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New super-fresh foodhall opens

Last Updated on : 16th September 2019
New super-fresh foodhall opens

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve just returned from a weekend away in France.

It was wonderful watching my various nieces and nephews playing together, especially as with one half of the family-based in Lyon it’s not often we’re in the same country.

My English niece was, however, baffled by her overseas cousin’s ability to speak more than one language.

“Say something in English,” she repeatedly begged my “ex-pat” niece.

“Now say the same thing in French,” would be her inevitable follow-up question.

In the end, it all got a bit much for her.

“How can she speak two languages at five years old,” she wailed, “and I’m seven and can only speak one?”

“She’s bilingual,” I explained, “living where she does makes it normal.”

“I don’t care where she’s from,” she shot back, chastising me for apparently minimising her cousin’s achievements, “You can’t speak French OR lingual!”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

Awful news from Balham after a woman died following a collision with a motorbike (read more). It goes without saying that our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Two much-loved Northcote Road retail residents have closed – Bills and Step2two (read more). The Bill’s sweet potato fries were a thing of beauty!

It’s not all gloom on the highstreet, a new M&S Foodhall opened on St John’s Road last week and it’s amazing – they’re even growing fresh herbs in store! (read more). Hmmm growing fresh herb and selling them? I think that might be open to misinterpretation!

Remember last week’s post about the young daughter sharing a bed with her boyfriend? (read more). Well you lot are quite opinionated!

T. moved to Devon and would now love to do a weekend house swap if anyone is willing – hey why don’t you get one near that new M&S? (read more)

T. is new to the area and would love to meet other Russian-speaking mums or mums-to-be (read more). Dobro pozhalovat!

L. asks if anyone knows where to have a memory quilt made? It’s five years after her mum’s death and she’d like to have one made with some of her clothes (read more). Come on NVN, surely we’ve got this!

K. would love to borrow your all-terrain buggy (or swap with their Maclaren for a couple of weeks). Ooh we could be talking cars, in which case I’ll take the Maclaren (read more).

F. has a newly arrived German au-pair who would love to meet others (read more) Ja!

K. is looking for somewhere to celebrate her and her husband’s birthdays, either near CJ or Victoria – any ideas? (read more) Oooh a playzone? Hmmm, that’s not very helpful of me is it?

E. would love your top tips for fun activities for a bubbly two-year-old who loves running around (read more). Oooh dinner at Chez Bruce? I think I may have confused my suggestions for the last two posts.

Another local playground has had a refurb and this time it’s the one beside St Mark’s Church just off Battersea Rise (read more).

novelist’s Clapham home has been given a blue plaque and the famous scribe has mentored the likes of Kazuo Ishiguro, JG Ballard and Sir Salman Rushdie at the kitchen table! (read more) Ooooh is it Shirley Conran? E.L Grey?

F. questioned the price of the stalls at the Northcote Road Christmas Fair which has led to some interesting details from one of the main organisers (read more). Nooooo stop talking about Christmas it’s WAY too soon!

A post on great family card/board games for rainy days has started up again and is full of bright ideas (read more). Kerplunk?

With the September weather on our side, think about joining in on the Royal Trinity Hospice Family Walk & Fun Day this coming Sunday! Just 2, 5 or 8 miles to walk to build up your appetite for BBQ, bar and fun galore in their gorgeous gardens. Fun and fundraising on your doorstep (read more).

Open House London is on too and we’ve got a brilliant list of some real architectural gems across Nappy Valley – did you know there’s an incredible Grade I-listed ‘super-cinema’ of the 1930s in Tooting? (read more)

Tootopia celebrates the end of summer in, err Tooting, at the weekend (read more). I saw a horror movie called Midsommer which was a celebration about summer, I hope it’s not like that!

Finance Wandsworth is a free event at Battersea Arts Centre for any local entrepreneurs looking for love (read more). Sorry I got that wrong as I read it as fiance – it’s for entrepreneurs looking for money not love.

Ten-minute tapas is a sizzling cookery demo at Brindisa in Balham later this month – go be inspired Spanish-style (read more). I wonder how long they’ll take to cook?

The Balham Travel Show is closing in fast! It’s at The Bedford and full of travel inspiration as well as prize draws including overnight stays away…(read more).

Dare I say it? Yes, I dare! The newly refurbished Skylark has posted details of their Christmas party offerings and bookings are open! There, I said it (jingling all the way…) (read more).


We have a “where did summer go?” full of Schools posts!

Our NappyValleyNet Schools Guide 2019/20 is out and landing on a doorstep near you (hopefully your own!) soon if not already. If you have a ‘no junk mail’ sticker we do honour that, so just drop me a line at with your address and we’ll pop one in the post.

And H. kindly posted to say she loves it! Thank you! (read more)

C. needs advice as on the reserve list at Thomas’ Clapham for the November assessment – should they wait or go elsewhere? Any similar experiences? (read more)

Wimbledon High School is running a pastoral festival on Saturday on Being Human in an AI World (read more).

E. would love your recommendations for a school consultant to help choose a secondary school for their daughter (read more).

Mathnasium on Northcote Road is now open on Sundays (read more).

Exceptional Academics is running a 10+ Booster Course over the October half-term (read more).

And they’re offering a Mock Interview service too (read more).

Aspire Southfields is running a free ‘Living with Teenagers’ course starting later this month (read more).

And don’t forget that tickets for the Independent Schools Show in Battersea Park are free when booked in advance (read more).


We have a “Is it almost bonfire night?” full of House & Garden posts!

S&P is looking for shutter recommendations (read more).

R. is surprised that a loft and side return will take eight to twelve months – shurley some mishtake? (read more).

N. would love to find a local upholsterer who does loose sofa covers (read more).

S. needs a plumber (read more).

9. needs to find an appliance repair person for both their oven and dryer (read more).

M. is looking for a cleaner with good references (read more).

B. would like a recommendation for a cleaner by Wandsworth Common (read more).

And C. needs somebody in Balham – seems you all want to be ‘spit-spot’! (read more)


Here come those Situations Vacant!

Part-time accountant/bookkeeper with Rampton Baseley (read more).

Part-time Law Clinic Administrator Co-ordinator, Roehampton (read more).

Part-time Caretaker/Handyperson with All Start Tennis (read more).

Client Account Manager with Underthedoormat in Wandsworth Town (read more).


For sale

Thule roof box to fit Volvo XC90 (read more).

Puppy crate and play-pen (read more).

Bugaboo Chameleon (read more).

Three-quarter-size cello (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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