Primary school sibling rule abolished? Northcote Road robbery. Save for house deposit or try for 2nd baby? Resident parking discount ends.

Last Updated on : 15th September 2014

1kids-on-schoolDear NappyValleyNetter,

Every now and again we come across an issue so contentious it seems every NappyValleyNetter has an opinion on it.

Defining school catchment areas is one such subject.

It was one of the reasons we launched our catchment area map (click here) and the huge traffic it receives is proof it’s a topic many of you care, or should I write worry, deeply about.

So Wandsworth Council’s announcement, which they published here on NappyValleyNet, that they’re consulting on changing the sibling rule for primary school admissions has certainly caught your attention.

Their post has been read almost 3000 times and commented upon over 60 times since last Thursday afternoon.

It’s a surprisingly complex debate.

Should the sibling rule be abolished? Should it be subject to it’s own distance criteria? And what effect do these “desk blockers” (not my phrase but one of our contributors) have on the quality of state primary education across Wandsworth as a whole?

Whatever your opinion, I feel it’s so important that I should use this opening to bring it to your attention and moving forward we’ll use these emails to keep you up-to-date as the consultation progresses.

Here are the *other* issues you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Primary school sibling rule abolishedDo women have a higher pain threshold than men and is the “Everyday Sexism” project a little like “Millie Tant” from the Viz comics of old? Seb is either very brave or very foolish to ask these questions on NappyValleyNet! Over to you all and please be gentle with him, I think he might have a low pain threshold!…click here for details 

Wandsworth Council have announced that Putney Bridge is to reopen on September 26. Yay! But only people who live in the catchment area of the bridge can use it unless you’ve got a brother or sister who used it before but not if you rent your car. Oh, wrong thread!…click here for details

“One Small Step” on Northcote Road was the scene of one bl*ody annoying robbery. Emmie had her rucksack stolen whilst she was buying shoes, please be careful wherever you shop…click here for details

BB asks for advice. Should she have a second baby or save for a deposit to buy a house? She knows it’s a decision only she can make but she’d like your input…click here for details

There’s HEAPS of MacMillan coffee morning activities to tell you about. Our wonderful friends at The Skylark cafe are looking for volunteers to bake cakes for their event on the 26th of September and for any local businesses to donate prizes to this fabby cause. If you’d like to get involved please do get in touch (email here). Travel Designers have posted details of their own event AND you can win a spa day! (click here). Nature’s Purest will be joining in the fundraising with both drink-in and takeaway coffee(click here) and the County Arms will be welcoming Monkey Music and Northcote Baby Massage to their event (click here). I’ll donate a bottle of wine to one randomly chosen winner who attends all four! Any more MacMillan coffee morning events please do post them on our calendar and we’ll do our best to “shout them out”!

Twomonkeys thinks her little one might be allergic to Nurofen. Any advice for this situation and should she should tell his nursery/doctor etc.?…click here for details

Burlmouse’S DS had meningitis when he was a newborn baby and although he’s mostly recovered he’s now unable to sleep through the night. They’ve just been prescribed Bio-Melatonin and B. wonders if anyone has experience of using this or of similar sleeping problems?…click here for details

AM is really upset about the nursery report her son recently received and worries that it may affect his chances of a place at Newton Prep?Help!…click here for details

Yuli is a new mother about to move to Earlsfield and is in search of a good nursery. She’s heard that a new languages nursery will be opening  in the area, can anyone shed any light? Si’vous plait!…click here for details

Primary school sibling rule abolishedThe “Resident parking scheme discount” has been dropped. Errr, I think  that sentence says it all!…click here for details

Greyingmum says ‘Let’s get ALL children reading‘, a national campaign which we can all help with. GM is a great friend of NVN and we LOVE this scheme…click here for details

Angelique needs dressmaking patterns for her local group…click here for details

Tilly&Roo has over 20 editions of ‘Living etc’ magazines to give away. How very kind of you!…click here for details

Fernando needs recommendations for a singing teacher in SW11 for a 10 year old. All together now…”Doh a deer a female deer”…click here for details

Pepper wants to buy a bicycle for a 4 year old girl. She doesn’t like the balance bike so is going to buy one with pedals. Any ideas of a suitable steed for the next Victoria Pendleton?…click here for details

Writerlady urgently needs a novelty birthday cake to feed 20. It’s like a request for “Bake Off” but without the competitive element. Or the TV cameras.…click here for details

Azilal10 is shortly turning 40 and looking for special restaurant suggestions for her husband. Oooh we MUST have heaps of ideas between us all!…click here for details

Lorrwa is looking for a ring cleaner in the sw11, sw18 area. Recommendations? I’m saying absolutely nothing about this request!…click here for details

Mlm asks if anyone knows of a service that will take your purchased movies (dvd, blue rays) and digitalise them so you can easily select them from your TV, iPad?…click here for details

2009Kat is thinking of taking her small boys to Legoland for one of their birthdays but her 3 year old boy hates queuing. She may order some of the ‘qbot queue jumper things’. Are they worth the money?…click here for details

We’ve got a ton of activities for you this week!

Northcote Road Christmas lights switch-on is on Saturday 29th November! There will be Belleville and Honeywell choirs, mulled wine, funfair rides, street entertainment and Santa will be returning to his grotto at Hamptons. If you would like to take a stall and haven’t had one before get in touch with Jonathon at Hamptons International (click here). Benefit from a discount rate on the ‘Return to Work’ courses (click here).  Lavender Leonardos is a fantastic children’s art school in the heart of Battersea running after school, weekend and holidays (click here). Grandparents’ day at The Old School Club is approaching(click here). Oab wants recommendations for any football/cricket classes for toddlers? (click here)  IndyB is looking for playgroups for her 9 month old baby and asks what’s your fave playgroup/activity for a baby? …click here for details

For more things to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week check out our “What’s On” calendar. Like a teething toddler it never sleeps!…click here for more details

Looking for a new role or challenge? Then check out these listings!

HarrisonsDogs have various jobs for dog walking, doggy day care, cat feeding and boarding (click here). are looking for a part time teacher or childcare professional (click here),  SparkyArmadillo is in need of a book-keeper / accountant / office manger  (click here)Sutton-Mattocks Solicitors are recruiting for two legal secretaries (click here)AnnaBelleBeep is looking for new team members for her little mother & baby business (click here) Hullah is searching for a part-time experienced nanny for 15 hours a week in the Tooting Bec area…click here for details

Can you help with these travel questions?

Hworsley needs good ideas for light weight toys or activities she can give her 18 month old to keep her amused on a long haul flight (click here). GK asks if you know of any “Glamping” sites in the New Forest? (click here) and Serena45 has a lovely 3 bed holiday home for sale in Kilkhampton, near Bude, Cornwall…click here for details

We’ve a homework planner full of “back-to-school” and nursery questions!

Flowermummy asks how much homework should her little one do in Year 2? (click here). ARR’s son is at the french school in Battersea (CE1) and is looking for someone to help him with his homework (click here).  Caferacer is looking for a psychology tutor (or a recommendation) for her 17 year old daughter (click here).  Bertrum House is pleased to announce that  they will be offering spaces in an afternoon nursery from September 2015 (click here).  Kidsunlimited Wandsworth Nursery and Preschool are delighted they have received an ‘OUTSTANDING’ from Ofsted…click here for details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our new property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you (click here)

Our house and garden is busier than the Scottish “YES” campaign

Tilly&Roo are looking for the original french/patio doors that some houses along Clapham Common used to have, selling yours? (click here). SJH Mummy has a “sod” wooden floor and needs to repair scratches, can anyone suggest a solution? Oil? Wax? (click here). Coco_tallulah is interested in putting Karndean down in her home but has heard you must use an experienced fitter. Any recommendations? (click here). Mother233 asks if anyone knows of any good specialists for cleaning an Aga(click here). Cambell2 is looking for a tree company to trim their front garden (click here) NewAussieMum is looking to get her front garden done, it’s pretty small, do you know of a reasonably priced landscaper? (click here)  Aliceg1982 needs recommendations for a good tv guy who can come and install a television and chasing in all the wires etc? (click here) Szerma is looking for a structural engineer for a small job (click here). and Sah312 isdesperate need for a great cleaner for their home in Balham and is looking for someone who is detail oriented, hard-working, and trustworthy…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: Two apple iPhone 4’s for £120 each (click here),  two Maxi-Cosi Priori XP child car seats in black reflection for £30 each (click here) and a wooden rocking horse for £50 or nearest offer (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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