Portico Unveils First of Many Sustainable, Community Led Offices in Fulham

Last Updated on : 13th January 2023

Portico Estate Agents, Fulham, part of the national property consultancy Leaders Romans Group (LRG), unveils a new ‘sustainable’ office at its Fulham branch in London next week. 

The new office is fully powered by renewable green energy, including a 20% reduction on previous energy usage by introducing timed lighting, air conditioning and heating to the branch. The introduction of low flow taps saves up to 50% of water consumption and the use of low VOC paints means they don’t off-gas as much as traditional paints.

Portico commissioned green office and retail design consultants Jackson Associates to completely refurbish and design the Fulham office to their new green principles.

The fixtures and fittings have been chosen to be as environmentally friendly as possible, all wood has been sourced from locally produced FSC-certified wood. Office chairs are made from 100% recycled fabric in a closed loop content production process, with 25% of the raw material derived from the brand’s own recycled waste streams. Carpet in the new branch is not only made from 65% post -industrial recycled content, but the supplier will repurpose and recycle the finished item when it reaches end of life.

Every element of the re-fit has been produced in the UK, or local to Fulham to reduce transport emission costs and support local businesses. Ceiling tiles are manufactured in the UK using biosoluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch. They are durable, 100% recyclable and rated A+. Solar film lines the high-street facing windows to reflect heat out of the branch and lowers the need for electricity.

Reflecting LRG’s commitment to giving back to their local community, all of their landlords, buyers, sellers and tenants also get access to Portico Places. A local card giving the bearer unique offers and savings with local businesses Portico have partnered with. Working within and supporting local communities is a key focus for each branch.

David Wilson, COO of LRG said: “The more the world learns about climate change, the more we realise that we all have a part to play in halting the devastating effects it is having on our environment. Tenants and homeowners expect more sustainability and responsibility from the property services they use and interact with and as an integral part of the local community in each of our nationwide branch networks we want to play our part in delivering the UK’s wider carbon reduction goals.”

“Now is the time for the property sector to embrace the next big challenge and step up to help turn the industry green” he added.

The launch takes place at 4pm on Friday January 20th 2023 at 843 Fulham Road London, SW6 5HJ.

Having partnered with Green the UK in 2022, the LRG group plant a tree for every new property sold or let with them. They recently celebrated the planting of 16,000 trees or 16 football pitches. Those trees will sequester at least 35 tonnes of carbon a year which is equivalent to almost 100,000 people breathing in a day.

By 2030 all of the Portico branches will be re-fitted to the new sustainable principles, with these principles also being rolled out to all of the brands in the LRG’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030.

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