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Last Updated on : 23rd July 2015

NappyValleyNet SealBack in November 2014 NappyValleyNet
its Seal of Approval Scheme.

Any local business or service, which has been recommended by more than five longstanding NappyValleyNetters, can receive a ‘NappyValleyNet Seal of Approval’.

“Why is this important?”, I hear you ask.

NVN now has over 130k visits per month, almost all of which are from local parents so we are now South West London’s largest local media, bar none.

There isn’t a local magazine, newspaper or website which reaches more people in your neighbourhood (source: Google Analytics).

And that means that a recommendation on NVN can make a massive difference to these local businesses.

So, how can you help your favourite local businesses notch up the ‘Golden Five’ favourable mentions they need to receive their award?

It’s easy.

Simply make a post on NappyValleyNet (you’ll need to register first, click here to do that).

It will only take you a minute or two and your endorsement will not only enlighten others, it will contribute towards them receiving one of our lovely new ‘As recommended on NappyValleyNet’ logos.

If you have any queries or questions about the scheme please ask on the site and thanks for all of your recommendations past, present and future. It’s great to keep it all local!

NappyValleyNet Seal


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How will you stop firms “gaming” this scheme and making false posts?

We *will* have to police comments that are not from long-standing members and we have that said from the start. Also businesses backslapping each other will not count BUT this is a grey area and we’ll be sensible. For example, as the founder of NappyValleyNet I’m a local mum and buy stacks of stuff locally and would be upset if my recommendations didn’t count as I also have NVN, if that makes sense!

2) Will Seal of Approvals be taken down for poor subsequent reviews?

Significant bad reviews will result in the SOA being taken away but again we will exercise some understanding for both context and for contrition (if that’s the right word).

Here at NappyValleyNet we feel very strongly that local life is “real life” and we’ve all had bad days at work. If a firm gets a poor review and then apologises and tries to make good then that’s been “fixed” in our eyes.

It’s the repeat offenders who ignore the feedback and treat customers very badly who hopefully wouldn’t get an endorsement in the first place but, to be clear, it would be taken away.


Current SOA Holders

Body Logic Physio     Monkey Music    Forkful Food   The Lemon Tree

Ayrton  Paint the Town Green   Jane Plan

New England Shutter Company   Gambado  Independent mindbodysoul

Clare Bee   Recentre health    Tin Pan Alley   Eddie Catz    Marta, the Waxing Specialists

Bellmores   Balham Electrical Services  Traditional Shutter Co

Foothealth, Battersea  Estbury Basements Lifestyle Design + Build

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