Other mums tell me to sack my au-pair. School crossing guard hit by car. Christmas lights in Nappy Valley: the big switch on!

Last Updated on : 4th December 2012

Dear South West London Mum,

Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony?Christmas lights in Nappy Valley

We can”t promise you the Queen leaping out of a helicopter and landing on Battersea Rise, but on the 29th of November The Northcote Road Christmas Lights will be switched on and we”d love to see you there.

Daniel Craig might even turn up, although I have to be honest and say that he probably won”t!

They”ll be carols from the Honeywell choir, a gorgeous Santa”s Grotto, the cast members of the BAC”s “Midnight”s Pumpkin” plus face painting mulled wine, mince pies and lots more. And if you have a Christmas event or opening ceremony that you”d like NappyValleyNet to mention please don”t forget to post on the site and tell our thirty five thousand mums all about it!

This is what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

You can save lives by buying Pampers nappies but Wheresmyschool? thinks its all a bit “icky”…click here for details

Are there too many “commercial” posts on NappyValleyNet these days? Some of you think so, please do tell us what we”re doing wrong!…click here for details

There is a new Spanish restaurant on Northcote Road. Charlie asks if it is worth visiting? I took Mr NVN to the opening and he didn”t speak for an hour, which only happens if he is gorging or grumpy, so I think it”s going to be success…click here for details

Petal pleads with mums everywhere to put some shoes on your babies feet. Just because they can”t walk doesn”t mean they don”t need shoes!…click here for details

Coolmum has a dilemma. Should she sack her au pair? People are telling her that she is harsh with the children and always playing with her phone…click here for details

Newintown is looking for toddler groups in Southfield. She”s new to the area (welcome!) and would love to meet you for a coffee as well!…click here for details

Rachel will be spending her Christmas in London. It”s their first time in the smoke at Santa time. What should she do? What sights MUST she see? I once went to Primark on Christmas Eve. I can confidently say you could skip that! …click here for details

SFMC wonders if anyone has had a C-Section at St Georges?…click here for details

Tealover”s 4 year old has asked for a bike. She has a budget of £100 but many of the review”s she”s looked at are pretty awful! Can you suggest a Christmas cycle…click here for details

This could have been a LOT worse. The crossing guard on Broomwood Road was knocked down by a car last week. I understand he is recovering well and I am sure we all send our best wishes. This does highlight the absurdity of Wandsworth Council”s decision to sack many of our lollipop men and women…click here for details

Fletch is looking for a recommendation for a fertility clinic…click here for details

Lemonzest”s hubby needs a decent wet shave. Is there a demon barber in Nappy Valley?…click here for details

Abbevillemummy posts a very timely warning, she witnessed a mugging first hand…click here for details

The Deputy Prime Minister made a speech at Third Door last week. A great coup for Shazia”s fabby work hub, well done!…click here for details

BJMama has had some problems since giving birth, has anyone else suffered from pubis symphysis separation?…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is so popular, if it were a dance it would be “Gangam Style!”…

Hattie wonders if the free insulation offer from British Gas is working taking up? (click here) Our great friends at the New England Shutter Company have just achieved FSC Chain of Custody Certification. That means their shutters are sourced from sustainable wood supplies (click here). Excitera is looking for someone to refresh the front of her house. Garden, fence, tiling etc! (click hereReady2Pop is considering fake grass, who should she use? (click here). 3hotcrossbunnies wonders if anyone would recommend Balmain for a refurb? (click herePeasepudding is looking for a good carpenter (click here) 

Pens at the ready, it”s the school questions and they are TOUGH!

Saffamum is applying for schools and has listed those she is going for. Is her list comprehensive? (click here) Runningmummy wonders if the Meteor Street is worth choosing? (click here)

Topmama is thinking of Hill House School, good idea? (click here).

There is a new nursery in Southfields! (click here) sticking with childcare, Skiri wants to work in a nursery but doesn”t know where to start!…click here for details

Looking for a new job? Our great friends at Ayrton Windows are recruiting a part-time management accountant. They are a *seriously* lovely company! (click here) and NCL and searching for an events manager (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling website. For sale this week:- BugaBoo Cameleon  (click here), Bjorn Baby carrier (click here) and a boys swimming bundle (click here).


That”s it, have a great week.

Lots of love




Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team!



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