New 11+ entrance tests match educational philosophy at Wimbledon High School

Last Updated on : 30th May 2018

“Living, learning and working in the C21st feels like something of a new ballgame” says Jane Lunnon, Head of Wimbledon High School GDST, “and we are working hard here at WHS to ensure that the education we offer reflects a cross-curricular approach. We want our girls to combine a joy in learning with creativity and intellectual agility. We want them to find solutions, to think differently, to show resolve, resilience and enthusiasm in the face of challenges and a willingness to work together to find the right (or even better, the wrong!) answer.”

With these qualities in mind, the school is adopting a new approach to 11+.

Five years ago WHS moved away from 11+ testing in Maths and English, as they were finding girls were being heavily tutored for these. Instead they combined academic testing (using Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning) with something more creative.

“Until now this element has been covered by our group assessments and creative paper, both of which have been important and illuminating parts of our 11+ process, helping to create a more level playing field and identify girls’ innate potential” says Jane Lunnon.

“Now it is time to take this approach a whole step further, if we are going to ensure our entrance assessments match our educational philosophy as well address the moral issue of trying to combat excessive tutoring. I’m delighted that the only preparation candidates need for our creative assessments is to be curious, to look around them and ask questions.”

For 2019 entry and beyond, the school’s 11+ will be in two stages and for the second assessment stage, the school will be assessing candidates as they participate in a carousel of group activities.

“We’ll be looking at their problem solving skills, at their curiosity, risk-taking, creativity and teamwork, amongst other things. It’s really exciting and we think truly innovative, ” said Jane Lunnon.

This innovation is particularly important where the demand for independent schools in South West London sees 10 or more girls are applying for every place at the top schools. 10 and 11 year-old girls are sitting ever more schools and the pressure on them and their families is immense. Wimbledon High School is therefore offering 11+ ‘toolkit’ sessions to all registered candidates in the autumn term to try and help take some of the heat out of 11+, giving tips to parents and encouraging calm and a sense of perspective.

For more information, contact:

Rachel Brewster
Director of Marketing
Wimbledon High School GDST

T: 020 8971 0904



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