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Last Updated on : 29th November 2019

The party season is upon us, and with it comes the question: What to wear?

We’ve all been there. Whether it is a straight-from-work Christmas do or a night out with the girls, the right party outfit for the festive season can be a minefield to navigate.

At Amelie’s Follies, we’ve put together a few dress-up solutions to make your underwear choices a bit easier, as well as a few suggestions for your party outfits.

Going out for your work ‘do’ straight from the office:

Heading to the party straight from work, your outfit might feel a bit frumpier than what you would have chosen if you’d gone home first. A simple trick to add a bit more pizazz to an office dress or skirt can be as simple as changing your tights or stockings. Ditch the black opaque and opt for a fishnet, a print or even a seemed stocking, et voila, instant ‘je ne sais quoi’! Wear with a nice heel, maybe add some chandelier earrings and your everyday black office dress is transformed without much expense.

Going out with the girls:

Why not embrace the underwear as outerwear trend? If you can’t do it with your girlfriends, who can you do it with?

Get into it gently by nailing two trends at once and just wear a satin camisole under a blazer or jacket with denim or tuxedo trousers.

Satin is big at the moment but can be a nightmare for two reasons – it creases just by looking at it, and it’s the least forgiving fabric when it comes to hiding unwanted lumps and bumps. By choosing a camisole, you can enjoy your evening without worrying about unsightly creases, and by wearing a t-shirt bra underneath it, you won’t have to worry about lumps and bumps.

Another easy trend is the lace body and there are many reasons to wear one as a party top.

Firstly, it has a streamlining effect, and as a body should fit skin-tight, it will also hold you in, smoothing out those imperfections you might be trying to hide.

If you pick a wireless body, you can choose to either wear it with a pretty bra underneath, making more of a feature of it, or you can wear it with nothing underneath for a more cheeky look. Choose from either petals for your nipples or an invisible bra so you still feel supported but the lace design still gets to shine.

Layer with a leather jacket for your night out, then you can reuse and wear it with a fluffy cardi to channel your inner Katie Holmes. It’s also a very good dress up solution when you’re wearing a dress and wish you could wear shapewear, but can’t because you’re planning on impressing your date later that evening 😉

Top tips when choosing your party outfit:

If you worry about VPL or showing your wobbly bits, stay away from satin trousers and dresses. Opt for a camisole instead, or if you have already found a dress you love, wear a slip under it.

If you found a dress or top with a very plunging neckline, bear in mind that they’re easier to wear if you have a smaller bust and that ‘Tit Tape’ will become your best friend! We do have a few stick-on solutions that can help keep your assets in check, but think twice if you are an E-cup or above.

If you’ve chosen a backless outfit, remember that you will not be able to wear a bra. You might be able to wear a stick-on, or just some petals, but bras are out.

If you’re going for the perfect sequined outfit, then you’re in luck. Sequins camouflage pretty much anything and you should be able to wear your more frilly undies.

If you’re embracing the leather dress trend, remember that leather is very expensive to clean. So, in order to save on dry cleaning, invest in a silk slip and maybe some armpit shields to help keep moisture at bay.

No matter what party outfit you chooose, make sure you feel fabulous in it. And if you need help with your underwear or foundation garment, please remember to bring your outfit with you 😊

Top tips – a visual guide

Nappy Valley favourites Amélie’s Follies and POM London got together to help you visualise how underwear can show off your party kit to its very best effect, sparkling all the way….


Here’s an easy office-to-party look with underwear playing an important part. Satin blouse and midi skirt, worn with a leopard-print body as underwear, with a stick-on bra, and tights or stockings. For the party, simply swap some of your jewellery, remove the blouse and add a faux fur cropped jacket.

  • Satin blouse, black and gold skirt from POM London
  • Leopard print body, stick on bra and tights available from Amélie’s Follies


When wearing a dress with lace inserts, a normal bra isn’t always going to work. With this particular dress, you could get away with a strapless bra, but we chose to go for a stick-on bra instead. As you can see (or not!), it’s perfectly invisible and so are the hold-up stockings – people often believe they can’t wear stockings because the band will show. And why not go for a stocking with a design to add a little interest to the back of the leg?

Sheer tops

People can find sheer tops hard to wear as they can feel a bit too exposed.

One solution is to invest in a skin-coloured vest. We opted for a soft gold satin as our model is very fair-skinned – you can always re-use the camisole on its own for another look. We also removed the straps of the bra in order to avoid any extra shoulder straps showing. Choosing  a colour close to your skin tone means you won’t lose the detailing of the blouse.

Alternatively, you could forgo the cami and wear a skin toned bra, or a bra that matches the colour of your top, making it part of the outfit. Or if you are really brave and happy with your breasts, you could just pop on some nipple covers. We have invisible ones, but we also stock sparkly ones for the daring ones amongst you!

  • Satin cami and bow top available from Amélie’s Follies
  • Black/gold skirt available from POM London

One-shouldered dress or top

This very fitted one-shouldered gold dress requires a multiway bra and some shapewear to keep unwanted lines at bay. You could always wear a strapless bra but keeping one strap on will give you a bit more support.

Perfect Party


Christmas dress with dress up solution

For the ultimate glam ‘Santa Baby’ look, this red dress brings it on!

Stick-on bra and seamed tights are the perfect finishing touches to this body-con dress. The tights are an easy way to streamline the silhouette without having to wear shapewear (we do stock shapewear tights though), and the seam at the back adds instant sex appeal.

We can’t recommend ‘novelty’ tights/stockings enough. Women tend to stick to black opaque or plain sheer black, but by going for a print, a single seam or a bit of sparkle you can totally change the look of your outfit without much expense.

It’s also worth remembering that plain sheer tights can be great for camouflage (in between waxing appointments, eczema or a tattoo), but a printed tight can hide so much more without having to go full opaque.

Party on..!

For more clever ideas for your perfect party look, click here…

Amélie’s Follies, 34 Webb’s Road, SW11

POM London, 18 Bellevue Road, SW17

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