NappyValleyNetter mugged for iPhone, ice rink in Balham, where to buy your turkey? What to buy my cleaner?

Last Updated on : 4th December 2012

NappyValleyNetter mugged for iPhoneDear South West London Mum,

Every year Mr NappyValleyNet is “Santa” at our little one’s primary school.

At six foot four and seventeen stone I think it is more his physical resemblance that has secured him the role, as opposed to any innate acting ability. Nevertheless he takes it very seriously and hires a proper costume from a West End fancy dress store.

On Friday evening he was upstairs trying out his suit, ready for an appearance at Saturday’s fete, when I heard him uttering words that should never come from a Father Christmas.

Following the expletives I found a panic stricken Mr NVN trying to squeeze into a jacket that was clearly three sizes too small and the trousers so loose they wouldn’t stay up.

After ringing the costume store in a panic he discovered he’d reversed his chest and waist sizes in the booking, the end result was he looked like a flasher’s take on the “only Santa in the village”.

“I can’t wear this” he mumbled “if I go anywhere near kids I’ll get arrested”.

“If you go anywhere near our kids I’ll have you arrested” I replied.

Back on the phone he begged the shop to help and after they had stopped laughing they biked round a new costume without charging him a penny.

So a massive thank you to Angels Fancy Dress hire for saving the day and my top tip for other Santas in Nappy Valley: leave plenty of time to check your costumes fit!

This is what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

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Would a Dribblebuster make a great Xmas gift? Ok, maybe not for your cleaner, but they DO look cute AND you can get them in a Liberty print!…click here for details

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CMR wanted to know about glass hire. Supergirl suggested Waitrose, that”ll be one company that doesn”t get too many complaints on NappyValleyNet!…click here for details

KTPearce is having some big problems with her Bugaboo. In fact you could say it is b*gga booed! But Bugaboo are refusing to help fix it, is that reasonable?…click here for details

“Rosita and the Sherry” is a new restaurant on Northcote Road and it”s getting some great reviews…click here for details

Rebs3000 wants to buy her son a doll”s house. Does anyone produce doll”s dwellings for blokes?…click here for details

Ms Tina is thinking of buying a Trunki, good idea?…click here for details

Bee, of the website “Life After London”, had her phone snatched right from her hand. Sorry to hear about your incident, glad you”re not hurt and thank you for the excellent advice to help prevent it happening to others.…click here for details 

Millie”s mum needs help with her Apple Mac, can you suggest a super IT guy?…click here for details

Kewty needs help. Lots of help! She needs Xmas present suggestions for her impossible mother!…click here for details

Workingmum is looking for a “really good personal counsellor” in the Wandsworth/Clapham area…click here for details

Hanna lives in SW18 and would like someone to house-sit/cat-sit over Christmas. Would suit someone with relatives coming over for the holidays and whom would like more space…click here for details

Joolia”s little one has mad curly hair. How might she control it? Some lovely suggestions!…click here for details

Where should Kewty buy her turkey?…click here for details

Writer Lady wonders if her cashmere jumpers can be mended after they “go” under the arms?…click here for details

Monkey_Mami needs someone to service her Audi. Where can she get some Vorsprung Durch Technik?…click here for details

Zaza would like to talk to anyone who has a child who suffers from a sesame seed allergy…click here for details

PinkFishBlues wonders what is “normal”? Her little one has just started nursery and is ill ALL the time…click here for details

Momtomom lives in Wimbledon and has decided to head back to work. Should she go for a childminder? Is a nanny better than a day care nursery? Could you help talk her through the childcare options?…click here for details

Does anyone have any feedback about the new Carrot Cake nursery in SW11?…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is so popular, if it were a song it would be “Gangnan Style”…

Nvmmumf3 wonders how she should store art stuff (click hereJThomas asks if wood floors in kitchens are a good idea. Don”t they stain? (click here). Underfloor heating, good idea or horribly expensive? Electric or water based? (click here)  Alison wonders who might make bespoke furniture? (click hereAnootka is looking for a throw for her sofa, the Atlantic Blanket Company gets a good recommendation (click here)

Here come the school questions so sharpen your pencils and get ready to answer!

Wandsworth Prep have posted details of their year 3 intake, they do seem to be growing quickly! (click here) the new free school in Balham will be run by a group with links to Wandsworth Prep, sounds interesting! (click here) FromheretoThere is feeling a little stressed about schools, can you help? (click here ).

Thinking of childcare? Why don”t you consider a “granny” as a carer? Granny and I are an agency that specialise in placing “Grannys” as nannys, au-pairs, babysitters and more!…click here for details

If you have signed up for our “meet-up” this week at Gambados then we can”t wait to see you there! Please note, if you haven”t signed up on relevant post before it was locked then I am afraid we”re fully booked! If you have received a confirmation and you CAN”T make it please do let me know, we have limited numbers and someone else can use your place!

Lastly, don”t forget Annabels Arcade, our buying, selling and recycling sister-site. For sale this week: White Company slippers  (click hereMichael McIntyre tickets for TONIGHT! (click here) and KJBF would like to buy a MacClaren Quest Sport!  (click here).


That”s it, have a great week.


Lots of love




Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team!



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