Near miss road accident, was it your nanny? Local school to install mobile mast on roof? Will new style loft conversions block your light?

Last Updated on : 2nd June 2014

Local school to install mobile mast on roofDear NappyValleyNetter, 

“What on earth are you doing?”

It was a reasonable question, Mr NVN was sitting all alone in the kitchen wearing a barbers cape and holding a set of clippers.

“Well you know I spend £10 a week at the barbers?” he explained.

I nodded.

Seeing as it took them two minutes to clipper his round and shiny head, the visits seemed pretty expensive on an hourly basis.

“Well I thought I could save cash and the the children could earn some pocketmoney cutting my hair,” he said.

“Makes sense I suppose, but how much did all this kit cost?”

I motioned to the cape, the clippers, the neck tape and even a little rubber mat that sat like an S&M yoke on his shoulders.

“About 100 quid from Amazon but I’ll get it all back in a few months.”

“No you won’t because I’m not doing it,” came a little voice from the living room.

It was my eldest who, as I turned around, I could see sat huffily on the sofa, if its possible to sit huffily.

“I am not cutting some old blokes hair for a pound”, he complained, “we’ve studied the living wage at school and that’s not a living wage.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it,” I said.

I could sense his confusion, this wasn’t what he was expecting.

“£20 plus tip and for every single word you speak its another pound.”

Like a little Guppy fish he opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to decide whether to waste money arguing, then he just nodded.

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

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Moop would like some lovely window boxes and was wondering if anyone could recommend someone who arranges them or whether anyone has tips for doing it themselves…click here for details

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NorthcoteLuvvie knows its environmentally unfriendly but he/she wants the new XC90 anyway!…click here for details

Pixi is searching for a good Chinese take away that delivers to the Northcote Road area?…click here for details

“First Aid for Life” asks, “do you know how to handle head injuries?” They’re very common in toddlers and young children, but do you know what’s serious and what’s not serious?…click here for details

Our friends at Like Minders are now able to find you a permanent nanny in addition to their temporary baby-sitting and childcare services (click here). We met Like Minders at our first ever fete and that now seems like a long, long time ago!

Sunny007 is looking for toy storage for a lounge. Under the sofa? here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? We have a suitcase full!

Twice_as_nice would like to arrange a SKY DIVE for her husband in Lake Garda, Italy (click here) Travel Designers have posted details of their exclusive offers to the Sani Resorts in Greece. (click here)  AnuSatpute asks can someone recommend which Centre Parcs location would be ideal?(click here) Footiemum needs advice on travelling to Florida with three kids (click hereand Monaco would like feedback on their travel blog for families?…click here for details

Our schools section is busier than Nick Clegg’s career coach!

Mums United asks if Rutherford House School sold its soul to T-mobile/Orange by locating a mobile mast on it’s roof? (click here). Quinn’s child is starting reception at Belleville and would love information on the French CNED club. Does it start in reception? (click here) Calliwally asks has anyone had any experience of living out of catchment for St Mary’s and still successfully secured their child a place at the school?…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is much busier than the Northampton Saint’s fan club!

Redshoe Girl is selling a one bedroom flat on Crockerton Road SW17 (click here)  Manuellee needs an “End of Tenancy” cleaning firm in Balham (click here) NPMum asks what is the current estate agent fee when selling a house? (click here) Gail0810 needs shutter company recommendations (click here) Acupoftea would love her radiators removed from the hallway, could someone recommend a plumber please with reasonable rates? (click here) MummyWalker is looking to get the pond in the garden filled in and the whole lawn returned (click here) Sunflower126 is looking for anyone who has had building works undertaken with Battersea Basements and Balmain and if so how you’d rate them.…click here for more details

Looking for things-to-do? Check these out!

Cookease are taking bookings for children’s cookery classes for 2-4 year olds (click here). Streatham Food Festival returns with four days of foodie fun for the whole family (click here) Waterlife Swim School has limited places remaining for Baby swimming classes (click here) Fancy Flamenco classes for pre-schoolers? (click here) 

Lastly, don’t forget about all the upcoming Street Parties and Fetes. The Ritherdon Road street party on the 8th June. (click here)  The Abbeville Fete is on the 28th June. (click here)  and The Northcote Road Summer Fete on the 6 July…click here for more details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: A Jumperoo for £30 (click here)Moby wrap (moss) for sale – hardly used for £25 (click here). and a Black Bugaboo Camaleon for £180 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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