Private versus state schools. Letterbox to become and estate agent? Where to buy a sledge?

Last Updated on : 20th January 2013

Dear South West London Mum,

Mr NappyValleyNet works for a Chinese company.

Private versus state schools

He was in Beijing last week and the highlight of the trip was the annual office party, held in an extremely plush karaoke bar.

Much pride is at stake with departments singing together and choosing their song titles carefully, the lyrics implying great corporate meaning. Mr NVN was singing “Don’t Stop Believin’” with three Americans, the only other non-Chinese employees.

They had rehearsed and even had some basic dance moves figured out.

They took the stage, one hundred Beijing colleagues waiting expectantly.

The music started and the words scrolled across the bottom of the screen.

In Chinese.

Not one of these international muppets, sorry executives, had realised that karaoke in China would have the song lyrics written in Chinese.

And not one of them could read Mandarin.

“What did you do?” I asked the problem-solving jet setter who couldn’t organise a sing-song in a music bar.

“We just danced a bit and tried to make up for it by singing the chorus over and over again” he replied before brightening up “but we still came second”.

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

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CMR is looking for vet recommendations, she’s just bought a new puppy…click here for details

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Almaceti’s husband turns 40 and she is thinking about present ideas. Any suggestions?…click here for details

Looking to shift that Christmas excess? Jamie Lloyd has posted details of his TOTAL BODY BREAKTHROUGHS. We love Jamie Llo

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Our house and garden section is busier than a London snowplough!

Joolia is looking for a curtain rail for a bay window (click here), Dinosaur is researching recommendations for a trustworthy builder for a large refurb project (click here), Frenchmum is searching for a super handyman (click here), Stayathome wonders if she should buy an ASPACE cabin bed? (click here) Domsmum is having her “loft done”, who are the leaders in loft conversions? (click here) Madmillsy is fitting uPVC windows, who should undertake the work? (click here), sticking with windows, Kirsty is looking to fettle her sashes (click here).

And onto your travel questions…

Gillak is thinking of a long weekend skiing with children. Good idea or is she mad to try? How might she organise childcare so she doesn’t get too piste off?…click here for details

Celsky would like one last long holiday before she goes back to work. Where might she go with her little one on a maximum of an 11 hour flight. 11 hours???! Wow, you are SO brave. I wouldn’t take that flight with my husband, let alone a toddler!…click here for details

Falconmum is taking her toddler to India in May, any advice?…click here for details

The Martinhal have teamed up with Microscooters for some fabby half-term breaks. Scoot and surf anyone?…click here for details

From travel to schools, Wandsworth Prep have posted details of their open morning on the 9th of March (click here) and Bolingbroke Academy are considering changing their admission requirements…click here for details

Looking for a new job? Toxovic has a part-time accounts role which would be perfect for a mum!…click here for details

Wimbledon needs a dietitian to help with her eczema…click here for details

Tina feels she has to help her husband as he is in a cycle of anxiety, she’d appreciate any advice…click here for details

Townie at heart needs a pamper. Who should she see, she asks, at Edward James?…click here for details

We’ve JUST launched our brand new calendar (click here). It’s an amazing round-up of activities, events, fetes, open mornings and things-to-do. If you have an event please POST DETAILS FOR FREE! New to the calendar this week: “Too Many Penguins” at the Polka Theatre (click here), a brilliant lunch time offer at Gambado (click here) and Amanda’s Action Club at Eddie Catz (click here).

But don’t forgot AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site! For sale this week:- a beech play-table (click here), a boxing punch bag for young boys (click here) and a gorgeous cream painted wooden children’s bed (click here).

That’s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team



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