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With the exorbitant costs associated with moving home in the capital, the growing SW family can feel stifled by the lack of space their home and pocket can afford. For those who have already converted ‘up’ and extended ‘out’, there may seem like there’s no-where left to go. But according to London loft conversion specialist Simply Loft (, a Loft Pod could be the answer.


LOFT PODBut what on earth is a Loft Pod I hear you cry?

It’s not some sort of technological gadgetry or futuristic chamber it’s actually a very simple, slick and smart solution to unleash supplementary space in your home.

A Loft Pod or Bud (back, upper dimension) as it’s also known, is essentially an extra space (around 3m x 3-3.5m) built out over the back half of a house, above the first floor. The space can be linked to an existing loft conversion – hence the term Loft Pod – or it can be developed above an L-shaped first floor.

A Loft Pod is a great way to add a guest bedroom, study or playroom, increasing your home’s liveability and saving your sanity!

The cost of a Loft Pod typically starts from around £23,000 (plus VAT) and depending upon the size can take around 6-8 weeks to build, meaning there’s still time to create room for the in-laws this Christmas!

Simply Loft has developed happy homes for hundreds of SW families providing bespoke space-making solutions. If you think a Loft Pod could be the answer to your property’s problems then do take advantage of Simply Loft’s free no obligation survey.








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