Petition against CrossRail2 building works on Wandsworth Common

Last Updated on : 20th January 2015


Your Common is in danger of looking like the pictures below for a number of years if current plans proceed. These could well adversely affect you, our children and our wildlife. Please act now; as below.

Crossrail 2 is proposed to go under your Common and will involve two enormous work sites to create ventilation and access shafts. One is CrossRail 2by the Skylark café and on part of the children’s playground – the heart of Wandsworth Common, and the other is on Trinity Fields – used by many local schools and clubs. This includes works involving heavy machinery, cranes and hundreds of large lorries creating massive traffic congestion, all of which could carry on for several years.

We are not against Crossrail 2, but the proposed routing devastating the Common must be reconsidered. Access to the site will be a major safety and environmental hazard for you, many families and the wildlife that frequent the Common and Trinity Fields, thereby depriving us of precious green space, playgrounds, playing fields and sports facilities.

ACTION – BEFORE WEDNESDAY 28th JANUARY 2015 (when public consultation closes)

To protect the Common, you must object to the current plans by sending an email to
stating your name and address, and copying in and as follows:

“I am opposed to Crossrail 2 running under Wandsworth Common and Trinity Fields with building works CrossRail 2destroying our enjoyment of the Common and the wildlife. Please find an alternative route.”  

Green spaces, children and wildlife cannot protect themselves. Your views are critical in helping to protect the life of Wandsworth Common and Trinity Fields.   We must speak up before it is too late. PLEASE ACT NOW – your Common is at risk!

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