffit wonders how long the Bolingbroke/Nightingale intersection road works might take? We CAN call Mulder and Scully for this one because it’s a total mystery!…click here for details

And sticking with “slow works”, N38 asks if there is a completion date for the Grandison Road playground renovation? Quick, call Mulder and…etc, etc…click here for details

PayPal LogoMum2babyboy has TWO questions. Firstly, are there any rules on PayPal fees for self employed workers? Secondly, her employment contract says she can not engage in any commercial activity with a client outside of her agency…EVER. Fair or foul?…click here for details

Giovanna is throwing her daughter a first birthday at Beaufort House and asks if you know of anyone who could set up a play area for the babies and keep an eye on them?…click here for details

Scott_Quibly wonders which is the most child-friendly cafe on Northcote road? There are children on Northcote Road!!?…click here for details

thExitPursuedByABear needs top tips on where to get a real Christmas tree delivered? They don’t have a car and struggled to carry it home last year! Try Battersea Flower Station, she’s amazing and lovely and local!…click here for details

ForMyLittleMan wants your recommendations for a lovely Christmas book for her little one?…click here for details

Two “day out” requests! Shellgemini is trying to organise a Granny/Grandad wedding anniversary celebration. Does anyone have brilliant day out ideas? (click here) for details and LdS needs suggestions for a place for afternoon tea? I hear Claridges can’t do enough to welcome certain mothers at the moment!…click here for details

Not a day out but a “fill in” (see what I did there!) Falconmum is looking for a a dentist in Tooting Bec or Broadway and someone to iron shirts & bed linen (click here)  Don’t get them confused, I love my cleaner but I’m not sure she can polish teeth!

MTC has a question which, to paraphrase Meghan Trainor, is all about the bass(inette)! She’d like to give it away but it would need to be somewhere that collects…click here for details

Rebs30000 went to Southside shopping centre on Tuesday and lost her baby’s Lucy lamb. It has tons of sentimental value so if you can help that would be amazing (click here).  and Gillak’s daughter dropped her small brown teddy near Earlsfield station on Tuesday and they are desperate to get it back!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Check out these vacancies!

Ozmum is looking for an artist or graphic designer to help design a family crest. Could that be you? Mr NVN once told me his family crest would contain a bottle of red wine, a chicken Tikka Marsala and a picture of me if it were based on his true loves! Who said romance was dead? here for details

Mrs Sarah Graham, Head of Broomwood Hall Lower School is looking to recruit a number of ‘can do’ gap year students to assist at the school next here for details

From “Can Do” to “Things-to-do”

Fancy getting into better shape? There are some FABBY Saturday morning circuit training sessions at 09.30am on Clapham Common. I know this trainer and he is AMAZING! (click here).   Sswc is looking for a piano teacher for a five year old beginner from January? There are five year old advanced players??? (click here).   SamT asks if there is anything like playball at weekends(click here).   Hhirst is 28 weeks pregnant (yay! first baby!) and is looking for maternity swimming classes? (click here).  1plus2 is a volunteer at the Clapham Omnibus and wanted to highlight their interactive winter storytelling season. Consider it highlighted! (click here).    ForMyLittleMan would love to hear some ideas for London Christmas activities suitable for a toddler? (click here). Falconmum is looking for a guitar tutor for introductory sessions for her son? To plagiarise AC/DC…”For Those Children About to Rock”…click here for details

And I can’t leave this section without a MASSIVE thank you to Scoffers for hosting our Christmas meet up on Friday AND to The Lemon Tree AND iMBS for their amazing goody bags. Love you all! Mwah, mwah!

It’s not just reindeer who travel around the world at Christmas. NappyValleyNetters are still asking holiday questions!

Vanilla needs a reliable taxi company providing a good quality car seat (click here).  SJH asks if anyone has been to the Royal Westmoreland or Sugar Hill villa resorts in Barbados? (click here)  Gillakd wonders if you have used Esprit Ski? (click here) Greying Dad has a fantastic barn for rent if you fancy escaping London for Christmas? It’s got Three Wise Men and a donkey in it! OK, I made that up but it is lovely! (click here) and Kjam143 wants a top quality travel cot that a child could use for three weeks!…click here for details

The school term might be almost over but your education questions keep coming!

The Friends of Shaftesbury Park Primary School invite you to a “Meet The Parents” session and to ask any questions you may have about the French/English bilingual or traditional streams. Tres Bon! (click here).  Do you have a little one about to take the 7+? (click here). and AB would like to know if it’s possible to secure a place at Wandsworth Prep if one registers late in the process? (click here).

Like Alex Salmond our “House and Garden” Section just keeps coming back…

NorthcoteLuvvie posted a link to an awful story about a local basement collapse death in Fulham. Make sure you use a “proper builder”, she warns (click here).  SJH Mummy has an IKEA dishwasher but its not heating water – any ideas(click here).   Morasmum  is looking for a reliable decorator to paint and repair settlement cracks (click here).   Newintooting asks if anyone has Douglas Fir wooden floors in their home? If so, where did you buy from? (click here).  Laurie is looking for someone to make and fit some curtains and a covered lath and fascia board? (click here).  Claphamnevey is new to the area and is a bit lost in terms of local design showrooms/retailers?…click here for details

Thinking of “doing” a loft conversion? Our friends at Simply Loft have written a brief article on the costs *and* what you can expect from Mansard, Dormer and Skylight conversion types. Thanks guys! Can I have the Mansard please! (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Silver Cross Twin Stroller Pop Duo, £150 negotiable…click here for details    Avent Electric Steriliser, 5 x 260ml Avent bottles and 3 pack steriliser bags, £15…click here for details   and a Kids Next snow boots size 7 – worn once £8 o.n.o.…click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team



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