Nanny agency threaten bailiffs. Council spend £100k on discretionary severance. “Hypocritical” Gove chooses “Super State Secondary”

Last Updated on : 10th March 2014

Nanny agency threaten bailiffsDear South West London Mum,

“Quite simply the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. Ever. Ever. Ever.”

Mr NVN decided to repeat himself for extra emphasis.


We were chatting over dinner and if I was to be a dutiful and supportive wife I decided I should know how this compared with his other incidents.

“Worse than when you had to leave that dinner party early for inappropriate comments about the serving dishes?” I asked.

“Irrelevant in comparison,” he replied.

“Worse than when you met my CEO in a Norwich nightclub toilet dressed as a French Maid on your stag weekend, didn’t recognise him and thought he was picking you up?”

“Actually that was pretty bad,” he agreed, “but on balance, worse than that.”

I waited for the explanation.

“So you know I cycle to work?”

This was not news, he now leaves the house every morning packed into his Lycra and wheeling his bike looking like a sea-lion pushing a tricycle in a circus.

“Well at the end of every day, I change back into my cycle gear and its easier if I do that in the meeting room next to my desk.”

“Ok,” so far this didn’t sound too bad.

“I usually just empty my bag on the floor, pick up the bits I need and scoop my work clothes back into the panniers.”

“OK,” I was now getting a bit bored.

“Well yesterday I must have left something behind because this morning there was a company wide email waiting in everyone’s inbox.”

“It read “Could the gentleman who left his XXL pants under the meeting room table please come and claim them from Building Services.””

“Oooh,” I shuddered, “not great but just deny deny deny, how would they know they’re yours?”

“Well,” he continued, “remember when your mother got overzealous with the name-tags and tagged some of my boxers with our sons name?”

I did. Quite how she could confuse the two I don’t know, but it did happen.

“Well a second email turned up ten minutes later.”

“”Building services have found a name tag sewn in the back of the pants. We’ll send them on in the internal mail.””


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