Permanently grumpy husband – help!

Last Updated on : 12th December 2022

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

On Sunday evening the family sat down to a full roast.

With a real (smoke free) fire flickering in the grate, banishing the cold and dark outside, I felt like an extra in a Grimm’s fairy tale.

Mr NVN’s contribution is always the gravy and this time he surpassed himself.

“Delicious,” I said. And actually meant it.

Thick, rich and meaty it was nectar of the (mutton) gods.

“Well, I used real stock for the first time in ages,” he said.

“Had to roast that lamb bone for hours,” he continued, “but it’s the perfect base.”

I just about managed not to be sick on the table because that would be the lamb bone that the dog had munched on for hours on Saturday night.

The same bone I wrapped up in clingfilm and stupidly back put in the fridge so she had could have another gnaw on Sunday evening.

Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

M.’s husband is permanently grumpy which is making family weekends miserable, and she doesn’t know what to do. It certainly seems she’s not alone judging by the supportive responses – thank you all (read more).

B. wonders if people are testing for covid? She has a hacking cough and feels guilty about not testing before she sees friends but her husband doesn’t want a potential positive result to ruin his social life (read more).

A NVN-er has shared the very distressing news that her 20 year old son was mugged at knife-point on Old Devonshire Road, with the thieves taking his coat, phone and money. What awful news and we hope he’s not too traumatised. Anyone with relevant information please contact the local police (read more).

L. asks if Nappy Valley is becoming Granny Valley – or is it, as R. suggests, more of a case of ‘eye’ spy shenanigans? All in response to news that another optician is about to open on Northcote Road (read more).

S. is working on various projects that will require abstract art canvases. Any potential Pollocks (THAT’S POLLOCKS FOR THOSE AT THE BACK) should check out this post as your talents are required. Canvas will be provided (read more).

SLD asks how to book a black cab? He wants the benefits of scooting up bus lanes but finds Gett unreliable? (read more)

E. has posted some very useful and balanced information on how to spot the signs of Strep A infection in your child. It’s had a few testy responses so please can we remind everyone to keep it respectful (read more).

J. is still trying to track down the SW11 passenger who was sick in his cab, and failed to pay their fare. Some of you are doing your best to help – thank you (read more).

H.’s question about how to give her brothers’ family presents without causing upset and embarrassment has had some great replies – thank you! (read more)

S. is trying to book a villa for next summer for family and friends but doesn’t know where to start – can anyone guide S. to the right Casa Mia? (read more)

If you want to kick off 2023 ‘your way’ then head to Battersea Park for an all-inclusive ‘New York New Year’s Eve’ party, including breath-taking scenery, sumptuous food, and mesmerising entertainment, and with 10% off for all NVNers, it’s time to start spreading the word! (read more)

C. is looking for a swimming class or instructor for their four year old (read more). Know who might train a festive Phelps?

S. has developed pain in their foot arch from running and is looking for a foot clinic to help get them back on the road (read more). Nothing good ever comes of running, mark my words.

For those of you currently under the weather with the latest fluey bug that’s doing the rounds, C. shares a great ‘menthol’ tip on beating that cough (read more).

L. has shared that XO bikes train ex-offenders to refurbish bikes ‘as new’ – so if you’re looking to buy a bike for Christmas and want to support a good cause, then XO bikes are offering 20% off all their bikes until Christmas (read more). This is an amazing cause run by wonderful people, please do check them out.

And if sustainability’s your thing, G. tells posts that XeroE is an emission-free delivery service who are crowdfunding to bring their cleaner air couriers to London (read more). Wish I was zero emissions after that lamb bone gravy but I cannot lie.

The redevelopment of Tooting Common’s football pitch has been refused planning permission and most of you are delighted (read more).

And more good news on local infrastructure plans: councillors are supporting a plan to improve walking and cycling routes on Burntwood Lane – perhaps Trinity Road could get the same? (read more)

C. has posted some love for local eatery Hatched on St. John’s Hill but D. would like to see some improvements in their vegetarian offering (read more).

Give your child a great head start in 2023. Spring Term bookings are now open for Playball, where your child can have fun whilst developing age appropriate milestones to make learning in the classroom and at school easier, more natural and less stressful (read more).

Open Air Fit are also open to bookings for their Spring Term plus there’s the offer of a free morning at their Christmas Hols camp for early birds to work off those mince pies! (read more)

And booking is open for January’s round of kids’ boxing classes at 12 Rounds (read more).

We have more House & Garden posts than tangles of fairy lights:

A reminder that there’s still time to enter Roundhouse’s fabulous competition to win a £200 voucher for Trinity in Clapham but get those entries cooking as the winner will be drawn on Tuesday 20 December! (read more) F. is looking to ‘spruce’ up their house before Christmas and would like carpet and upholstery cleaning recommendations (read more). C. asks where to get a great Christmas Tree after some not so happy experiences and Battersea Flower Station have responded with a super useful guide to Christmas tree care (read more)Wandsworth council are seeking more hosts to support Ukrainian Families in the borough but M. and R. ask if this is really a sustainable solution to this ongoing crisis? (read more) G.’s Dyson thread has gone to surprising lengths with E. asking ‘what’s wrong with curly hair’? (read more)

New Home for the New Year?

or sale with Marsh & Parsons a 4-bedroom Victorian terrace in Tooting Bec (read more). For sale with John Thorogood a 6-bedroom 4-reception room a stone’s throw from Northcote Road (read more). For sale with Rampton Baseley a 6-bedroom double-fronted house on an extremely wide plot on a sought-after road between Wandsworth Common and Tooting Bec tube (read more). For sale with Portico a one-bedroom flat on Battersea Park Road (read more).

We have more Schools posts than infants have Nativities:

N.’s child is due to apply for a Design & Technology award at an Independent School but is worried what will be involved in the practical assessment – can somebody help nail this one down? (read more) Booking is open for tours of Belleville Wix School on Tuesday 10 January (read more)Monday 12 December is the closing date for booking a place on Exceptional Academics in-person and online11+ booster sessions 19 -23 December – be quick! (read more) S.’s question about decreasing class sizes in local schools has prompted some of you to share your more general concerns about the cost of living in Nappy Valley (read more). Kate King, Head of Learning Development at Enjoy Education shares some practical top tips for supporting children after an ADHD diagnosis (read more). Are you a teacher or parent that wants to prepare your children for their future? You be You is an award-winning social enterprise providing schools programmes, teacher training workshops and home activity kits to empower families and young people to learn more about themselves and the world around them (read more). K. is studying Psychology at university but is home for Christmas and is offering English & Maths Tutoring – with a babysitting option too! (read more)

Situations Vacant

Part-time bookkeeper with Rampton Baseley (read more)Exam invigilators at Southfields Academy (read more)Abstract artists for various projects (read more).

For Sale

LSA Canopy Vase (read more). Ikea Listigt Child art storage (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team

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