Nappy Valley Waitrose no longer accepting deliveries, tanking a basement, fashion event on Wandsworth Common and Pippa Middleton’s paltry party tips

Last Updated on : 17th November 2012

Dear South West London Mum,

There can be very few residents of Nappy Valley who are unaware of the awful events surrounding the Boots family and the deaths of their young children.

Whilst passing sentence last week the Judge accurately summed up the situation, calling it an indescribably sad case” and that it was a result of “factors that were truly beyond her control”.

It goes without saying that as a community we implore those who feel they may be suffering from PND to seek help, however the nature of PND means those who need support the most are often unable to seek it out.

So I would like to take this opportunity, again, to mention the work of Liz Wise, details of her local forthcoming PND groups are behind this link (click here).

This is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

She’s Mr NappyValleyNet’s favourite celebrity but her party planning book has taken a bit of a drubbing. Is Pippa’s advice just a little too boring?…click here for details

If you want to actually learn something, the chap who wrote the River Cottage baking book has moved to South London and he’s running bread baking classes…click here for details

CMDS is wondering if she should open a toy shop in Nappy Valley? Well we have the wonderful Battersea Flower Station opening soon so maybe this is the start of a new wave of retailing entrepreneurs?…click here for details

Speaking of which, Minaburden is wondering if she should open a soft-play area? Move over Branson, there are new kids on the block…click here for details

SafetyNetRepairs are a computer repair company and they want to tell you they can fix your computer. If anyone does use them please post how you got on!…click here for details

Beaniegirl has developed a bad back since she gave birth. Has this happened to anyone else? Should she get a new mattress? Can you recommend an osteopath or chiropractor?…click here for details

“Me and I” are holding a fashion event at the Common Ground this coming Friday. They’re looking to recruit new representatives and there is free coffee!…click here for details

Ocado cancelled some orders. For some of you this was an extremely worrying situation…click here for details

Can you buy Aptamil milk in Tenerife wonders Npark?…click here for details

Kewty has posed a question about the, ahem, contents of her little ones nappy! Don’t be shy Kewty, so-called Dr Gillian McKeith based her entire TV career on such conversations!…click here for details

Excitera is looking for a homeopath for her one year old. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea…click here for details

I mentioned this last week but it’s worth highlighting again seeing as so many of you responded to the post. It seems that pesky parking camera outside Sainsbury’s has caught HEAPS of you!…click here for details

TingTong has recommended a newspaper for kids but CAC wonders if she might actually WORK for the newspaper she is endorsing…click here for details

Is this our first Christmas mention in the weekly email? I’m not sure but lets mention it anyway. Who knows where GES can buy personalised Christmas cards?…click here for details

Worried about the number of flights over Nappy Valley? It turns out that complaining can make a difference!…click here for details

Loopedoo wonders if the Mouse House is a good nursery? here for details

Northside Mum’s little one has a car sickness problem. She’s only two and it is making travelling extremely distressing for everyone…click here for details

Homework can be the sources of many arguments at home but, according to the Independent Schools Show, they’ve actually banned it in some parts of France! Don’t forget the Independent Schools Show is THIS WEEKEND…click here for details

And onto our House and Garden questions…

Buttercup would like a Howden’s kitchen fitter…click here for details

Supermummy needs a local picture framer…click here for details

Michele53 wonders if it is worth tanking her basement?…click here for details

Dirty Nappy (what a user name!) needs her front door renovating. Suggestions for who might help?…click here for details

Sabine mum is searching for someone to fit wooden floors. Can you recommend a proper parquet professional?…click here for details

PipG has a brick pointing quote and it seems pretty high. But that’s not all! Her current builder says if she doesn’t accept the higher price then whom ever she chooses can’t use the scaffolding!…click here for details

Do you know someone who can install a wood burning stove inside a fireplace?…click here for details

Fancy some me time? Feeling stressed? Two wonderful offers this week! First off, our friends at Independent Mind Body Soul have started “Taster Tuesdays”Treat yourself to a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure for just £20 each or their Balham salon can offer you a wash, cut and finish with a Senior Stylist for just £35 (click here). If you’re a little closer to SW11, Francesca Alexander are offering all the following: an awakening eye treatment including eye exfoliation, eyelash tint, a hydrating masque and nourishing eye cream to leave your eyes feeling replenished. All for only £30…click here for details I feel better already!

John Lewis no longer deliver to Balham Waitrose. Before you all collectively gnash you teeth in anguish it might not be permanent!…click here for details

BouBou is looking for a French nanny or mummy, she needs to organise a play-date in French. Tres bien!…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling website. For sale this week:- a Jo Jo Maman buggy cosie (click here), Ballet shoes (click here) and a designer cot and changing table (click here).


That’s it, have a great week.

Lots of love



Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team!



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